Athens,Greece: Comrade Marios Seisidis is on trial in the courts of Loukareos in Athens on 25/6 at 9am

On Friday 25/6/21, at 9am in the courts of Loukareos Street on the 6th floor, the trial of anarchist comrade Marios Seisidis continues in the second instance for the case of the armed robbery of the National Bank on Solonos Street in 2006.
During the escape of the perpetrators, the state dogs did not hesitate to shoot into the people, resulting in the wounding and arrest of the anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis. Marios and Simos Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis were subsequently declared wanted and € 600,000 proclaimed for them. After almost a decade on the run, the 3 wanted comrades were arrested in different places at different times. Simos lost his leg from a police bullet in Tavros area in Athens, Grigoris in Volos in an attack by EKAM special force of cops unite (during which Spyros Darvilas decided to committed suicide to be free) and Marios in Peloponnese together with Costas Sakkas.
While Simos and Grigoris were acquitted in this case, Marios was sentenced in the first instance to 36 years in prison as the state mafia had already been irreparably exposed by the acquittal of the other two defendants. With this trial, the cycle of this case is closing and we must defend the legacy of resistance and solidarity he leaves, as well as a comrade  so that he does not remain a hostage of state repression. Solidarity is our weapon.
In Solidarity Anarchists
NOTES: , Anarchist comrade Marios Seisidis has been acquitted of  six of the robberies that he had been accused of but was found guilty of the bank heist at Solonos street and three consecutive ‘attempted murder’ charges (concerning the bank guard and two police officers). He has been sentenced to 36 years imprisonment in total. The court did not accept the defendant’s lawyer’s request to get a penalty suspension until the second degree court nor did it accept any attenuating circumstances for Marios Seisidis. Once again the vengeful tactics of the judicial system against our comrade were more than obvious.


On August 4th, because of a random police check just outside Sparta, the journey of freedom ends.
Two different paths ended, two different beginnings, which however converge on a common purpose. That of freedom. The freedom that was not given to us and was not granted even for a moment. Contrarily, each one of us, in our own way and with our own characteristics, fought very hard for something most consider obvious.
We fought for every free glance to the sky, every free handshake, every free hug, every free breathe.
We asserted what the persecutory mechanisms deprived us of, our only weapons the endless desire for freedom, but also the courage we took from the thought that we also continue to fight for those who stayed behind.
On the other hand, on the opposite of freedom and life itself, we came up against the uniformed murderers of the state, the obedient dogs, the servants of the bourgeoisie and its capital. Those who did not hesitate to shoot at us from behind, those who tortured us because we instinctively did the obvious, trying to escape from their hands. However, even if the bullets found their target, it would have killed us and not our ideas. Because very simply, the tenacity of freedom is intact over time from all sorts of persecutors and their weapons.
Because what we envision will never fit in the hollow heads of
authorities. And this is why, even if they kill us they will never
succeed in erasing the vision of revolution, which will continue to
inspire by passing the baton of the struggle to the next.
From the first moment of our arrest, the known media sewage began washing up in a systematic way. With various badly fabricated scenarios, they attempt to connect people and situations which are completely unrelated with each other, in order to “prove” the theory of communicative vessels in any possible way. This specific tactic does not surprise us and we know the purpose it serves. But they will not get their way.
In the recent years, both of us have received tons of mud and
misinformation from the planted crows of journalism, and we know very well the obsessive revanchist practise of the anti-terrorist force against people it has targeted. We remind them however -because they know this very well- that you cannot fool people for ever and no way will we be an easy prey for their teeth.
Someone is arrested with weapons… they are a terrorist.
Someone is arrested with shorts and sleeping bags… disguised into a tourist so no one knows they are a terrorist.
So the journalists should know, that unreliability and ridiculousness has hit the top and not their audience numbers.
Concluding, we salute all the comrades who stand by us, since words are too little to describe our emotions when we saw the dozens of solidarians in the courts of Evelpidon. It was factually proven once more that solidarity has no holidays or vacations. Besides, all these years of clandestinity we did not feel alone even for a moment.
P.S. Analytical statements about our cases and the incidents that took place will follow in due time.
August 2016

On the 16th of January 2006, following a robbery of the National Bank of Greece in Solonos street, in Athens, anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis was arrested; under a terror-hysteria climate formed by the media, three of his comrades were picked out and targeted by the persecuting authorities as accomplices of Yannis, but also as members of the imaginary gang of ‘’Robbers in Black’’. They were accused for this very robbery in addition to six other robberies. Not expecting to find any trace of justice within the delirium of terror-lust by the state of media, comrades Simos Seisidis, Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis, chose the difficult path of clandestinity.
What followed over the next four years did nothing more than confirm that they had made the right choice. Meanwhile, Yannis put on trial and initially convicted to the corrosive sentence of 35 years, despite the collapse of the ‘’Robbers in Black’’ scenario and his acquittal for the rest of the robberies. The media carried out an orgy of misinformation targeting the three fugitives; ‘’photographing’’ them as suspects concerning many severe criminal acts that were taking place occasionally. Arrest warrants were issued in order to put the responsibility on the three comrades for some other unsolved cases; trials that were parodies of justice were carried out unbeknown to them. And as if all this was not enough, a bounty of 600.000euro was put on their heads by the infamous minister of public order M. Chrisohoidis, who eventually succeeded in transforming the streets of Athens into the Wild West; full of heavily armed sheriffs shooting anything that moves…
Unfortunately, on the 3rd of May 2010, Simos fell upon a blockade of such wild sheriffs. In his attempt to run away, he was shot in the back by policeman P. Bokos and even though he was bleeding profusely, he was being beaten relentlessly. We cannot know if cops’ behaviour was because that’s how they act whenever someone runs away or because they recognised Simos from the hundreds of photos hanging on the walls of police stations all over the country. In the first case, they are sick criminals, dangerous for public safety… in the second case they are hit-men that were sent to kill deliberately, following very specific orders from above.
Under the most dreadful conditions imaginable, two months of hospitalization followed; the anti-terrorist forces invaded his room and imposed their presence at both KAT and Evagellismos hospitals. Sadly, the doctors and nursing stuff in the majority of cases followed their orders blindly. As a result of all this, Simos’ right leg was amputated.
On the 30th of March 2011 Simos’ trial for the robbery in Solonos street began, with the only probative evidence the testimonies by two, manipulated by the state, witnesses. On the 5th of May 2011anarchist Simos was declared innocent by all the judges, but despite the acquitting decision related to all the robberies, Simos was taken back to jail with the twisted accusation of attempted murder of the cop that shot him from behind.

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