Argentina : El Urubu lives in the revolt

via:  Attaque translated by Act for freedom now!
I’m not lying in saying that almost every day for a quarter of a century now I remember you as if it were yesterday. Someone might doubt this statement, but I don’t care because, surely, that person did not know this comrade; and even less do they know me (or my innermost feelings). I hate “ephemeris”, but (on this occasion …) it is impossible for me to avoid writing these words. Your gun jammed and they shot you in the chest. They shot you again, in the back. You, precisely, who wrote in your poems that you were not going to attack them from behind. We, anarchists, are like that: we face them knowing that we have everything to lose, but we throw ourselves into the unequal battle anyway, like David against Goliath. Your memory and your courage, comrade, continue to illuminate our struggle…
I was a little younger than you in the mid-90s … A bunch of teenage punks were circling around you when we met at anarchist initiatives.
This is what I want to talk about: life stories that, to this day, I have never shared with anyone. These were things that only sprung up between us, Sergio. Forgive me if I open my sorrowful soul and share them: if I don’t do it now, maybe I never will. And never is too much. There is no doubt about your intuitive insurrectionism. You didn’t have to read “Alfredo”, because informality flowed through your veins, contagiously. And many of us got involved – with no return – in permanent revolt, which (in the 21st century) is far from over. On the contrary, it grows and bears fruit in every insurrectional action!
The « old ones » of the FORA [Federación Obrera Regional Argentina ; NdAtt.] gave you the microphone that memorable moment of the first of May; and we were there, the compas of the groupe « X », yes, I remember it well, we had been to the concert of a band called « Familia Asesina »… Acomplices, we moved between the Biblioteca Ingenieros, the FLA [Federación Libertaria Argentina ; NdAtt.] and the FOR A like a dog in a house … It was a turbulent time that could be summed up in two words: DIRECT ACTION ! A mandatory meeting point was the anarchist fanzine market in Plaza Congreso, on Saturday. How to forget Sole (yes, the one who was « suicided » in Turin, because she was too beautiful and combative despite her dirty bourgeois heritage). But let’s get to the heart of the matter, damn it …
Some images are indelibly engraved in me. One of them was when, during the March of the Resistance in Plaza de Mayo, you climbed on that vile statue with a black flag and placed it in the hands of the great personage of service, to the great joy of the stateless tribes, who had come to meet there … Then we went wandering among the “res-tau-rants” (it is spelled like that?) the most exclusive in the area. You? You went into each of them and yelled – at the top of your voice -: I’m huuungry! Imagine the astonished faces of the customers. I don’t know why I loved you so much. Maybe because I loved poetry as much as you. You recited your new verses in my ear, before writing them. Your breath is always present in me. You are eternal, I know it ..
One day, shortly before this cursed unexpected funeral, you came by train from the capital to my house in the provinces. I greeted you with some comrades (and a knowing smile) in the middle of the afternoon. Your eyes shone like boiling suns; it was then that you said to me: I have come to see you because I trust you completely, comrade. It’s urgent and the children are hungry. I cannot stand it any longer, I’m thinking of expropriating food to resolve this situation…I loved him so much that I burst into tears and answered: my brother, you are a rough diamond. We need you and moreover they are following us (because of the big mess we made on May 25). Wait a little, the “services” are on our heels.
My warnings were of no avail. The comrade had already made up his mind and took action. They riddled him with bullets as he left a store because he lost time, seeing, on the shelves, those kilos of food needed to satisfy the appetites of his / our brothers / sisters.
Contra Info is a portal that is absolutely essential to us. And even more now, that the « informatic repression » is being used to silence us. We coordinate at international level: the Black International is growing every moment … From Santiago to Montevideo, from Buenos Aires to our dens, in the uncontrollable Pampas. It is a fact that we are attacking: their shits are hiding information. Which is why we are encouraging our groups to make the attacks visible…
The assassination of compa Santiago Maldonado was an inflection point and I don’t mean it like that: I knew him personally. From somewhere he is asking us: “And you, where are you?” The answer is given by each offensive, through this territory that through this territory he had set out to liberate… We are not a « vanguard ». Nor new « kamikazes » of anarchy either… We are ANARCHISTS WITHOUT ADJECTIVES, does this ring a bell? We subscribe to the Call to international direct action for June 11th: for all our prisoners and dead of the past and the present. To hell with agreeing on everything and finding each other nice. To hell with the fact that it’s good that we don’t know who writes … BOMBS, DAGGERS, FIRE.
It is obvious that these paragraphs are written by an individuality. The other members of the Cell gave me the « green light » to say what I feel, because I am the oldest, and to my pleasant (and libertarian !) surprise they agree with this communiqué. The present offensive belongs to each and every one of us. Different and beautiful… also deserves applause for their work. . Contramadriz does its part. 325 will be avenged : meanwhile, we continue to talk on the multilingual party of Attaque. Indy.mierda Karcelona ? It disgusts us so much. It’s better to avoid it… We have brothers and sisters everywhere… Greece, Indonesia, Germany, France, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Belgium, Bolivia, Uruguay, USA, Irland, New Guinea or Haiti…
PS : …the goal has been reached. Multiform cells are spreading everywhere. No one « gives orders ». Certain persons propose ad hoc coordinations … We love/arm ourselves without knowing each other, because we want to. Full stop. It’s beautiful. We know that these words will go through the prison walls. To all the comrades who are resisting in the jails, we say that we do not forget them, that each attack is a kiss/a hug, and that they must not give up! I remember that explosion in Bologna: I was there. It was the inauguration of an anarchist era which lasts until today.
Anarchy rhymes with many things, but never with cowardice. Bakunin, Malatesta, Durruti, Kropotkin. Goldman, Parsons, Bolten, Michel… Love and Passion. Action and Insurrection : ANARCHY
Note by Attaque : Sergio « Urubu » Terensi died under the bullets of the Argentinian federal police on the 6th of June 1996. His behaviour in the face of the cops allowed the compas who were with him, as part of a direct action, to escape without being stopped.