Paris, France: Night visits to builders of prisons!

Those who participate in their construction, those who decide, order and design them (not those exploited in the building works)are content and capitalize on other people’s misery.
To disturb their tranquility, we paid two of them a visit at the beginning of this month of May.
More prisons! Passed on to each new government. There are those who have the honour of programming them and those who manage their construction. The excuses are always the same: to face overpopulation in unworthy conditions, in collective cells.

But each cell built is a step towards more people being sent to prison daily par the law. A repressive response from the State which never tires of locking up the poor and recalcitrant more and more. On the other hand, those who participate in their construction, those who decide, order and plan them (not those who are exploited on the sites) don’t give a damn and capitalize on the misery of others.
To disturb their tranquillity, we visited two of them at the beginning of the month of May.Gaudin Architecture at 6 Impasse Mont Louis in Paris, where in response to their work was written “Gaudin designs prisons and comicos”, “Fire to the prisons, freedom for everyone” and where some fibre optic cables were cut.
Bérim, at 149 avenue Jean Lolive in Pantin, implicated in the renovation of the centre for young prisoners at Fleury-merogis, construction of SAS and the construction of the courthouse in Paris, saw its office façade tagged and its digital access device smashed with a hammer.
Via: nantes.indymedia.
Translated by Act for freedom now!