About the mafia-style attack on anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis in Domokos prisons (Greece)

On 24 May 2021, anarchist fighter G. Dimitrakis was murderously attacked with multiple blows to the head by a group of prisoners in Domokos prisons where he is currently being held. Following the attack, Giannis was transferred to the hospital of Lamia in a critical condition. Eight days on, although our comrade has escaped the danger to his life, the damage done is still very serious. Giannis’s strength and mental vigor make us optimistic that he will also come out of this battle victorious.
The cause of the attack on Giannis was his refusal to accept and subordinate himself to the authoritarian and brutal laws that the prison mafia are trying to impose on the prisoners in full consensus with the prison services. The cause of the attack is that he has steadfastly defended his ethical, value ​​and political substance as anarchist, as an insurgent, as a social struggler. The cause of the attack was his refusal to kowtow to those who want to humiliate and violate the weaker prisoners to affirm their prestige in their sick “code of conduct”. It is his refusal to subject himself to the unfavourable correlations and mentalities that prevail nowadays in prisons and overall in social and class antagonism. So his refusal to accept prison as a life condition is ultimately his refusal to submit to the State and its mechanisms.
Strength to the anarchist fighter Giannis Dimitrakis
Giannis stay strong, until freedom!
comrades from act for freedom now!


Urgent updated information 3 and 5 of june – Comrade Giannis Dimitrakis is in solitary confinement in Domokou prison, an isolation that in the situation of the comrade is obvious torture. Giannis survived the danger that his life was in the first hours, but the blows he received caused multiple haematomas in the head, affecting the basic functioning of his brain.
Wednesday, June 9 at Exarcheia Square at 7pm: Gathering – Microphone of solidarity with the Anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis (followed by a march in the neighborhood of Exarcheia)