Mexico: Explosive attack against an Armed Forces bank

via: Attaque

After midnight…
Just a few minutes after midnight on May 23 2021 we placed an explosive device composed of black powder and butane gas at number 7700 of the Calzada del Hueso, in the Tlapan area, town of Mexico, with the aim of destroying the installations of Banjèrcito, [a bank belonging to the Mexican armed forces] an objective that we fully accomplished.
We did it because…
We remember Mauricio Morales, a Chilean anarchist comrade who died tragically on May 22 2009, while transporting an explosive device apparently destined for the school of prison screws of Barrio Matta, in Santiago… You are present comrade !
We hear the call to action launched by the anarchist prisoners throughout the world. From Mexico to Greece, from Montevideo to Belgium, from Argentina to the United Kingdom, may armed joy continue to find us!

We condemn the repressive operations against the anarchists in the United Kingdom and against the world network of counter-information. We are fully in solidarity with those facing the repression in the United Kingdom, as well as the compas of 325, the Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, of Northshore Counter-Info, of Montreal Counter-Info and of Act for Freedom Now.
We repudiate Mexican militarism. The government of Manuel Lopez Obrador has increased political influence, presence in and access to the resources of the armed forces, increasing their power, doubling their budget and widening their area of influence: domains such as immigration, ports and customs, the distribution of the social programs and public security have all been entrusted to the military. All that of course has provoked a painful deepening of the vertical structure of society, rendering the social hierarchies more and more rigid. And what is the result? More violence against the exploited classes, forced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, sexual tortures, an increase in feminicides; all that by impairing, as always, but with even more force, the well-being of those who create life: women.
Now, how can these social hierarchies be maintained, if not in reducing us to something negligible and appropriating our bodies? And then, when the mothers looking for their children who have disappeared let out screams of horror, what is the Mexican State for them? Mockery and disdain, that is all they have received from Lopez Obrador ! What is the cause of such indolence? We think that if this system is indolent in the face of our cries, it is because our pain is the condition that makes possible the continuation of this order of exploitation!
It is the structure of this monster that devours our blood and our bellies! Without the value we create, without the life that we give, without the bodies we look after, how could the life that this order absorbs afterwards reproduce itself? That is why neither the State, nor patriarchy, nor capitalism will ever stop this massacre by themselves! It is up to us to stop it!
We are not born women, they made us women. And so now we are claiming it! And from this point of view, we are telling them clearly:
In the night of May 3rd, a metro bridge of the town of Mexico collapsed, the number of deaths has reached 26 and at least 10 people are hospitalized in a serious condition. To all the guilty, CIVIL SERVANTS, CAPITALISTS AND DEADLY ASSASSINS, we say: be afraid, because we are coming for you, and it could be that we are closer to you than you think.
In the morning of May 18th, a group of 95 students (of which 74 women) was kidnapped by the Mexican State, in a cowardly act of criminalization of social protestation. We demand their immediate liberation. Down the prison walls! All prisoners are political!
Soon there will be elections in Mexico. We repudiate the State! We will not leave it in peace!
We are going to start the revolt!
Let’s light the flame! Let’s live its joy! Long live Anarchy!
By the informal Anarca-féministe Insurrectionnel Group of Action
Lupe la Camelina
Mexico, 23 may 2021
Translated by Act for freedom now!</h6