Solidarity campaign, appeal court for the anti-fascist demo at 17/9/2015 (Athens,Greece)


At 17/9/2015, 2 years after the murder of antifascist Pavlos Fissas by the hand of fascist Roupakias, an anti-fascist – anti-state – anti-capitalist demonstration ( was called at Kaningos square by the «Anarchist’s assembly against state, capital, fascists».
As it has been historically proved, fascism is the right hand of bosses and states. Fascists are the useful front-men for the expansion of the capitalist interests on military terms, always embraced by the narrative of national consciousness and supremacy. Whenever needed, this narrative has been ideologically and materially employed on the purpose of redefining the social balances and the exploitative conditions.

That demonstration intended to the connection of the anti-fascist perspective with the wider anarchist, anti-capitalist and anti-state principles, claiming that fascists are nothing by themselves and that we can’t annihilate the fascist threat if we don’t primarily resist to the capitalist system and the state power that breeds and feeds it. Pavlos Fissas’s murder was not an isolated incident. It was part of the further state-racist policies that were already stigmatizing and destroying migrants and refugees, HIV positive sex-workers, movements and initiatives of resistance, marginalized social groups which -over the many years of capitalist history- were thrown to the landfill of depreciation and degradation. It was part of the class separation that -over centuries- was normalizing the social inequality, poverty and misery.
The people of that demo clashed with the repressive power, as they moved from Kaningos square to the Police Station of Exarchia. From this point, clashes expanded at the whole area of Exarchia for some hours. On the side of the people of struggle, there were arrests and serious injuries which happened after the repressive intervening of the former DELTA forces (the cops with the small motorbikes). It’s worth noting that in that demo it was the last appearance of the specific uniformed “thugs” for the next 4 years (at 2019 they re-appeared under New Democracy government). And this happened because the false humanist limits were broken, and it was caused a stir by the violence that they exercised on the bodies of young people, breaking teeth, giving black eyes, running over feet with their motorbikes, breaking hands, crushing bones. But such practices are neither unprecedented, nor invisible. State has a continuity, and also does the brutality and the “legal violence” exercised by its armed front-men.
The prosecutions for many people included felony-level charges. The judicial hearings have not finished yet for all the prosecuted people, as it’s still to take place the appeal court of some comrades who back then were over 18 years old, and they are judged with the relevant legal imposition. The amounts of money that need to be raised are nearly unaffordable, and the period of lock-down because of Covid-19 made even more difficult the procedure of collecting that money.
This specific solidarity campaign is about collecting a relatively small amount of the total legal expenses for the appeal court, as the biggest part has already been collected. These legal expenses arise by the need for the legal defence of the prosecuted people in front of the trial chamber.


Solidarity campaign, appeal court for the anti-fascist demo at 17/9/2015<