Nancy, France : Relay antenna fires, 4 years, 2 in prison for b.

Imprisoned since his indictment on September 24th 2020, for the burning of two relay antennas in the Jura during the first confinement, today B. was sentenced to 4 years, two of which in prison.
He was tried behind closed doors, without a lawyer, the only public a journalist and two members of his family, while about twenty people were present outside the court of Nancy to show their solidarity.
A dozen cops came specially to prevent us from entering the court, and we were given a lecture by the proc on justice, sanitary version. Hearings are public but only a little. Only family members can go in “exceptionally”. He was careful not to mention that this doesn’t concern journalists.

The comrade demanded a postponement in order to better prepare his defence, that the hearing be really public and in the presence of his lawyer, who having been informed too late had been unable to come.
He reaffirmed his act and his reasons. Unfortunately, for the moment we have not been able to have a retransmission of what he said. The proc asked for 3 and a half years, 2 of them in prison. As a reminder, the prosecution had offered him a CRPC (appearance on prior admission of guilt), which he had refused.
He has 10 days to appeal, more information to follow.
As soon as the verdict was pronounced we were able to see B. surrounded by guards who put him straight into a car. We followed him for a few metres, making him hear our rage and our cries of freedom.We are not surprised that the judges chose to refuse the postponement, to judge him without the presence of the public and a lawyer, to go beyond the prosecutor’s requisitions, and send our comrade back to the prison of Nancy-Maxeville for many more months.
They would like to see us bow our heads and say we are sorry, but we haven’t stopped rebelling!
 Until the destruction of the last of the cages!
Comrades of B.
Translated by Act for freedom now!
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