Montreuil, France – April fool against Eiffage construction company and all prisons!
On 1st April a shoal of fish [From ‘poisson d’Avril’ – ‘April fish’. On ‘April fool’s day’ a paper fish would be taped to someone’s back without their knowing it as a practical joke] targeted a dumper truck owned by Eiffage in Montreuil [near Paris]. A hammer fish smashed the windscreen, a saw fish took the tyres and an octopus left a clear message: “Eiffage, jail constructor. Down with prisons, Death to jails”.
Eiffage fill their pockets building jails and detention centres for migrants. This gesture wants to be a response in solidarity with those who struggle against this world and those that the repression is beating down on, as in a case of “criminal terrorist conspiracy” * and with the rebels of the detention centre for migrants in Mesnil-Amelot last January**.

In the moonlight or the daytime, there are still plenty of Eiffage trucks to be destroyed!
A shoal of fish going against the tide
* On 8th December 2020 a repressive operation struck 7 people in different areas in France, suspected of preparing an action against the police. Five are still being held in pre-trial detention, two are on bail.
* * On 20th January 2021, some prisoners put fire to two buildings of the detention centre in Mesnil-Amelot (near Paris). At the beginning of March, 7 prisoners were sentenced up to16 months in prison for “resistance to public official” and arson.
Translated by act for freedom now!