Athens,Greece: Attack on Tax Office in Solidarity with Anarchists Sentenced in Revolutionary Self-Defense Trial in Cholargos area

As anarchists, we believe we do not need to write much about choosing the target. These are state structures that contribute to the economic bleeding of the poor, and to drive people out of their homes, or lead to suicide and depression. Similar hits have been made by other teams in the past.
On April 23, two anarchist comrades, D. Chatzivasileiadis and V. Stathopoulos, were convicted by the civil justice. The first to be illegally detained for a year and a half, he has taken responsibility for the armament, the expropriation and for the guerrilla organization: Revolutionary Self-Defense. The second is a hostage of the state for the reason that he stood in solidarity when Chatzivasileiadis asked for his help after his injury during the expropriation of the state casino. The judicial mafia charged V. Stathopoulos with 19 years of imprisonment and D. Chatzivasileiadis to 16 years where he was tried in absentia.
So we reflexively chose, decided and hit with inflammatory moods four days after the trial on April 28 as a sign of solidarity with the comrades. Our goal was the Tax Officein Cholargos, a few meters away from the house where the weapons were found and other evidence regarding the case of Revolutionary Self-Defense. We took it for granted to act immediately and do the least to give a fire to our comrades, a smile of solidarity.

As far as the trial / prank is concerned, we know very well the agreements of the slug judges with the pigs of DAEEB [anti-terrorism police]. The attempt to exterminate and incriminate an exemplary movement of practical solidarity. We are not interested in the legal tricks of innocence or guilt, but it is certainly our honor to have unrepentant, illegal comrades among us. We know very well how much it hurts them that an anarchist guerrilla is a fugitive and that the rage of cops and the state will not stop by imprisoning his comrade of solidarity.
It is unthinkable and immoral when one anarchist is in illegality and another is charged with years of confinement, that the “anarchist space” is left with its hands tied. Of course, the apathy of the scene is not something new. Of course, lately the situation is suffocating. To get rid of the reformism, the only solution is to act by any means. Always keeping in mind self-criticism: as we all make mistakes and we do not speak as a pioneers. At the same time, the state invests financially and militarizes the cops (recruitment, purchase of vehicles) for the management of a crisis. It keeps them in standby and sets them out whenever needed for fear. Fear only breaks when the monopoly of state violence is broken. We do not need to follow the blows of the state for answers and rest when it’s seemingly doing nothing. To act aggressively on our own terms. In an age of fear and control over everything (from the public sphere to the pandemic), offensive actions give us life and breath.
So we took the initiative to call for a month of solidarity actions to the anarchist fugitive Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis and the anarchist hostage of the state Vangelis Stathopoulos in May. Actions of attack on politicians, judges, ND Offices, police companies and anything anyone can think of. The actions, of course, are not limited to arson, but also interventions, paints, sabotage, etc. Let us dedicate the blows of attack to them, let us dedicate a candlelit May to them.
PS: We do not forget the prisoners / anarchists of the uprising in Chile who have been on hunger strike since March 22. Comrades, many greetings and fire signals.
Flame Diffusion Gang