Indonesia: Solidaritas Berarti Menyerang! (Solidarity Means Attack!)

Wadas is the current regime’s national strategic project. Another option if the quarry mining plan in Wadas fails, they will move places. Since when have state withdrawn from their ambitious project? The state will not withdraw until it is repelled.
But to make the state backdown is difficult, and holding the police or bulldozers is also difficult. Nobody knows how long solidarity would last in Wadas village. Everyone has their priorities, and Wadas can’t always be first. We were worried that when the police arrived, the solidarity network was not there. The enemy could have brought even greater force as the solidarity network came after the houses of the Wadas residents collapsed.

When solidarity comes when Wadas calls them, it risks creating dependency of its citizens on an even bigger network. Our evaluation note is that the network of solidarity should not come as heroes, but as allies. Concentrating energy in one conflict area also wastes a lot of resources in the midst of a crisis.
After all, when dealing with the police, or later with mining and construction workers, we are only dealing with pawns of power. Behind that, those with an interest in and benefiting from the gigantic project in Wadas are sitting comfortably. These are the ones who should be afraid.
We don’t want Wadas’ struggle to be localized at one point. While we believe that the defense of the Wadas people should be strengthened, we also believe that the war should be expanded. That means, we want to emphasize that the enemies of the Wadas people are common enemies, and they can attack their enemies from their own homes. They are our enemies because of the actions of these corporations elsewhere. Even if they don’t do anything, they are our enemies because we hate them as benefiting the most from today’s dominating order.
We don’t want to solidarity by making videos expressing support while clenching our left fists, or filling out petitions, or sending messages condemning the Chief of Police for the violence perpetrated by their unit. We feel that all of this is inadequate and in fact completely irrelevant.
We’ve been howling, and that’s not a request for help. That’s a declaration of war. That means being with your pack under the moonlight turns into a nightmare for the ruling class. Any tools to fight is allowed. We want the land of Wadas untouched, because we will bite back. If we want to win, we have to attack.
  1. PT Brantas Abipraya
  2. PT Aneka Dharma Persada
  3. PT Waskita Karya
  4. PT Jatiwangi
  5. PT Pembangunan Perumahan
  6. PT Ashfri Putraloka
  7. PT Adhi Karya
  1. PT Brantas Abipraya
A state-owned company in the road and bridge construction industry, transportation infrastructure (sea and air) such as seaports and airports, electricity, buildings, and the property and toll road industry.
  1. In 2016, the company’s leadership, Senior Manager Dandung Pamularno and Finance Director Sudi Wantoko, was involved in an attempted bribery case and was investigated by the KPK. Each of them was jailed for several years and fined hundreds of millions of rupiah (Read: Attempted bribery case, the boss of PT Brantas Abipraya was sentenced to 3 years in prison).
  2. PT Aneka Dharma Persada
Company Profile:
Aneka Dharma Persada is a company engaged in construction, trading and supplier services.
  1. This company in 2018 was involved in the construction of NYIA airport and the project provider was PT Pembangunan Perumahan-KSO, which was once suspected of being involved in corruption involving BUMN Minister Riri Soemarno: (Read: KPK Asked to Investigate KKN in Kulon Progo Airport Auction Project).
  2. The NYIA airport construction project is full of human rights violations and has been criticized by LBH Yogyakarta, Human Rights Watch Group (HRWG) to Komnas HAM. (Read:
LBH Yogya Urges Construction of Kulon Progo Airport to Stop
Komnas HAM: The Rights of Citizens who reject NYIA must be fulfilled AP I
HRWG Condemns Human Rights Violations in the Bandar Kulon Progo Project).
  1. PT Waskita Karya
2019 Annual Report:
PT Waskita Karya is an Indonesian state-owned company engaged in construction. Some of the company officials include:
  1. One of the shareholders who is the President Commissioner or Independent Commissioner is the Former National Police Chief General Police (Purn) Drs. Badrodin Haiti. Komnas HAM reported the attack that killed 17 people in Tanah Runtuh in Poso on the night of takbiran, January 22, 2007. (Read: Being Deputy Chief of Police, Badrodin Haiti is Called to Have Violated Human Rights).
  2. Its commissioner member is Arif Baharudin, who is also a commissioner of PT. Various Mining (Antam). Walhi Jambi once stated that PT. Antam is responsible for water pollution in five major rivers and 95 tributaries in Sarolangun District, Jambi. (Read: Walhi said that five major Jambi rivers were polluted by PT Antam’s mining waste).
  3. The independent commissioner, Viktor S. Sirait, is the Chairperson of the President Jokowi’s Volunteer Front (Bara JP) and CEO of the news portal. Died in 2021. is one of the portals that frame news about “Anarko” (media labels for anarchist) with a negative and unbalanced perspective. (See: News Collection about Anarchists on
  1. PT Jatiwangi
Not clear.
  1. PT Ashfri Putraloka
Palembang-based construction company. No official website information.
  1. PT Adhi Karya
PT Adhi Karya Tbk. is a giant public company engaged in construction services. It is so big, it seems that Indonesia was built by the company. Find out yourself!
  1. PT Pembangunan Perumahan
Annual Report:
One of the giant BUMN which is engaged in planning and building construction. Upstream, PT PP is divided into three subsidiary companies: PT PP Infrastruktur, PT PP Energi and PT PP Properti Tbk.
  1. Its current Main Director, Novel Arsyad, was the Director of Human Capital and Development of PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA). In 2020 he was summoned by the KPK for alleged corruption in the construction of the Mandala Krida stadium, Yogyakarta APBD for the 2016-2017 fiscal year (Read: KPK Calls 9 Witnesses Regarding Alleged Corruption in Stadium Construction in Yogyakarta).
  2. PT PP Energi is responsible for the construction of many PLTU projects that are dangerous due to water and air pollution, and is responsible for coal mining in Kalimantan. This is one of the government’s industrialization efforts, because the energy supply is needed for the formation of industrial estates, plantations, mines and factories where many politicians and businessmen in Indonesia have the most interest and benefit. Read the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) report: Who is Behind The Power Plant Project? Also watch documentaries produced by WatchDoc: Asymetris (2018), Sexy Killer (2019) and Kinipan (2021).
  3. The Managing Director of PT PP Novel Arsyad was appointed by the Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir in 2020. Erick Thohir is the younger brother of Garibaldi Thohir (Boy Thohir) who is on the Forbes 2019 list of richest people. Boy Thohir is one of the founders of PT Adaro Energy who mines in Kalimantan, and manages PT Adaro Power manages PLTU Batang, Southeast Asia’s largest power plant, which causes respiratory infections at the national level, damages ecosystems and threatens the livelihoods of fishermen on the north coast of Java. Fishermen in Batang have objected to the construction of PLTU Batang. (Read a 2015 Harvard University and Greenpeace Indonesia research report on the adverse effects of PLTU Batang: Us, Coal and Pollution). Komnas HAM wrote to the Prime Minister of Japan Abe because of the human rights violations in the project (Read: PLTU Batang PLTU BATANG: Komnas HAM Surati PM Abe. Asking for the Project to be Re-examined).
  4. Its main commissioner, Andi Gani Nena Wea, is the president of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers Unions (KSPI) who always accuses workers of being ridden by “anarcho”. In 2017, members of the KSPI beat the labor day solidarity masses in Jakarta. (Read: KSPSI asks the police to investigate the Anarko (anarchists) group).
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