Chile – Words from anarchist comrade Marcelo Villaroel

25th March 2021
On the constant struggle against reclusion and the war to the death against the prison society and those who support it
To live resisting reclusion for days, weeks, months, years, whole decades is a constant and millimetric struggle against those who keep us behind bars, strengthening our will to persist and keep going. These caged days are not a simple picture of reclusion but rather the everyday struggle of a prisoner where there is no real resistance without concrete praxis, no matter how words embellish falsified reality with the skills of a scriptwriter.
A long inalienable path of conflict against every authority, inside and outside the conflict, continuing a practice of combat written in rebel and subversive blood, insurrectional and autonomous, warrior blood of word and action. Because by sustaining a constant confrontation with the world of power and merchandise, authority and borders, State, prison and capital, we give continuity to the memory of attack of the libertarian autonomous subversive resistance of the last 25 years.

Years that become unavoidable traces in the current multiformity of anti-state attack in this region of the planet.
The trace left through the social war on power, our position was, is and will be that of attack against everything that oppresses, represses and exploits. We are not coming from a missing link in the history of the struggle of the exploited, nor are we surviving in the closed boundaries of ideology, but are part of the continuity, of the persistence of rebellion in more and more spaces of reality. From a culture of war which in its path has left comrades dead, clandestine, fugitive, prisoners and kidnapped in the jails of democracy. We recognize ourselves in the confraternity of the antiauthoritarian, insurrectional, black, autonomous, anti-prison, subversive and libertarian struggle for total liberation. A struggle that doesn’t know dead times or comfort or convenience, a struggle where several generations of comrades have recognized themselves in different parts of the planet, the unequivocal continuity in keeping the pulse strong.
I recognize myself in any comrade who resists and attacks from inside the walls and cages and claims their actions with dignity, and with words tries to contribute to the total war on the world of what exists and everything it is and represents. I recognize myself in the cries of thousands, in the will to wage war against the heteronormative, capitalist, nazi-fascist world of politics, against this racist, sexist, technological, prison, military, industrial scum… extractivist, predatory, speciesist world… world of accommodation, oblivion and merchandise. It is in this moment of struggle that the call from this prison is strong and clear: it continues to insist on the widening of solidarity with the prisoners of this social war, for Mapuche liberation and revolt!
In the legal field, the priority continues to be:
Abrogation of article 9
Reinstatement of article1
Decree 321!!!!!
In plain words, there is no retroactivity in the change of the law that rules “release on parole”, and once again it must become a right of the imprisoned person and not a privilege as stated by the current law. For this it is imperative to generate initiatives so as to make visible the existence of the prisoners of the past and present, their particular situations, struggles and perspectives and spread the urgencies in which they are immersed.
It is a question of breaking down the prison walls, those of isolation, of sensorial deprivation, burying under tons of reinforced concrete, within which they have locked us for years.
Opening gaps and interstices in all spaces of reality so as to break borders, transform the abductions of people by the state, is the urgent and primary necessity of the moment.
Attack the journalistic rubbish of the police as well as the stigmatization and defamation coming from the anonymous and cowardly virtual reality of cybernetic opinion functional to the state, which doesn’t know or respect prisoners and their families.
There is no space for false polemics or less devious attacks typical of those who don’t know that sometimes life does a 360 degree turn and puts us face to face so it is essential to spread complicity and comradeship in order to keep firm our convictions and the coming certainties of an antagonist and insurrectional Option lived in real time and not in the delusional imagination of the impulsive blogger of the moment.
Combative solidarity is above all closeness and aims at fraternity between comrades and brothers on the road. It is here and now that every gesture becomes urgent and necessary. In every gesture of complicity we recreate the ideas we defend knowing that our struggle is immemorial. And by keeping it alive we are defying the existing order, denying its legitimacy in our spaces, advancing in the breaking of control, widening the areas of antiauthoritarian and subversive action of those who are fighting against the prison society we hate so much.
Insurrectional memory is intact, our comrades fallen in the struggle have all the love and respect among the active minorities coming from different micro-cultures of resistance which pass through informality, self-management, mutual support, horizontality and direct action. All those who died at the hands of the state are alive in the social war. Eduardo and Rafael Vergara Toledo, Norma Vergara Cáceres, Lambros Foundas, Johnny Cariqueo Yañez and all the subversive anti-capitalists murdered on the road of total liberation.
I embrace all those who have been hit in the struggle against prison, the state and capital in every corner of the planet.
As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!! Gioventù combattenti : insurrezione permanente !! [Fighting youth: permanent insurrection!!] Until the destruction of the last pillar of the prison society!! Nothing is over, everything continues!!
Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda
Autonomous libertarian subversive prisoner. 13 years after he was arrested in San Martín de los Andes, a territory under the domination of the Argentinian state. Today in the maximum security prison in Santiago de Chile. March 2021.
Source: RoundRobinTranslated by act for freedom now!