Barcelona – Update on latest arrests (Spain)

(05/03/2021 posted by round robin/it)
As part of the riots that broke out in Barcelona during the last two weeks, 8 anarchist comrades were arrested on the night of February 27th during a cop charge.
On Monday morning, the Mossos d’Esquadra (catalan police) searched two squatted warehouses, in Mataró and Canet de Mar, neighbouring towns of Barcelona, where they seized material.
After a statement on Tuesday at 5 p.m., the judge validated the arrests without bail and sent them all to preventive prison.
The charges against the 8 anarchists are: attempted murder, organized criminal asociation, conspiracy, unauthorised demonstration, aggression, public disorder, assault and violence against public officials and damages.
The comrades decided not to answer the prosecutor’s questions, but to answer only to their lawyer.
The next day, they all received a PCR test and, according to the new anti-covid rules, they were forced to get vaccinated. (?!!)
They are now in solitary confinement in Brians 1 prison and for the moment they are not allowed to receive any clothes or money.
A team of three lawyers is taking care of their defence.
More updates coming soon.