[IT+EN] Aggiornamenti sull’udienza di cassazione per il processo Scripta Manent e trasferimento dell’anarchico Alfredo Cospito dal carcere di Terni a quello di Sassari (25.05.2022)

Aggiornamenti sull’udienza di cassazione per il processo Scripta Manent e trasferimento dell’anarchico Alfredo Cospito dal carcere di Terni a quello di Sassari (25.05.2022)

Si è tenuta oggi, 25 maggio, l’udienza di cassazione del processo Scripta Manent. Il procuratore generale si è espresso per il rigetto di tutte le richieste (di accusa e difese) ad eccezione del reato di strage, per il quale ha chiesto un rinvio in corte d’appello per la riqualificazione da “strage comune” a “strage politica”. L’udienza è stata aggiornata al 27 giugno per le ultime arringhe difensive e la sentenza definitiva.

Nel frattempo, sempre oggi, è giunta la notizia del trasferimento di Alfredo nel carcere di Bancali a Sassari. Come è noto per Alfredo è stato disposto il regime detentivo del 41 bis.

Il nuovo indirizzo è il seguente:

Alfredo Cospito
C. C. di Sassari “Giovanni Bacchiddu”
Strada provinciale 56 n. 4
Località Bancali
07100 Sassari

Qui di seguito l’indirizzo di Anna, reclusa nel carcere di Rebibbia a Roma:

Anna Beniamino
C. C. di Roma Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Roma


Update on the cassation hearing for the Scripta Manent trial and transfer of anarchist Alfredo Cospito from Terni prison to that of Sassari (Italy, May 25, 2022)

The cassation hearing of the Scripta Manent trial was held today, May 25, in Rome. The attorney general argued for the rejection of all the requests (of the prosecution and the defence) with the exception of the crime of massacre, for which he requested a referral to the court of appeal for the requalification from ‘common massacre’ to ‘political massacre’. The hearing was adjourned to June 27 for the last defence arguments and the final verdict.

Meanwhile, also today, Alfredo Cospito was transferred to Bancali prison, located near Sassari (in Sardinia). As is known, the 41 bis prison regime (the most restrictive penitentiary regime in Italian prisons) was ordered for the comrade, with a measure effective from May 5.

The comrade’s new address is as follows:

Alfredo Cospito
C. C. di Sassari “Giovanni Bacchiddu”
Strada provinciale 56 n. 4
Località Bancali
07100 Sassari (Italy)

Below is the address of the other comrade currently imprisoned for Scripta Manent, Anna Beniamino, imprisoned in the Rebibbia prison in Rome:

Anna Beniamino
C. C. di Roma Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Roma (Italy)

Rimini, Italy – The Alpini harass, the Alpini rape, the Alpini make war!

The Alpini National Association literally invaded the city of Rimini from the 4th to the 8th of May.

A true military operation, by occupying troops: four “camps” set up in strategic areas of the city, a parade in grand patriotic style, war propaganda, a lot of national flags.

These viscid and oppressive molesters with plumed hats are no Sunday fun-lovers, they are above all military: as such their reason for being is to make war. Continue reading Rimini, Italy – The Alpini harass, the Alpini rape, the Alpini make war!

Toronto,Canada : May Day Bank Attack

Toronto: May Day Bank Attack

In “Toronto” on the morning of May 1st, we attacked an RBC branch in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en land defenders. We left a spray-painted message, a damaged lock, and a mess of red paint.

As we walked away into a beautiful May Day sunrise, we left a trail of messages through the city.

We were left wanting more, but we know that there are many more days ahead.

The time is now, the task is simple! Atta​​​​​​​ck!

via: north-shore.info

Italy – Updates on the trial for operation ”Bialystok”

The first-instance trial begun following the repressive operation dubbed “Bialystok”, which kicked off on 12th June 2020 at the hands of the Carabinieri ROS, is finally coming to an end. On 5th May the prosecution indictment took place in the courtrooms of the judicial city of Rome, where the public prosecutor and civil parties clarified their conclusions on what had emerged during the preliminary phase and submitted their requests for sentencing. As evidence of the scant solidity of the whole accusatory framework, prosecutor Francesco Dall’Olio distinguished himself with a not in any way aggressive summing-up, with jocular and even condescending tones concerning all parties involved, as though he wanted to ingratiate himself with the public, shirking his responsibilities in this repressive story as a puppet on the payroll of the ROS, deferring himself to the ultimate judgment of the court.

In the requests for sentencing the prosecution took into account considerations expressed by the two Cassations requested by some of those on trial during the remand phase, which had declared the inconsistency of the charges of subversive association for the purposes of terrorism and/or subversion of the democratic order (art. 270 bis of the penal code). The public prosecutor therefore opted for a reduction to article 270 (subversive association), abandoning the hypothesis of purposes of terrorism. Consequently, for the charge of incitement to commit acts against the State and institutions (Art. 302) it was also requested that it be reduced to incitement to commit crimes (Art. 414). Continue reading Italy – Updates on the trial for operation ”Bialystok”

Milan, Italy – Cash machine destroyed in Solidarity with all the imprisoned anarchists

Milan, Italy: ATM machine destroyed

11th May – ATM machine of a branch of Intesa-San paolo bank hammered to pieces in Via Rapisardi, Milan.

This action is aimed at striking one of the many speculators involved in the war in Ukraine. Intesa-San Paolo, the main Italian bank, is present in Russia with 28 branches, holds assets of 1.3 billion, has granted loans of more than 5 billion to Russian companies and holds over 50 million in State bonds. In 2017 it purchased 19% share capital from Rosneft, a Russian oil giant. It controls Pravex bank in Ukraine. It is currently carrying out a strategic review in order to square their profits with western sanctions.

It is necessary to sabotage the war by launching attacks on our own capitalists and warmongers, rejecting the mobilizations of civil pacifism.

Alongside those who struggle, who rebel and who don’t surrender.

Maximum support to Alfredo Cospito, recently placed under the 41bis regime.

Solidarity with all the imprisoned anarchists in Italy, Chile, Greece, England, Spain, Russia, Belarus, etc.

No peace – War on power


via: https://ilrovescio.info
Translated by act for freedom now!

Italy – For international revolutionary solidarity!

“… I think that only from the clashing of these two (anarchist terrorism and creative anarchy) can the new be born, because life is contrast: rational and irrational, hate and love, anything but deadly static “equilibrium”. Harmony is the child of “disequilibrium”, of chaos…”

Well, what had been looming for some time has finally come to pass: on May 5th  anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, already imprisoned in the AS2 unit in Terni, was notified of the 41-Bis regime. We know what this regime involves, a regime demanded by the judiciary then approved by the ministry of justice with minister Marta Cartabia’s signature: annihilation of individuality, extension of isolation, no books, no information or updates from the outside world… in other words, torture.

We cannot fail to be aware of this as the latest attempt at revenge legitimized by the State apparatus against the coherence and integrity of a revolutionary anarchist comrade who has always vindicated his own path, head held high, and has continued to contribute to the anarchist debate through publications, books and writings. This 20 days from the sentence of the cassation concerning the Scripta Manent trial, orchestrated by infimous prosecutor Roberto Sparagna, where dozens of years in jail were handed out on charges of massacre, subversive association with purposes of terrorism and instigation for a number of comrades, including Alfredo. Continue reading Italy – For international revolutionary solidarity!

UK: Statement by anarchist comrade Toby Shone after strip and cell search by G4S Parc

The cell search described by Toby Shone is believed to be an attempt at intimidation by G4S Parc following a month of concerted efforts by those on the outside to call to account Gareth Kite, Post Room Manager, for withholding mail and books from Toby. Although Kite has responded by dribbling Toby small amounts of mail, some of it from months ago – whilst continuing to claim that Toby has no mail – we know that there is a lot of mail outstanding, both from HMP Bristol and HM Prison Parc, and particularly letters and cards of solidarity from political groups and letter-writing nights. Gareth Kite can be contacted at secretariat.parc@uk.g4s.com

18 MAY 2022
HM Prison Parc

This morning at around 9.40, a team from the Security Department, entered my cell, subjected me to a strip search and proceeded to turn my pad upside down, going through all my possessions – legal papers, letters, photos and books – in the name of “intelligence” that they had received.

Continue reading UK: Statement by anarchist comrade Toby Shone after strip and cell search by G4S Parc

Immediate release of Giannis Michailidis on hunger strike since 23/05 /22 (Greece)




On 22/02/2022, comrade Giannis MichaiIidis is informed that for the Amfissa Plenary Council he does not meet the “essential” conditions for his release after more than 8 years of imprisonment, as for the council, there is a “risk of committing new offences”.
Comrade G.M. has been targeted for years by the authorities because of his subversive activities. Recently, because of the targeting of him, as well as other prisoners, for the riot that took place in the Malandrino prison in solidarity with the then hunger striker Dino Giantzoglou, he took the option of escaping from prison. In a robbery he carried out while in the illegal situation, he was caught by the cops and taken back to prison.

Nevertheless, under the state’s own laws on merging sentences, the comrade meets all the formal requirements for his release. The Board is vindictively keeping him inside, for vague and indefinite “substantive reasons”, on a completely unsubstantiated rationale of general justification for robbery on the part of G.M.

The comrade is in a special exempt status because of his political beliefs and practices, serving an exhaustive sentence that is being extended arbitrarily. He has been on hunger strike Since Monday 23/05, in order to obtain his release.

“(…) And finally, knowing that it is possible that this strike may be the last part of my journey, I wish to give it precisely that dimension which expresses me as a whole:
The struggle for the freedom of one, is the struggle for the freedom of all…
…until the destruction of the last cage

Giannis Michailidis,
pre-emtively captured in Malandrinos Prison.”

via: https://athens.indymedia.org/feature/10515/

Translated by Act for freedom now!

Greece: Giannis Michaildis – Announcement of a hunger strike for my release

After 8.5 years in prison, after all these arbitrary actions against me, I decided to put an end to my 11 years of suffering, by putting a stop to the practice of pre-trial detention, or the additional punishment of escape through legal loopholes. After 5 more months of pre-trial detention, I start a hunger strike for my release. This choice, with the deep motivation of the much desired freedom, I intend to support it with the same consistency that I have supported my choices so far and for which I am being persecuted.

“Woe to those who will accept prison as a condition of life, and from the brightest sunlight, the smallest ray” – The rallying cry of the Alikarnassos prison uprising

For 11 years I have experienced state vengeance against choices in line with my values and ideas. The difficult journey, from which I choose to share some blatant vengeful acts of arbitrariness against me, began in the distant 2011, when an arrest warrant was issued against me for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case, for which I was eventually acquitted as there was not the slightest connection between me and the charge against me. It was the incrimination of a relationship of solidarity with wanted anarchists that put me in their place when they were arrested.

After 2 years of being on the run, I too am now walking through the heavy doors of prison, as the existence of a warrant that entails a decade of incarceration has led to certain choices and consequent mistakes. The comrades who were arrested at the time in the bank robbery in Velvento, Kozani, were tortured by the police, which is common, and then the Ministry of Public Order published photos of our swollen faces, provoking a public reaction. Of course, no police officer was accused of this by the blind Greek justice system. Continue reading Greece: Giannis Michaildis – Announcement of a hunger strike for my release

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