Italy: Claim for the attack on the villa of slaughterer Giorgio Del Papa, in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino (Spoleto, January 2023)

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Claim for the attack on the villa of slaughterer Giorgio Del Papa, in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino

November 2006. Umbria Olii explodes and four workers die. One of many massacres in the name of profit, in a company known for its devastation of the land. But the arrogance of capital knows no limits and the boss Giorgio Del Papa will go so far as to demand 35 million euros from the families of the victims, accusing them of causing the accident.

The power of money, a huge amount, difficult even to imagine for the workers’ families, some of them migrants. The power of money that will prove to be useful, obtaining the attribution of responsibility on the workers themselves, resulting in the reduction of his sentence to four years.
Hearts full of hate, thinking of our comrades Anna Beniamino and Alfredo Cospito, we decided to give a face, a name, an address to the slogan ‘It is the State that Massacres’.

Because Anna and Alfredo risk life imprisonment for two bombs against the Carabinieri Cadets Barracks in Fossano, on June 2nd 2006, which unfortunately caused neither dead nor wounded. While the true slaughterers, the industrialists, the capitalists, are living it up in their villas.
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Clashes and demonstration in Trastevere in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on 101st day of hunger strike (Rome, Italy 28th January 2023)

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We are publishing a short contribution on the demonstration held Saturday 28th January in Rome in solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cospito 101 days from the beginning of the hunger strike.
Near the gathering in piazza Trilussa – which lasted several hours and from which a demonstration had been unable to set off – after some of those present had slipped out of the encirclement, there were some clashes with the repressive forces, they soon found themselves in difficulty due to being partially surrounded and to the determination of comrades to hold the streets (but they managed to stop a comrade near Piazza Trilussa). After the clashes, a demonstration was held in the small streets of Trastevere.

At the end of the demo a few dozen comrades were stopped by the DIGOS, police in riot gear and carabinieri. All 41 people apprehended during the day, taken to the police station and released without restriction from the early hours of Sunday 29, were charged with Article 337 of the Criminal Code (resisting a public official). Below is a brief informative note issued on 29 January itself.
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Anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, on the 103rd day of hunger strike, was transferred to the Opera prison in Milan (Italy, January 30, 2023)

Alfredo Cospito was transferred from the prison of Bancali to the SAI (Intensified Assistance Service) inside the lager of Opera, in Milan. In this prison there is a hospital section for prisoners in 41 bis prison regime. The new address is:

Alfredo Cospito
Casa di Reclusione di Milano Opera
via Camporgnago 40
20141 Milano

Who wrote that?

From Zündlumpen #76, via Counter-Surveillance Resource Center

Languages: German
Download: PDF (read, A4 booklet, letter booklet) • TEXT

A brief overview of modern forensic linguistics methods for determining authorship.

The following article tries to give an overview from a non-technical perspective and to make a corresponding evaluation. There are some academic publications on this topic that could be evaluated for a better assessment. However, my main purpose here is just to raise the issue, not to provide a sound and conclusive view so if you know anything more, publish it!

Avoiding traces that could be your undoing down the road – perhaps even after years or decades – is probably of interest to most people who occasionally commit a crime and come into conflict with the law. Avoiding fingerprints, avoiding DNA traces, avoiding shoe prints and textile fiber traces or at least disposing of clothing afterwards, avoiding surveillance cameras, avoiding tool traces, avoiding recordings of any kind, recognizing surveillance, etc. – all this should be a concern for anyone who commits crimes from time to time and wants to protect themselves from identification. But what about those traces that often arise only after a crime has been committed, out of the urge to explain one’s deed anonymously or even by using a recurring pseudonym? When writing and publishing a communiqué? Continue reading Who wrote that?

Haute-Vienne: four arrests for sabotaging wind measuring masts

Haute-Vienne: four people suspected of having damaged wind turbines under investigation
France Bleu/France 3 Limousin, 20 January 2023

Several measuring masts were vandalized in the department between July 6 and October 21, 2022. During these three and a half months, according to the statement of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, wind measuring masts (used for wind turbine implementation studies) collapsed after the cables supporting these masts were severed.

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Berlin (Germany): Amazon’s parking lot goes up in smoke

Berlin: Amazon’s parking lot goes up in smoke

Translated from Sozialer Zorn, January 16, 2023

[On the night of January 16 at about 3:40 a.m. in the Berlin-Tempelhof district, about 25 delivery vans of the company Amazon went up in flames in its parking lot along the A100 freeway: 18 were completely burned out, and 7 more were damaged by the flames. Here is a translation of the claim of this attack signed “some anarchists”].

In the early hours of January 16, 2023, we gained access to a well-secured site on Germaniastraße street in the Berlin-Tempelhof district and removed 25 Amazon-Prime vehicles from the road with incendiary devices. A fire in solidarity with the occupiers in Lützerath and the prisoners on hunger strike.

The consumer frenzy of Black Friday and the lucrative Christmas sales are over. The pompous charity and the little bit of contemplation give way again to the usual routine of everyday life. People are once again struggling to keep up in the competitive struggle of today’s society. Despite inflation and the rising cost of living, the race for goods and the plundering of the planet and its resources continues unabated in the new year, filling the coffers of the war profiteers of online commerce. With its monopoly position and vast business model, Amazon has long since proven to be an addictive force for many. But the company is much more than just a supplier of low-priced products.
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Buenos Aires (Argentina): incendiary attack on a Volkswagen dealership

Buenos Aires: incendiary attack on a Volkswagen dealership

As a gesture of complicity with the comrade Alfredo Cospito and against those who support imprisonment, torture, exploitation and domination;

on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, at 2:00 a.m., I set fire to the Volkswagen car dealership at 6701 San Martín Avenue, in the neighborhood of Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires, leaving at least four vehicles damaged.

Anarchic individuality


Lützerath is Everywhere! Strabag Vehicle Torched in Mülheim, Germany

Lützerath is Everywhere! Strabag Vehicle Torched

The Strabag construction group runs a dirty business: highway and jail construction. In addition, the company cooperates intensively with the energy company RWE on the opencast mines in the Rhenish lignite mining area, also directly near Lützerath. Now we have joined the action campaign against Strabag and continue the fight against the mining of the extremely climate-damaging lignite in a decentralized way! Lützerath is everywhere and wherever we are, our resistance can unfold in many ways!

The small hamlet of Lützerath has made it to worldwide fame after its occupation, although this place had been doomed for a long time. The fight against the eviction and the brutally enforced capital interests of RWE, Strabag and Co. was magnificent, although the destruction of the place could not be prevented. Lützerath is currently the symbol of resistance against the deadly energy policy of the government at the federal level and in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia). Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, have made it clear that something has to change fundamentally and that the state and its police do not bring justice, but rather help capital achieve its objectives in the most brutal way.

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Solidarity Bonfire (Canada)

With good preparation and trusted comrades, overcoming the fear of repression is much easier than it may first appear…

This Friday, December 16th around 7am, a column of black smoke rises in the snowy sky of the winter’s first storm. A pile of tires are on fire on the rails of line 2 of the Exo commuter train network. The fire was lit a hundred meters south of Bois-de-Boulogne station in order to halt rail traffic in the middle of rush hour. By disrupting the start of this new day of commerce, we wanted to target the Canadian economy and contribute to avenging the Wedzin Kwa under which Coastal GasLink has drilled.

Solidarity with land and water defenders everywhere!
Solidarity with Atlanta Forest!
Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en and Gitxsan in struggle!
Fuck CGL, fuck the RCMP, Shutdown Canada!

via: Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Attack Against the Home of the Former Director of the Elaionas Migrant Concentration Camp in Greece

Vandalism of the home of M.D. Nioutsikou, former administrator of the Elaionas migrant concentration camp


Maria-Dimetra Nioutsikou was appointed as the temporary administrator of the Elaionas immigration camp in order to carry out the plans of the Municipality of Athens for the closure of the camp and its conversion into a new stadium for Panathinaikos (Greek football club). This means displacing thousands of people outside the city and imprisoning them in concentration camps in the middle of nowhere. The choice of Nioutsikou to carry out Bakoyannis’ (Kostas Bakoyannis – Mayor of Athens) violent plans was no accident as she has a rich resume of repression and crushing the lives of immigrants and migrants. We do not forget when, as the administrator of the Samos camp, she tortured and psychologically and physically abused minor children who had participated in protests about the conditions in the hellhole, leading some of them to commit suicide. She also used the tactic of psychological torture in the Elaionas camp where she used documents to blackmail the migrants fighting against the eviction.
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