Anarchist publication RUMOER #5 winter 21-22

The riots in Rotterdam (and shooting people by the cops there) happened just too late to still be analyzed or celebrated or…. But, luckily enough tasty things did make it to the paper. Good tips to destroy your mobile phone, a callout to refuse the corona pass, and also a conversation on the anarcho-blocks at demonstrations, ideas on housing struggle and of course lots of news from far away and really nearby. It has not been quiet in the world of pandemics, disasters, control, and exploitation, so we shouldn’t be quiet either.
Here it is: #5 English digitaal
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Cologne (Germany): Fire for Strabag

via: attaque Translated by Act for freedom  now! / Sunday 28 November 2021
Last night we targeted the Strabag site in Cologne and freed it from a car.
We chose Strabag as a target because this company has been profiting from the climate crisis for years and is a major contributor to it, as it builds motorways all over Germany, including the construction of the A49 motorway. In order to build this motorway, part of the Dannenrod forest has to be cleared. Here too we have seen once again how the state decides by brutal means, against the interests of the citizens and for the profit of the big capitalists.
Since the 1st of October, the hot clearing season has started all over Germany.

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La Paz (Bolivia): explosion against the bishops’ headquarters [MaJ]

via :sansnomTranslated by Act for freedom now!
Claim for the explosion against the headquarters of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference (CEB) reproduced via Spanish from anarquiainfo, 28 November 2021
In the early hours of Wednesday 24 November, avoiding the numerous patrols in the area, and a few meters from a police car on guard, we placed and detonated a device against the entrance to the headquarters of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference (CEB), the highest authority of the Catholic Church in Bolivia.
This action speaks for itself. The aim was to damage the infrastructure of the CEB and send a clear message that the abuses of the Church will not go unchallenged. This is the only possible response to an institution that persists in torturing bodies to perpetuate its hypocritical morality.
Recently, once again, this institution forced an 11-year-old girl to give birth (1). They prolonged her rape pregnancy as long as they could. Every day that this child spent sequestered by the Bolivian archdiocese, under the duress of moral threats, is clearly a form of torture.

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Mobilization at the Chilean Embassy in Solidarity With Anarchist Comrade Francisco Solar

Last Saturday October 30 comrades and friends of Francisco Solar gathered in front of the $hilean embassy to express our hatred for the Chilean state and our unconditional solidarity with our comrade.
The state and the capitalist enterprise that profits from the business of prison in a perverse alliance of negligence and annihilation are currently denying Francisco essential medical attention with the clear purpose of breaking him.

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Chile: ‘The risks of multiformity’ – Words of anarchist prisoner Francisco Solar EN/ES

The search for freedom implies the attempt to establish and develop practices in that sense. Breaking with imposed directions, dogmas and predetermined schemes is essential in the construction of anti-authoritarian relations and in the strengthening of these.
Multiformity in terms of action (and not only) is circumscribed in this way of understanding and carrying out the struggle. It is an expression of freedom that denies singular rigid behaviors and ways of doing things, as well as encouraging imagination and autonomy.
It is also a rejection of specialization and specialists who, as we have seen, sooner rather than later become leaders who become enlightened vanguards. It was and is recurrent to see how the armed apparatuses that perpetrated significant actions became the leadership of an organization or the part of a movement that arrogated, through the use of arms, its representation, demonstrating a militarism that we are alien and contrary to.
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On the preventive seizure of and in the context of Sibilla repressive operation (Italy)

Following the Sibilla repressive operation of November 11, 2021, against the anarchist paper ‘Vetriolo’, the websites and were subjected to preventive seizure, in an attempt to block the online reading of articles published in the paper and others that the repressive forces believe were written by the investigated comrades.
The two websites are blacked out in Italy, so in order to visit them in this country you need to use TOR or a VPN. Solidarity with the comrades arrested, investigated and searched.

Campania, Italy: Solidarity communique following 11th November

Solidarity with the anarchist comrades who in the night of 11th November had to endure the hand of state repression, with raids on the homes of about ten comrades on orders of prosecutor Comodi.
Using its by now well-known subtle moves, the scum of power is attempting to impede and lock up, physically and mentally, any form of revolutionary impulse that can make the bosses of capitalist society tremble, stifling all thought that is not in line with the schemes arranged by the bosses themselves.

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Attack on coal company in the Lausitz area (Germany)

original in English :

Last night we were in a lignite mine in the Lausitz area and sabotaged various excavators, vehicles and generally all the machines we encountered on our way.
Dear lovers,
Our message to you is: It’s particularly easy, because leag doesn’t protect their equipment at all, for example they are not even locked. The tools you need can be carried in one hand and you have them at home anyway. You don’t have to call yourself an anarchist to not stand idly by but to influence things as much as you can. To do it, you just need determination!* We would also like to share with you the instructions we used.
Every engine requires clean air to breath just like you or me. Because Mother Nature hates machines as much as you and I do, she made sand and dirt so it will damage engines.  Pulling the air filter makes all kinds of fun expensive stuff  happen inside the engine that the people who made it think is bad. Pulling the filter is fast, it doesn’t really make any noise or draw attention like lighting the thing on fire, No nasty chemicals escape as the engine is destroyed, It doesn’t cause damage that will hurt someone, and nothing tells the machine or the operator the filter is missing. Expect to find 2 filters, one inside another on almost all heavy equipment.
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Metz, France: News about anarchist comrade Boris

Contrary to what we had hoped for, stopping the sedation about a month and a half ago was not the beginning of a full recovery. Boris is still in the burn unit of the hospital in Metz, in the intensive care unit. His condition is fragile and unstable. He is still not able to speak or write. It is not known how long it will take for him to regain his abilities.
Moreover, his belongings cannot be recovered in prison. Therefore, it can be imagined that the investigation of the cell fire is still ongoing.
News will be given according to the evolution of the situation.
Anarchists in complicity and solidarity
Source: lille.indymedia

Rotterdam, Netherlands: Reflections and Report on the Nov. 19 Riots

A comrade in the Netherlands has sent a first-hand report from last night’s extraordinary anti-police riots in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which included Dutch police firing their guns into the crowd.
Some out-of-touch “leftists” have tried to dismiss these riots because they coincided with and/or overtook a protest called by the right wing against new government restrictions. However, something like last night’s youth uprising against police cannot be so simply reduced— as our writer makes clear.
I don’t know where to start writing about this. On the one hand I’m overtaken by emotion, still processing the things I witnessed last night. On the other hand I’m trying to make sense of what has happened from the perspective of someone who believes in social revolution. I don’t think the latter will be something that I can fit into this short, emotionally laden piece of text, but some things need to be said about this right now. What happened last night was so much more than the supposed “fascist riot” many are dismissing it as.

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