Athens, Greece: Claudio Lavazza ,a whole life dedicated to the struggle

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Our anarchist comrade Claudio Lavazza has been in prison since 1996, having already completed 25 years of continuous detention. He is one of the longest serving political prisoners in Europe. Claudio was one of the militants who took up arms to oppose capitalist rule politically and militarily.
An insurgent proletarian who participated in conflicts and expropriations in the early years of joining the movement in the dynamic 1970s in Italy. Armed fighter of the revolutionary movement of the 70’s-80’s afterwards. Member of the Armed Proletarians for Communism, a horizontal guerrilla group with strong ideological influences from workers’ autonomy. Participant in the coalition of groups under the name ‘Organised Communists for Proletarian Liberation’, an armed project to support fugitives and free comrades and comrades-in-arms from prison. Accomplice to the 1981 attack on the prison in Frosinone where imprisoned militants were released.
At a time when the meaning and content of words had not been surrendered to museification, revisionism, and boundary activism. Instead, it found meaning through the practical cultivation of hope in those imprisoned and “exiled” from the legal order by the relentless repression of the state and the parastate. That words like freedom and solidarity would be put into practice with guns in their hands.

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Athens, Greece: THIS IS NOT A MUSEUM, THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE! Actions Claim By Anarchists

As you may have understood already, on the buses, in the streets, in the shops, cameras are watching and recording our every step. The social media industry has made us accustomed to the presence of cameras at events, on marches and in our daily lives (in workplaces, schools, etc.), so that our resistance to them is diminishing. It seems as if there is no other way and this leaves us no room to breathe.
The State is installing cameras to protect its infrastructure, to record demonstrations and to monitor its citizens. On the other hand, the petty bourgeoisie use them to protect their sacred property while their visual material is always available to the cops and is used as incriminating evidence in court cases. On the pretext that this system of surveillance and control will create greater security, it shields the system of domination.
Cameras have never prevented any “crime”, nor have they ever “protected” anyone. The goal of surveillance is to create a sense of constant monitoring of our every step, every social media post is recorded and creates profiles with data that can be used against us.
Then we start to think twice, where we go, what we say, who we talk to and what we do. This superstitious obedience is part of repression and self-censorship. When we are not anonymous we do not act and speak as we would like, but according to what is socially acceptable.

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International Solidarity with Revolutionary Anarchist prisoner Dimitris Chatzi-vasileiadis (Greece)

Graffiti in Athens: “Let us reinforce the guerilla struggle. Bullets to the servants of authority. – Organization of Revolution-ary Self-Defense.

Banner writes: Freedom For V. Stathopoulos. Mitsos stay strong. Solidarity with D.Chatzivasileiadis
To our comrades around the world who struggle for our common liberation,
We, an initiative of anarchists based in Athens, Greece, call upon international solidarity with imprisoned revolutionary anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis, who is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for his armed revolutionary struggle in Greece and his involvement in the urban guerilla organization, Revolutionary Self-Defense.
The funds that we raise with this campaign will cover directly the needs of our imprisoned comrade, as well as the expenses for the continuous solidarity actions and events from the initiative on the ground. The financial support of incarcerated revolutionaries is not only an act of solidarity with the fighters who gave everything for our collective liberation and thus a part of our collective self-defense; it is also a crucial tool in the strengthening of the international revolutionary struggle towards the reconstruction of our world based on the principles of freedom: horizontalism, self-organization and equal solidarity.
A brief history of the case and the organization of Revolutionary Self-Defense

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Athens, Greece: A brief review of the events of recent days in Exarcheia area

We are bringing out this update as we have noticed that in the mainstream and the wider media, the events of the last few days, as well as the solidarity march for the Biology squat, completely ignore the fact that Exarcheia was, is and will be a neighbourhood that fights against gentrification and repression. We want to make it clear that these events are mass actions spontaneously flanked by people and prove that no matter how much Mitsotakis (prime minister of greece) and his whole family want, Exarcheia will not submit to their vices.
Wednesday 12/01/22
From this morning, bulldozers and contractor crews have arrived in pedestrian street Messolongiou and proceeded to dig up the pavement in order to put electricity in a new building where a luxury apartment block is being erected. The work is then temporarily halted due to complaints from residents, as police forces arrive at the site. In the evening of the same day, a banner is displayed against the gentrification of Exarchia and people cover the holes that the bulldozers have made in the pedestrian street, filling them with earth.

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Freedom for Claudio Lavazza!

At nightfall on January 12 2022, in response to the agitation callout for the freedom of anarchist Claudio Lavazza presently imprisoned in France, a banner crying FREEDOM FOR CLAUDIO LAVAZZA! appeared in Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil.
As well as that stones and paint rained in the direction of the windows of the Alliance Français, the cultural arm of that prison country.
Freedom to you, indomitable fighter!
Long live anarchy!
Those who don’t renounce direct action!
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Italy – Issue 3 of CALIGINE is out

via: infernourbano
Translated by act for freedom now!
The third issue of Caligine, negative words among the bleak colours of reality, is available.
This issue was DIY printed with a mimeograph and silk-screen cover, 36 A4 pages
To write to us and receive copies:; CALIGINE, Sobborgo Valzania 27, 47521 Cesena (FC)
4 euros per copy; 3 euros for 5 or more copies
Elements of insurrection between virus and digital society
Queer negativity chapter II
War on the state: the subject of desire
Workshop of images
1984, in dissolution
However, going…

Italy – Updates concerning Mauro Rossetti Busa

Mauro Busa tells us that since November his mail has been under censorship again up until 22nd May, subject to extension. He is continuing to do hunger strikes (he also writes about self-harming, for example cuts, but it is not clear whether this refers to the present or the past) in order to be transferred near Lucca so that he can see his family whom he hasn’t seen since 2018.
For anyone who wants to send him money, he says prison rules have changed and it is no longer possible to send money orders but only bank transfers:
Addressed to “Direzione del carcere di Ascoli Piceno”
IBAN: IT36D0760113500000012503637
Rossetti Busa Mauro, nato a Lucca il 6/1/1958
Rossetti Busa Mauro
C.C: Ascoli PIceno
via dei meli, 218
Ascoli Piceno
Translated by act for freedom now!

The technopolice of Google Maps…

A mafia boss was arrested in Spain in December after 20 years on the wanted list after Italian anti-mafia cops used Google Street View to confirm their ‘traditional methods’ which led to information that he was running a hairdressing salon, a restaurant and a grocery shop in Galapagar, Spain. To his “How did you find me? It’s been ten years since I even called my family on the phone.” “We saw you on Google Maps”, was the reply.
Cherbourg (Manche), August 2020
Uzès (Gard), February 2021
In the Alpes-Maritimes, France, Google used to spot “anomalies”
France Bleu, 23 August 2021 (excerpt)
In the Alpes-Maritimes departmental tax department, there is a new tax super-controller. And its name is … Google. … This is all part of a contract with Capgemini, which subcontracts certain missions to the American company. According to Bercy, the Alpes-Maritimes, Charente-Maritime and Drôme were the first three departments to use this system.

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Bavaria, Germany : In Bavaria as elsewhere…

In Bavaria as elsewhere…
When you’re a volunteer firefighter in a small Bavarian town like Höchberg (on the outskirts of Würzburg), you’re not really hired to bring down little cats stuck in trees or to empty cellars flooded by the Kühbach river due to the spread of urban concrete. Even if you often have to deal with it. No, when you are a volunteer firefighter – in Höchberg as elsewhere – you want to fight wicked fires in the name of order and safety. You want to extinguish evil flames in defence of state control and the prosperity of commerce.
Well, for once, you could say they got what they wanted. At least those on duty the day after their binge, because it was on 2 January at around 3.50 a.m. that the alarm finally sounded in the watchful barracks. After having gone to the edge of the village, at the side of the Zeller forest, they were not disappointed on seeing a large relay antenna lighting up the night with its flames. And if many dead-to-the-world honest citizens were previously unaware of its presence among the majestic trees, even though it was doing them a great service by brightening up their meaningless existence, this is certainly no longer the case since they have been disconnected.

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