Greece: The new 2022 Diary has been published by the Solidarity Fund for Prisoners and Persecuted Fighters

The Solidarity Fund continues this year the series of diaries / calendars in Greek language that chronologically record some of the most important moments of the social and class war in Greece
After presenting the period 1974-1990 (diary / calendar 2020) and the 1990s (diary / calendar  2021), this year we attempt to record the five-year period 2000-2005. In this way, we hope to contribute our part in preserving the thread of our collective memory, the memory of radical struggles. It is precisely this thread of collective revolutionary memory and tradition that the State and capital are increasingly attempting to sever once and for all.

The struggle of memory against oblivion, in times like the present with barbarism and injustice growing all around us, is a struggle crucial to the revolutionary perspective. We are therefore attempting to contribute to historical chronicling from the point of view of the struggle and, above all, to make this effort a stimulous, a motivation for a real deepening of the study of political and movement history in Greece. An in-depth process that, apart from moving us, depressing us, and delighting us, can also equip us, teach us and inspire us in view of the struggles to come.
The Diary  is available in hangouts, squats, movement spaces and bookshops as well as in neighbourhood spaces in Athens, Thessaloniki and several places around the country.
For more information on distribution points and pick-up methods, please contact
No one a hostage in the hands of the State.
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Translated by Act for freedom now!