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Responsibility claim for arson & incendiary attacks by Cells of Anti-Militarist Action – Another war is possible (Athens,Greece)

We take responsibility for the arson attacks that took place from March 2 to 14 in areas of Athens. Specifically
At dawn on Wednesday 2/3 we set fire to and destroyed a company van of AKTORA in Chrysostomou Smyrnis Street in Vyronas. On 1/4/2021 in Evia, the bodies of 3 dead workers were found hanging on the DEI poles and thrown lifeless on the ground at an AKTORA construction site. The murdered workers of the class war are not included in any official statistics, many times they do not even have a name, nationality, age. They are mere fuel and legalized collateral damage. Only proletarian organization and revenge can keep alive the memory of the murdered workers and our class hatred against their murdering bosses. Giannis Carlatiras, 43 years old, George Toskas, 55 years old, and Alex Brouka, 45 years old. stand next to the names of Antonis Dellios, Stamatis Diplaris, Giritlis Tzihat and many other local and migrant workers, all of them murdered on AKTORA construction sites, in our own accounts, in our own memory.
Let us realize that the organization of class revolutionary anti-violence was not, nor is it, a secondary dimension of workers’ action. It is on organised proletarian counter-violence, on the destruction of capital’s proletarian elements and the targeting of its cadres, on the wildcat strikes, that not only any “bargaining power” of the exploited masses is based, but also their very unity in the fields of class warfare. It is the resistance and attack of the workers against the bosses that unites the Class, not the bargaining for the material conditions of its simple survival.

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Italy: We sabotage the war – Triggering the International

Source: Inferno Urbano
We receive and publish the editorial of the number 4 of the magazine BEZMOTIVNY, “We sabotage the war – triggering the International”, dedicated to the Ukrainian crisis
By the time readers hold these lines in their hands, the crisis in Ukraine may have reached paroxysm and unleashed in its dramatic precipitation. Or it may not. Some passages may have been overtaken or disproved by facts, or still awaiting verification. We are not concerned about a possible outdatedness of what we are writing, since these words can only be outdated. Faced with the war, anarchism has always maintained the same position that was Bakunin since the time of the Franco-Prussian conflict and the Commune. It is therefore appropriate to start from the obvious.
Our internationalism translates into an absolutely simple sentiment: the exploited, in Russia as in the United States, in the Ukraine as in Italy, are our sisters and brothers, their blood is our blood; the industrialists and the bosses of finance, the generals and the official lords, all governments, are our eternal enemies. Being moved by feelings of eternal hatred and love, our passions cannot but shy away from current events, from their opportunism, from a paracular evaluation of the conditions and propaganda of the moment.

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