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Cayenne (Guyana) France : nocturnal riots continue

sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!
Cayenne: the police station attacked in the night
France Guyane, 14 September 2021 (extract)
Another night of tension in the streets of Cayenne. Since the night of Thursday 9 September to Friday 10 September, the fires set voluntarily by several groups of people who want to confront the forces of order have multiplied. For almost a week now, Cayenne residents have been witnessing an increase in urban violence, often in the middle of the night.
The latest effect of the opposition (…) by these groups, in small numbers, to the representatives of the State occurred last night. After setting fire to containers and bins in the ZAC Hibiscus, the protagonists of these assaults – as yet unclaimed – attacked the Cayenne police station on Avenue du Général de Gaulle.

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The federal elections are coming up. And, as always, there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the election campaign: one party after another tries to attract the attention of the voters with meaningless election slogans and promises us all the skies of heaven.
Some try to pander to the supporters of Nazi parties; they adopt racist prejudices, demand increased and faster deportations to war zones like Syria or Afghanistan or deterrence at Europe’s external borders under the guise of “security”. Others come up with supposedly social election programmes including the promise of affordable housing, more climate and environmental protection or higher incomes for those receiving social benefits. Still others try a mixture of both.

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Argentina: Mapuche Communities Block Roads Against Fracking and in Defense of Life and Water

Early in the morning of August 11th, the Mapuche communities Campo Maripe, Wirkaleo, Kaxipayiñ, Fvtaxayen and Newen Kvra decided to completely block the accesses to their territories in the Fortín de Piedra, Loma La Lata, Tratayen and Puesto Hernández oilfields “in defense of life and water”. The measure is because they are “fed up with waiting for answers presented in every way to stop an environmental disaster that affects life, territories, water, clean air and future”, their sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.
There is police presence at the roadblocks. Simultaneously, the confederation carried out a protest at the Neuquén headquarters of YPF. There, Jorge Nahuel, from the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén, in reference to fracking and hydrocarbon activity, denounced: “There are seismic movements, oil waste that accumulates by tons without being treated, contaminating the air and everything around it, and lately the water crisis as well, caused by an industry that consumes millions of liters of water for each of the drillings. There are 1,100 wells in Vaca Muerta and each one of them consumes between 10 and 30 million liters of water per well, so imagine the mistreatment that the whole ecosystem is receiving”.

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Belfort,France : the bees are going at it as well 

Bees find refuge on a surveillance camera
Est Républicain, 5 August 2021
The sight intrigued many motorists at the Fusillés crossroads in Belfort on Thursday. On a public lighting pole, bees had gathered around the video surveillance camera. They had taken refuge there after an accident. A beekeeper’s vehicle had been hit by a lorry on Wednesday at around 1pm. Two hives had fallen to the ground, releasing the bees.
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(A-Radio) Syria – the forgotten revolution

Dear all,

A-Radio Berlin talked to Almut und Mohamad about the revolution that started ten years ago in Syria and the ongoing struggle of Syrian revolutionaries for their dignity and ideals. We touched on topics like the recent Syrian history, the first ideas and the founding of local revolutionary committees and Omar Aziz, failed solidarity and Western defintions of antiimperialism, money flows and the influence of NGOism on the beginnings of the revolution as well as the importance and development of anarchism in Syria and its history in the Arab world.

You’ll find the audio (to listen online or download) here:

Length: 1:34 h

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Gap [Hautes Alpes], France: About an attack on a vaccination centre

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source : bxl.indymedia
Gap. City centre. Night of the 1st to the 2nd of June 2021. Individuals break down a door at the back of a theatre converted into a vaccination centre. The door is easily broken open and they find themselves in a long corridor, which leads from the left to other rooms. A door on the right is not locked, it opens on a large room, where presumably vaccinations take place. Hastily, piles are made with the furniture that is present. Bottles of alcoholic gel are added to the petrol. A flick of the lighter, the whole thing catches fire, and the silhouettes disappear into the night. The whole thing lasted only a few minutes, enough to destroy a good part of the building.
It was a rather symbolic act, since another centre opened the same day, and according to what we know from the press, the attack of the same kind in Nyons [Haut de France] a few weeks earlier only caused a slight delay in the opening, which was quickly resolved. This shows the need to look for the heart of the monster rather than attacking all its tentacles, but let’s move on.
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Chile: Words of comrades Ignacio and Luis, accused of sending an explosive package to the police station in Talca

It is difficult to start writing when my heart and mind are still in turmoil. The only thing I long for is a fraternal embrace, the sunlight and its warmth on my skin, and the only thing I have here is cement, cold, humidity and stench.
Perhaps it will be easier for me to leave by thanking: First of all my blood family who, far from all essentialism, have made me and my brother feel loved. Thank you for your sincere support. In 2nd place, to all the comrades and related who are “moving” outside, in some gesture of solidarity. In these moments everything helps and, as well as my family, thank you for your honest support.
Now, for those who wonder about it, I say: YES. Our prison is political. As political as any prisoners’ prison in this system. I would delve into more “theoretical” issues, but this is not the time. Continue reading Chile: Words of comrades Ignacio and Luis, accused of sending an explosive package to the police station in Talca

London ,UK : 2011 – 2021 ,10 years since the murder by cops of Mark Duggan.

UK – The struggle against the existent continues
Thursday, August 4, 2011 Mark Duggan, a ‘real straight up and down respected man’ (words of London rapper, Chipmunk) from Tottenham in London, was blasted to death while on his way home in a cab by a mob of cops wielding Heckler & Koch MP5 carbines. 29 year old Mark, father of four young children, lived on the housing estate known as Broadwater Farm, a depressed predominantly Afro-Caribbean area. The area is infamous since the riot of 1985 after 49 year old Cynthia Jarrett collapsed and died of a heart attack as police raided her home. (During the riot a policeman, PC Blakelock, was hacked to death with a machete.) Today, in the words of a resident, ‘if you’re from Broadwater Farm, police are on you every day, you’re not allowed to come off the estate. If you come off the estate they follow you.’ They followed Mark Duggan and he ended up dead.
August 6 – The arrogance of the killers in uniform in the face of the protest by the victim’s family and supporters, plus the brutal attack on a 16 year old girl by police during the vigil was the last straw.
That night in Tottenham the police station was attacked, police cars set on fire, a double-decker bus ends up a twisted wreck after being engulfed in flames, press photographers are beaten and relieved of their equipment for the decades of lies they have propagated. Bank windows smashed. Countless shops looted, stuff thrown all over the streets. Young guys storm McDonald’s and start frying up burgers and chips. Indignant anger clears the brain, flushes out the cops in the head. Collective fury at this latest police murder combines with the daily bullying and humiliation of being stopped and searched, the moralising, the false promises, useless lives, no future, desire for status-affirming ‘needs’ unattainable due to increased taxes, unemployment and cutting of benefits, 4 million cameras, glaring security cops at the entrance to every store, the colonization of all remaining urban space by trendy bars filled with the noisy chatter of the carefree… that and much more that we don’t know and will never experience welled up and fueled the will to smash through the invisible and plate glass barriers that hold everything in place. Continue reading London ,UK : 2011 – 2021 ,10 years since the murder by cops of Mark Duggan.


After more than two years, the verdict for the four anarchists and one environmentalist is acquittal, only one of them was recognized guilty for small offenses, and the court dropped from his punishment.
The main charges concerned the support and promotion of the Network of Revolutionary cells (SRB), insurrectional anarchism, as well as blackmail and harm of others property. SRB focused several years on sabotage of the property of police and capitalists. So far, no one was convicted and condemned for these actions.