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Rotterdam, Netherlands: Reflections and Report on the Nov. 19 Riots

A comrade in the Netherlands has sent a first-hand report from last night’s extraordinary anti-police riots in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which included Dutch police firing their guns into the crowd.
Some out-of-touch “leftists” have tried to dismiss these riots because they coincided with and/or overtook a protest called by the right wing against new government restrictions. However, something like last night’s youth uprising against police cannot be so simply reduced— as our writer makes clear.
I don’t know where to start writing about this. On the one hand I’m overtaken by emotion, still processing the things I witnessed last night. On the other hand I’m trying to make sense of what has happened from the perspective of someone who believes in social revolution. I don’t think the latter will be something that I can fit into this short, emotionally laden piece of text, but some things need to be said about this right now. What happened last night was so much more than the supposed “fascist riot” many are dismissing it as.

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About Covid certificates, vaccinations and QR codes. Political thoughts

13.10. 2021
We would like to make some comments from an anarchist perspective on the current situation in Switzerland (and similarly in some places in Europe) on the subject of COVID measures, COVID certificates, and on science and vaccines.
For too long there has been a lack of critical voices from anarchist or anti-authoritarian circles in Switzerland. Now is the time to speak out and act. The state presumes to give us back the certainty of having the solution for a return to normality. But perhaps we have forgotten that the anchors of this certainty, this normality, were long ago (for many still current… fortunately) perceived as chains that had to be broken in order to steer the ship towards anarchy; knowing that it would be a stormy sea, but towards an unknown horizon of freedom.

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Switzerland – Against the Covid pass and the world that produces it.

Health or security?
In recent weeks, with the introduction of compulsory Covid pass to access restaurants, bars, stadiums, gyms, universities, theatres, cinemas, museums, libraries and other places of gathering and public demonstrations, the Swiss government has de facto imposed compulsory tracing of the movements of the majority of people who live in the territory. After a first attempt in the summer of 2020 at introducing the SwissCovid app which had little success, in recent weeks the Federal Council has put in place a subtle rhetoric of persuasion-coercion to convince as many citizens as possible to get vaccinated, under the blackmail of being denied access to a whole range of places and services, in some cases even including work and education.
As someone wrote elsewhere: “we fear that the instruments established today in the name of public health can be easily reset in function tomorrow for security purposes, that the declaration of one’s identity and the recording of one’s movements will be standardized and that the mesh of social control will dangerously tighten up”. As soon as they are established as “exceptional measures”, instruments such as health passes become irreversible, thus strengthening police power and adding to the strings of devices which in recent years have been increasingly limiting the individuals’ freedom with the excuse of “counter-terrorism” and the “war on the virus”.

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EN/IT: Athens,Greece: What happen in Perama area,on Saturday 23/10/21

In the early hours of Saturday 23/10/21, 7 bike cops were chasing a car they thought was stolen. In it were three young guys, which the cops recognized as roma. A bit later, there were 38 fire-shots, aimed not at the tires of the car (in their supposed attempt to stop it), but higher; in a clear attempt to injure/murder the passengers of the car. All shots were fired by the cops. The three young guys were unarmed. Nikos Sampanis, the 18-year-old co-driver was instantly killed, as he was hit with 2 bullets on the chest. A 16-year-old is injured and still in hospital and the 14-year-old driver ran away amidst gunfire. The cops were initially arrested and were charged with the felony of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter.
A few minutes after their *arrest*, Spyridon Georgiadis, Minister for Development and Investment, tweeted his congratulations to the murderous cops. The Citizen Protection Minister, Takis Theodorikakos, paid them a visit in jail. For “symbolic reasons” as he stated.

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Three people from the Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (DAF) who wrote about the October 10 massacre in Ankara Yenimahalle were detained. The detained DAF members were taken to the courthouse after being transferred to the Yenimahalle District Police Department.
The accusation made by the prosecutor against the revolutionaries who wrote “October 10 will be held to account” was “inciting the people to hatred and enmity”.


Chelyabinsk, Russia: 2 anarchists imprisoned for placing banner with words “FSB — Main Terrorist” outside Federal Security Service [successor of KGB] building

Couple In Russia Handed Prison Terms For Actions Criticizing FSB, Pension Reform
A court in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk has handed prison terms to a couple who protested the arrest of a group of activists and criticized pension reform.
Pavel Chikov of the legal defense organization Agora wrote on his Telegram channel that the Central District court in the Ural’s city on September 10 sentenced Dmitry Tsibukovsky to 2 1/2 years and his wife, Anastasia Safonova, to two years in prison.

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325 Collective Contact Email & PGP Key

Received by email:
To all our comrades internationally, be they in the streets or in the hellholes of the state, we would like to let everyone know that we are still active as a collective & working on new publication projects.
For anyone who would like to be in contact with us, we share our most recent PGP key. New proposals for publications are very much welcome for the expansion of the Black International of Anarchists of Praxis and against the techno prison world.
325 Collective



(Rigaer94) First statement on the raid of 6th of October, 2021 (Germany,Berlin)

The Berlin cops, today, 06.10.2021 at 7am, wearing their dirty trash-bag uniforms and carrying shields full of color from the resistance on 17th of July and armed, raided our political structure and living space, Rigaer94. Once again, as everyday, the servants of the state fulfill their commands and obey to the capital.
The state guarantees the order of the capitalist system, so to squeeze even more profit from people and their living spaces, gain power over every life, destroy any political idea that fights against them and oppress any individual who does not fit to their plans in this capitalistic, patriarchal and racist society. It is clear that the Berlin cops still work with Lafone Investments Ltd. and are their mercenaries, who execute orders of the plan to get rid of Rigaer94 and so to force the gentrification process of Nordkiez, Friedrichshain – after they lost their last attack on us in June this year.

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International Solidarity with Le Marbré – Let’s Defend our spaces – Attack the city of the rich (France)

Le marbré opened its doors in september 2020, since then the marble dust and rockwool has made room for a living space and a space of radical autonomous* and self-organized political organisation. Diverse ideas carrying a discourse against market logic, against capitalism and all oppression , on the search of a rupture with the state and all existing cross and meet in this space. Some of the bigger lines around whichpeople around Marbré organize are housing, anti-gentrification, social struggles, encarceration, specism, feminism and borders. The place is organised through an open general assembly and happy to welcome new people and groups.

Some words on the situation

We met a first eviction in february 2021, but succefully reopened the building the next day which gave us a lot of strength. Since september 2021 we are facing a new threat following our eviction process. The ruling received in june 2021 admitted us cumulative delays of 3 month + a 2 months grace period + the winter eviction break(1.11-1.4.). But thebailiff seems deaf on that ear: he signed a request to leave the space by september 23. Our legal strategy is an appeal to the executive court (JEX) to go against this interpreatiion by the bailiff and a hearing took place on october 5. The JEX’s decision though will take until the
16th of november, several weeks during which the place technically stays evictable. Our political strategy has been to mobilize to the maximum of our capacities from september 23 to october 5 with different activities everyday, we invited local squats and collectives and prepared ourselves
for Day X. We are of course staying mobilized after the fifth and there are more workshops, discussion and so on taking place at marbré for as long as we manage to keep the place. We are learning how to collectively deal with stress, fatigue and the fear of loosing the space. We are exploring solidarity together and sharing knowledge and skills. The perspective of the eviction is of course worrying, but we also see it as possibility to live a strong collective experience and want to give all we have for it even if we’re just at the beginning of this marathon.
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To (try to) keep the cops at bay

From Counter-Surveillance Resource Center
There are many guides out there that describe everything from the best ways of building timed incendiary devices, to dealing with DNA, to anti-forensic methods and how to secure digital information against search and seizure or government surveillance.
Some of them are over forty years old, others are newer, some of them still hold up while others need updating. We thought it wouldn’t hurt to have some suggestions, a brief “things to consider” article, that is reasonably up-to-date in regards to the enemy’s methods. Some lessons and experiences combined with technical info but in a format that hopefully doesn’t feel too rigid and authoritarian.

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