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Turin, Italy – Cassation for operation Scripta Manent: solidarity initiative in Turin

On 25th May the Court of Cassation will decide concerning the trial related to the “Scripta Manent” investigation at which one comrade, Anna, was sentenced to 16 years and 6 months, and three comrades, Nicola, Marco and Alfredo to 13 months, 21 months and 20 years respectively. 

Among the charges they were sentenced for, as well as that of subversive association and related crimes, for some there is the charge of massacre. As always the State is implementing a policy of reversal of responsibilities given that it is the State itself that commits massacres unpunished in wars, prisons, seas, workplaces, streets, every day in its constant affirmed practice of the monopoly of violence. Continue reading Turin, Italy – Cassation for operation Scripta Manent: solidarity initiative in Turin

Italy – War a piece at a time

War a piece at a time

On 5th April an outrageous meeting was held at the university of sociology in Trento, a meeting on “participatory processes” centred on the TAV project in Trentino, where the main guest was the mayor of Trento, Franco Ianeselli. In actual fact, a lesson in propaganda on behalf of RFI [Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, Italian Railway Network]. Not long afterwards, in the morning, the university of Sociology made one of its lecture rooms available for a conference entitled “The war in Ukraine and politics in Italy”, organized by the “Jean Monnet” research centre. An initiative in the streets in protest against the presence of the mayor awaited him at the exit (who complains about a “non democratic” confrontation), but also pointing out the role of the university in its collaboration with the war industry. Here we report a speech made by a comrade on the occasion.

A few years ago we wrote a small pamphlet, which ended up on the desks of prosecutors in the anti-anarchist operation denominated “Renata”, saying that in order to be against war it is necessary to attack the health of the State, because to attack the State means to strike the essence of war.

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Flyer: Caen, The battle is played out in the streets ! (France)

The battle is in the streets!

“There are no supreme saviours.
Neither god, nor Caesar, nor tribune”,
An old song

The results of the first round of the presidential elections, which in any case had nothing cheerful to offer except the funeral oration of the old parties of the PS and the Republicans, have arrived. In a pale replay of 2017, we should delegate our power and march in step behind the ideal gendarme and, above all, the State and Capital, or abandon ourselves to the throes of racism and an ”anti-system” complicit in the reign of hierarchy and money. Another possibility is to express our revolt without waiting.

The electoral system and their democracy are illusions, where we are urged to identify with the concerns of the power, to accept the language and the agenda. All this reveals what elections have never ceased to be: a moment synonymous with passivity where the appetite for delegation and resignation is stimulated. We should, with sorrow or enthusiasm, confuse our interests with those of the established order and empathize with representatives vying for an extra share of wealth and power. Continue reading Flyer: Caen, The battle is played out in the streets ! (France)

In der Tat – English Version – Issue 01

In der Tat is an anarchist journal that is spread quarterly, and mostly in German-speaking territories. An English version was already published in autumn 2020, featuring translations from issue 1 to 8. Now the interested reader can also order copies in so-called Canada and the US.
Order copies in so-called Canada/US:
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Editorial of the 1st issue:
To question all authority, to reject all kinds of power and to enter into conflict with them is a continuous fight. A fight in which we‘re trying to develop free relationships, beyond the existing order. But to create something new also always means to be drawn into the unknown and to dare new relationships, new projects, new steps, and experiments.

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Paris,France: Text by Some of the participants at the Libertad anarchist library

Police bug found at Libertad anarchist library
Hi everyone,
Although my designers pompously christened me “RISO comcolor 7050” when I left the factory, I am better known as the Libertad Anarchist Library’s printer-copier. My move away from the filthy mouth of the real estate speculators who initially employed me gave me a bit of a thrill two years ago: goodbye invoices, rent receipts and other advertising leaflets to be reproduced… and long live subversive ideas! Just imagine if I had had to end my days in yet another branch of domination, printing indigestible university dissertations or insipid democratic petitions addressed to the authorities. In short, in this Belleville library, it was rather posters, leaflets, newspapers, brochures and other anti-authoritarian gems that began to parade before my eyes at a jerky rhythm, when I wasn’t snoozing in my corner in the middle of books and heated discussions against the old world. Continue reading Paris,France: Text by Some of the participants at the Libertad anarchist library is now officially blocked in Russia

“Autonomous Action” (Avtonom) has always been a group that spreads anarchism in the Russian-speaking world. We don’t care about national borders. But no matter which states our activists are based, social change in Russia is very important to us.
In this regard, for many years we have tried to comply with Russian law as much as possible to avoid a full-scale blocking of and our social networks. Every year this became more difficult, the bans became more absurd, but we tried to remain unblocked. Now, when you can’t call a war a war, and you can’t be against it, these tactics don’t work anymore.

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Russia/Ukraine: A Brief Overview of the Resistance to War

Brief overview of the Resistance to war in Russia and Ukraine
nowarsolidarite, April 2, 2022
(Article written by Russian anarchosyndicalists)
The current Russian-Ukrainian military conflict has led to a wild explosion of the most disgusting and cavernous nationalism on both sides of the front. In Russia, Power calls to “crush” the enemy, in Ukraine – to fight for the “motherland” to the last man. In both states, propaganda seeks to “dehumanize” the enemy as much as possible, and unfortunately, many ordinary citizens fall into this trap set by the leadership. Even many “leftists” and “anarchists” eagerly rush to support the bloodshed, intoxicated by the patriotic poison. Unfortunately, this is always the case at the beginning of wars waged by states. One need only recall the hysterical processions of the masses marching [shouting “To Berlin” or “To Paris”] on the eve and in the first weeks of World War I. Then several years of war passed – and [in 1917] the masses, exasperated by hardship, deceit and suffering – almost suppressed the world of the States and the Capital, which had given rise to that war … Now, alas, we are infinitely far from all that. Certainly, it also seemed very far in August 1914…
The actions of the people of Russia and Ukraine against “military operations”, hostilities, destruction and bloodshed, deserve all the more attention and respect. The month since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops already allows a brief overview of the main forms and methods of anti-war protests.

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March 15th, 2022 – 26th Annual International Day Against Police Brutality ( Canada)

From the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality
The evening of March 15th, was the 26th annual protest against police brutality. 26 years of marching, 26 years of systematic repression by police brutality, like an annual tradition that leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. The demonstrators decided to keep control of the sidewalks rather than be chased off the streets by violent and insulting police officers, and attacked the neighborhood’s worst businesses: Dollarama and the National Bank. Let’s remember that if Dollarama is a grocery store of last resort for the poor, it still sells unhealthy crap and is one of the worst companies in Quebec for abusing its workers. And on the other side, the National Bank is investing billions in several important oil projects. In the face of this self-defense of the poor against their oppressors, the police violently attacked the demonstration: truncheons, gas and beatings were the order of the day.

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