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Microphone solidarity with the uprising in Iran |Saturday 24/9 13.00 Monastiraki Area (Athens,Greece)

May the flame of the uprising in Iran spread across the earth

The assassination of Masha Amini by the vice police, has sparked a giant uprising in the territory of the Iranian State in recent days. Large-scale demonstrations, wild clashes with the repressive apparatus, attacks on police stations, destruction of State and capitalist targets make up a mosaic of a spontaneous anti-state uprising, which puts God and the State in the crosshairs. It sets its sights on decades of cruel repression and oppression.
In recent decades the rulers of the Iranian State have chosen religious fundamentalism as a mechanism of governance. A counter-revolutionary strategy by which those in power try to present exploitation, oppression, murder as divine and virtuous work. They impose national unity around a common religion so as to conceal social and class antagonisms. They divide them from below by creating false juxtapositions such as the issue of faith, reinforcing the oppression of women with their total control by men and of course by the State. The extreme oppression of femininity, heretics, those who deviate from official doctrine is the daily life of those from below in this corner of the world. It is precisely in this context that the horrific murder of Masha took place.

One cannot help but be outraged and disgusted by the hypocritical condemnations of Western States and political parties, calling for more rights for women and condemning religious fanaticism. The same States that fostered fundamentalist movements as a counterbalance to the growing radical movements and struggles in the `60s and `70s across the Middle East. The same ones that in their territories breed the whole world of patriarchy, carry out genocide and State murder of those who are left over or resist, the same ones that are waging and preparing to wage bloody wars for the interests of their masters and their power. The same States that have repeatedly bloodied the Middle East and plundered the “third world” so that the people uprooted by this Religious Fundamentalism and wars drowned in the Mediterranean, were trapped in fences, left to die by the thousands out of indifference.
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Mexico: Assault on the military quarter of the 35th division of the Mexican army at Guerrero

Assault on the military quarter of the 35th division of the Mexican army at Guerrero.

Yesterday during the national days of protest against the kidnapping and murder of the 43 students of the Ayotzinapa high school, comrades together with the parents of the kidnapped students went outside the walls of the 35th military division of the Mexican army. After pulling down the cameras they drove a Coca Cola truck into the entrance.

An article from a local newspaper:
A video on TV



Esta filmación corresponde a una ficción basada en la información proporcionada por diferentes comités coordinadores y populares defensores del pueblo chileno, y a petición y necesidad de los familiares y amigos de presos políticos en el contexto de la Revuelta . Hay más de 1500 niños, hermanos, sobrinas, sobrinos y amigos que han estado encarcelados durante meses e incluso años. Estas son algunas de las «evidencias» contra ellos:

Tomé una selfie en un lugar cerca de la escena del crimen.

Su ropa era similar a la de las cámaras de la policía.

Alardeando publicaciones sobre acciones que ocurrieron durante una protesta.

Mensaje para toparse a una manifestación el día de los eventos.

Aparece en color en prensa independiente transmite en vivo el día de los eventos.

Tiene un tatuaje en la misma zona que el sospechoso, aunque el diseño no se puede distinguir.

Ese día el acusado no estaba en casa.

Participa en un comedor social y un grupo de un lugar vulnerable de la ciudad.

Por absurdo que parezca, estas son algunas de las «evidencias» que por sí mismas, según la justicia chilena, pueden mantenerte en prisión por investigación durante AÑOS, y en el peor de los casos, cumpliendo una condena.

Two GPS trackers found under a vehicle in Berlin (Germany)


Two GPS trackers were found under a vehicle in Berlin, Germany (the second one was found a few days after the first one was found and removed). They were attached with strong magnets in a hollow space between the plastic covering of the bumper and the body, precisely behind the left rear wheel. Each tracker consisted of two metal cases connected by a cable. The first one contained a battery pack, and the second one the tracker itself, including a smaller battery, two antennas, and a SIM card.
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Railway Blockade on Unceded Nitassinan (Saguenay)

Wednesday evening, a collective of Indigenous and settler activists blocked the Roberval-Saguenay railroad belonging to the multinational corporation Rio Tinto in solidarity with the National Committee for First Peoples’ Rights which is paralyzing for a third consecutive day the railroad line located at the border of Labrador and Schefferville, which is used by the mining company Tata Steel. The solidarity blockade lasted one hour. These actions have the objective of reminding the governments that the members of the Indigenous communities in this country will no longer accept any compromises regarding criminal acts committed against them.

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Episode 59 of bad news – angry voices from around the world.

Episode 59 (08/2022)
With the following content:

call out for the week in solidarity with anarchist prisoners.

a-radio-berlin did a interview about the the Weekend Libertaire, an anarchist meeting that took place from the 29th to 31st of July 2022 in St-Imier, in Switzerland. They talked to a comrade on the spot who helped to organize the meeting.

frequenzA did a interview with an comrade from A-feminist group “salomé” about their group, their work and the situation they face in the Greek society as in the movement.

download it directly from archive,org here:

ASML: semiconductor dependency

Two attacks severely impacted the operations of semiconductor giants STMicroelectronics and Soitec last April. As a contribution to imagining possibilities for hitting where it hurts, here is a brief overview of ASML – an unavoidable dependency for all semiconductor manufacturers.

ASML may be the most important company you’ve never heard of. The $220B Dutch firm makes the machines that make semiconductors. Each one costs $150m and access to them are a huge geopolitical flashpoint. Its key product is an extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machine, which “prints” tiny circuits onto Silicon wafers. Continue reading ASML: semiconductor dependency

London,UK: Your New South London Local; Touchpaper Anarchist Library!

Your New South London Local; Touchpaper Anarchist Library!

“…From under the glitter and glare of London, the prison city, this
anarchist library now humbly stands. Not a shop, nor a radical ‘space’, nor the organ of some organisation or other, Touchpaper is a small contribution towards a place for the encounter, for eye-to-eye
discussion and for pushing outwards against the grain…”

A new anarchist library in south london, home to subversive publications from around the world including a distro, a library (where publications can be borrowed for a small deposit) and a forthcoming archive of anarchist ideas put onto paper.

385 Queens Road
New Cross
London SE14 5HD

(every week)

Tuesday 13th September, 6PM
Against 5G and the World that Needs it!
An anti-authoritarian discussion on digital control and the struggle for freedom.



Public PGP Key Block:


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Rural Catalunya: Banner for Anarchist prisoner Giannis Michailidis on hunger strike from 23/5/22

Rural Catalunya: Banner for Michailidis

We hung a banner on the motorway in central Catalunya calling for the immediate release of Giannis Michailidis. Giannis is now into over 60 days of hunger strike and in a severe health condition.

Solidarity and freedom for Giannis!
Solidarity with the comrades fighting the goons of the Greek mafia state!

– Anarchists