Athens,Greece: Claim for the incendiary attack on the Italian embassy’s First Counsellor’s car

Claim for the incendiary attack on the Italian embassy’s First Counsellor’s car

Alfredo Cospito has been on hunger strike since October 20th, against the torture regime 41 bis imposed on him by the Italian State. Alfredo Cospito has been in prison since 2012, after claiming responsibility for the wounding of Roberto Adinolfi, CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, an action carried out by the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front (FAI/IRF). Ever since then the comrade has remained unrepentant and continues to be dedicated to the cause of social liberation. That is why the Italian State decided, from May 5th, to impose the 41bis regime on him, a prison within the prison, where he is held in isolation 23 hours a day, with one hour’s exercise period during which he can only meet with a restricted number of prisoners decided by the prison management.

Visits from family are limited to an encounter of one hour a month, to take place through a glass partition, and one ten-minute phone call, which a family member must make from inside a carabinieri barracks or another prison. The number of books and other printed material allowed is also limited, as is his correspondence. This prison regime, which the Italian State imposes on political prisoners through article 41bis, is now being applied throughout the whole sentence, not limited to the 4 years for which it was originally foreseen.

41bis is a regime of political, social and sensorial annihilation, which aims at completely eliminating all contact with the outside world. The goal is nothing less than the slow killing of those who have chosen the revolutionary path against tyranny of the State and capital. To kill them slowly and constrain them to repudiate their very actions are the essence of this so-called “antiterrorism” law, which provides for special conditions, prisons, detention centres, solitary confinement, torture and annihilation, mainly destined for revolutionaries, organisations and their members and all those that the State defines terrorists.

And here the double contradiction of State terrorism emerges. In the first place, it baptises terrorists all those who rebel against the terrorism of the class of rulers, inflicting physical and psychological annihilation on them through its mechanisms, and at the same time, these same mechanisms do not recognise the status of political prisoner or opponent for those it is seeking to annihilate. Thus the State cannot provide real justice, because it cannot speak truth. Bourgeois ‘justice’ is nothing but a mechanism to impose and perpetuate class rule over society.

Since the 1960s, with the assault on the heavens, the archipelago of the revolutionary and antagonist movement on Italian soil with its political struggles, organised demonstrations, occupation of factories and schools, self-management, feminist movements and armed revolutionary organisations, has shown that nothing is impossible. Since the actions of the BR/PCC in the 90s up to 2000, the attacks of the FAI/IRF and of the comrade Alfredo Cospito, the revolutionary thread has continued, to this day, to be interwoven with acts of resistance and emancipation, proving that nothing is over and that revolutionary projects and visions remain relevant in the ranks of the oppressed. And it is this thread, historical continuity and memory, that the fascist Meloni government, and every government before it, wants to silence. For decades, faced with the galaxy of revolutionary movements present throughout its territory, the Italian State has developed a whole series of repressive and counter-insurgency instruments, whose most extreme evolution is precisely the 41bis regime. Still today, with the imposition of this life sentence of torture, the Italian State is leading its political opponents, those seeking to bring justice to the oppressed, to isolation and slow death.

This attack on revolutionary prisoners and militants is not unrelated to the fascist turn of the Italian political system. Using the rhetoric and practices of the extreme right, addressing the most reactionary parts of society, this particular government is attempting to build an Italian fortress within and beyond its borders. With criminal anti-immigration politics, with a ban on migrants entering the country and the murder of thousands of them at the borders and in the sea, the Italian State is a fundamental part of the racist and fascist politics of the EU.

This extreme turn of events is not only to be found in Italy but throughout Europe as a response of the ruling classes to the prolonged crisis of recent decades. In Greece we are also facing a very harsh period, with an unprecedented attack on the social base, systematic State killings by the police and the army all over the country and at the borders, the accentuation of the economic and social exclusion of the oppressed and brutal repression against any form of resistance on their part. A common thread links the two States, Italy and Greece, and it is that of wanting to bury revolutionary souls deeper and deeper inside concrete tombs. The comrade’s hunger strike is taking place at the very moment that protests by prisoners in Greek prisons are flaring up. Thousands of prisoners are opposing the new penal code, and expressing their dissent every day. A code that targets those who are prosecuted for articles 187 and 187A (those accused of being part of criminal and terrorist organisations), reducing special leave, marginally abolishing parole, giving full powers to the prison administration, and even going so far as to abolish the achievements of years of prisoners’ conquests and struggles for a better life inside prisons.

While the judiciary is saying in no uncertain terms that its role is to torture and annihilate anyone who resists, and that its position is alongside the oppressors, States are talking to each other and imposing ‘order’ also via diplomatic bodies. These bodies are nothing other than the natural evolution of colonialism, the bureaucratic and material expression of imperialism, and play the role of guarantors of the interests of each State and the reproduction of capital that they serve in the international capitalist system. This system is not impersonal, it is run by people who occupy places within its hierarchy, people who knowingly choose which side they are on in this generalised social and class war. Acts of revolutionary counter-violence that target them, therefore, serve to return some of the fear they sow against society, letting them know that they are not invulnerable, that their decisions have a cost, and that they are at the same time a target because of their policies and the system they represent. With an eye on the social revolution and international solidarity we decided to send our signal of solidarity to the comrade Alfredo and the struggle he is carrying out against the 41bis regime. We chose to attack the car of the First Counsellor of the Italian embassy at her private residence at 68 Blessa Street in Papagou. We emerged during the night then disappeared back into it, effectively taking a stand in the war we are living in. A war in which we must be the offensive, demanding justice. We support revolutionary counter-violence and the struggle continues. For the victims of the war, for our sisters and our brothers that have not come home, for the persecuted of this earth and for all those struggling for a world that contains many other worlds. Always for anarchy.





Avenging Nucleus “Carlo Giuliani”


via: athens.indymedia

Translated by Act for freedom now!