Urgent update on Anarchist prisoner Thanos Chatzianggelou’s hunger and thirst strike (Greece)

Urgent update on Thanos Chatzianggelou’s hunger and thirst strike


We were informed that there has been a prosecutor’s order for forced feeding even with fixation, yet this has been communicated only orally. Doctors will follow this order if the striker falls into a coma. Thanos himself today refuses to have any examination and asks to go back to Nigrita’s prison, also due to the police presence in his room-cell in the hospital.

His doctors and nurses treat him as if he is just a patient and not a person on hunger and thirst strike with specific requests asking him whether he finally wants to be given a serum or not.

He is quite overwhelmed, he cannot fall asleep since the cops are loud, they eat in front of his face and this, as a result, affects his psychological condition.

If anything happens to our comrades, we are aware of who is to be blamed.

Forced feeding is torture.

Direct grant of Thanos Chatzianggelou’s requests.

Take your rotten hands off our comrades.


The greek anarchist prisoner Thanos Chatziaggelou is in danger of force-feeding

There is information that the greek government via a greek prosecutor’s order, wants to force-feed the anarchist prisoner Thanos Chatziaggelou, being on hunger and thirst strike for 6 days now, since the 19th of December for the violent and unreasonable transfer of him from the Korydallos (Athens) prison to the Nigrita’s one (northern greek prison). His main demand is to be transferred again to his original prison. Thanos is being imprisoned since the 8th of February of 2022, while accused of participation (he has taken the responsibility for) in the anarchist urban guerilla organization “Anarchist Action”.

For the moment, the anarchist comrade is hospitalized in the Seress’ hospital since the 25th of December, and he is totally isolated, being guarded by several policemen, who provocatively eat in front of him and make constant noise. This means that the comrade is impossible to sleep and rest, a thing that is very important concerning his health and mental situation. Thanos himself refuses any medical action or examination and asks to be transported back to the prison against any police presence in his room, and doctors have admitted that they will force-feed them if he gets into a coma situation.

Also, doctors and nurses face him as any other ill person in the hospital, and not as a person on a hunger and thirst strike who has certain demands and they ask him if he wants to be drip fed.

Both this type of hospitalization and the force-feed order are violations of basic human rights and if something happens to our comrade, we surely know who is responsible for this situation.

Force-feed is globally recognized as torture and can lead our comrade Thanos to death, doctors should never admit an action like this.

We ask for direct approval of Thanos’ demands.

Hands off our comrades.