Call for a gathering in solidarity with the anarchist revolutionary hunger striker Alfredo Cospito, at the Italian embassy(Athens,Greece)

Call for a gathering in solidarity with the anarchist revolutionary hunger striker Alfredo Cospito, at the Italian embassy.

Until the demolition of every prison. For the anarchy in action.

Because for those who love life, to react when life and death are at stake is an act of duty. Anna Beniamino Alfredo Cospito, an anarchist prisoner of the “Scripta Manent” case -for the double attack on the carabinieri school in Fossano, signed by the FAI-RAT (Informal Anarchist FederationAnonymous Chaotic Rebellion)- has been on hunger strike against the 41-bis regime since October 20th in Bancali prison, Sassari, Sardinia. Already on 5th May, after ten years of imprisonment, the state has chosen to reinforce the imprisonment of the comrade (who until then had made a significant contribution to the anarchist discourse with letters, articles and interventions) through the regime of article 41-bis (carcere duro), a law that, in essence, upgrades the imprisonment to a special solitary confinement even on an intellectual and sensory level. It is a suffocating condition that almost eliminates all communication and contact with the outside world, as a torture of psychosomatic extermination of the political prisoners, with the aim of forcing them into political “repentance”.

In addition, this regime (of 41-bis/carcere duro) is intended to create a barrier to the revolutionary anti-authoritarian dialogue between comrades inside and outside the prisons. The organised censorship and attempted extermination of political prisoners reveals the teeth of democracy and the fear of the power towards those who are carrying and spreading the seeds of rebellion and attack for the demolition of state and capital. Alfredo Cospito, a continuator of anarchist discourse and anarchist action, raises the shield of the hunger strike to repel the vindictiveness of the state apparatus. The Italian state with its fascist practices -through the last elections and beyond- has a long history of warlike tension with their enemy anarchists who over the years have been in cases and files for their actions and beliefs, even at the price of death. Three political prisoners, members of the new Red Brigades arrested in 2003, Nadia Lioce, Marco Mezzasalma and Roberto Morandi, are also under the same regime, while Diana Blefari -also a member of the new Red Brigades and a long-time prisoner in the solitary confinement of the 41-bis regime- committed suicide in 2009.

With the passing of the new Penal Code and the even more recent passing of the new Penal Code by the Greek state, prisons or “maximum security” wards are now targeting “increased surveillance” of “unruly” prisoners, in addition, of course, to political prisoners, sentenced with the most important counter-revolutionary legal instrument applied in guerrilla warfare, namely 187A, and this, seven years after the abolition of C-type prisons, thanks to the then hunger strike struggle of political prisoners. This latest development in the legal arsenal of the state constitutes nothing but a tendency to absolutize the conditions of detention in prisons, alongside the authoritarianization of the social captivity of surveillance and control (and) outside the boundaries of the prison, and opens up the serious possibility of the introduction of isolation/torture models (type 41-bis) in Greek prisons as well. Already the prisoners of Korydallos (wards A, B, C, D, E), Larissa, Corfu, Agios Stefanos Patras, Trikala and Domokos prisons are engaged in resistance mobilizations against the new further authoritarianized Penitentiary Code.

It should be noted that in Turkey, which already since 2000 with its F-type prisons has been applying the regime of torture and solitary confinement for revolutionary fighters, 40 prisoners in the Konya Ereğli maximum security prison started on October 4th, “rotating hunger strike” indefinitely against the increasing violations and severe solitary confinement conditions, while one of them, political prisoner Yakup Brukanli from Rojhilat, set his body on fire on 28th October against the severe solitary confinement conditions. Similarly, prisoners in Dumlu No.1 maximum security prison, also started a 10-day alternating hunger strike on 9th November against torture practices, while Ramazan Kaya in H-type prison in Erzurum went on an indefinite hunger strike against the violations.

To create networks of solidarity with neighbouring countries and to strengthen international solidarity in all directions. Solidarity constitutes the basis of any effort to internationalise the struggles of the oppressed and on this basis, the need for organic international revolutionary solidarity constitutes the project of our struggles in the here and now, for the destruction of the existing world.

Comrade Alfredo, a conscientious objector, has taken responsibility for the shootings (on May 7th, 2012 in Genoa), with the Olga Nucleus of the Informal Anarchist FederationInternational Revolutionary Front (FAI/IRF) at the feet of Roberto Adinolfi, executive and chief executive officer of the nuclear death company Ansaldo Nucleare.

On hunger strike alongside Alfredo Cospito, since 25th October, the anarchist prisoner Juan Sorroche in Terni prison, since 27th October, the anarchist prisoner Ivan Alocco in Villepinte prison in France, and since 7th November, Anna Beniamino in the prison of the Rebibbia in Rome.

I don’t know whether internationalism will prevent us from this descent into nothingness, or whether it will be the lever for the uplift and overthrow of the existing world. One thing is certain, however: in order to oppose this new capitalism decisively, the collapse of the system is required to be global. Factional wars lead to defeat as much as waiting for the right moment for the anarchists to mature.,

Alfredo Cospito, “Which International? Interview and discussion with Alfredo Cospito from Ferrara prison”

We call for a gathering in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito at the Italian embassy on Wednesday 30th November at 18:30.

Immediate release of the 11 political prisoners from Turkey, Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, Burak Agarmış, Hasan Kaya, Sinan Çam, Şadi Naci Özpolat, Halil Demir, Anıl Sayar, Harika Kızılkaya, Hazal Seçer, Sinan Oktay Özen and İsmail Zat, who have been incarcerated in Greek prisons since 19th March 2020 and have been on indefinitely hunger strike since 7th October 2020

Freedom to Yannis Michailidis, to the anarchists Vanggelis Stathopoulos and Dimitris Hadjivassiliadis, to Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis, members of the Revolutionary Struggle and to all the prisoners



FIRE TO 41-bis

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