Athens,Greece: Taking responsibility – Against the war industry by Anarchists

Taking responsibility – Against the war industry

In the days of commemoration of the Polytechnic, we must not forget the anti-militarist implications of the uprising. In the midst of military dictatorship, one of the central slogans of the occupied Polytechnic in ’73 was “Out with NATO”. Picking up this thread, anarchy today must find a way of direct action against those who profit and gain from these wars.

While we try to develop anarchist considerations and analyses of every interstate war conflict, one of the most important aspects of the multifaceted anti-military struggle is often ignored: sabotaging the death machine on the ground we are on.

Since we are in NATO’s territory of influence, we have a duty to sabotage everything used by the armed forces of the Greek state and its allies, the arms industry, the financiers and those who give orders and make decisions.

Alongside the Russian state’s invasion of Ukrainian territory, the Turkish state’s war against the Kurdish people is raging, while the USA is waging wars all over the planet. In all these cases, DB Schenker is actively involved, supporting and profiting from these wars. It is a German state-owned company, owned by Deutsche Bahn (DB, the German railway company) and controlled by the German Ministry of Transport. It is a company responsible for war crimes during World War II, and today, it maintains supply chain hubs in dozens of places around the globe, transporting and delivering war equipment, weapons as well as parts of vehicles, tanks and war planes. In 2019, DB Schenker received an award from the U.S. Department of Transportation for its cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense, as there seem to be very few transnational wars in which DB Schenker does not transport weapons to the front lines.

The parent company, Deutsche Bahn, is responsible for the ‘Tren Maya’ project, the development of railway lines on Mexican territory, including the Chiapas region, lines that will serve the Mexican military.

This project will destroy huge tracts of forested land, and the lands are home to thousands of people. It obviously serves as the basis of a wider plan to pressure the Mexican state against the liberated Zapatista land, and resistance against it has already begun.

While the Greek police were gradually occupying Exarcheia, in an attempt to suppress the memory of the resistance against the junta, on the morning of 15 November, we carried out an arson attack on a DB Schenker truck on Baltinon Street in Gyzi. While we know that a destroyed truck alone will not stop any war, we have a duty to recognize the cogs that set the state war machines in motion and dismantle them piece by piece.

Solidarity with the struggle of the Kurdish people against the Turkish state.
Solidarity with the prisoner Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis
We support the 4 imprisoned comrades in the case of the Piraeus traffic police.
Victory for the hunger strike of Alfredo Cospito.


via: athens.indymediaTranslated by Act for freedom now!