Letter of D released from custody: how the cops investigate (France)

Letter of D released from custody: how the cops investigate

Received 16/09/22


HelI was released from Draguignan prison on 31 August. We think there are a couple of things that should be known.

To quickly explain their judicial pastiche in October 2021 they condemn me to 6 months for violence that I did not commit, the trial is really bad because it is not me who decided on the defence and thus the attitude to be held in the court, well I am here condemned for having put une mite à un pointeur. I get out in February 2022. Once out I knew I had to move away from there but I couldn’t. In March 2022, they put me in police custody with crazy accusations of death threats. A detention that would last 6 months..

In police custody in March the cops mentioned the anarchist site Attaque to me.

An exchange with a cop that struck me:

– Can you explain to me why I’m the one in custody?
– We know that in this story you’re the victim but you’re not completely innocent (well on other occasions I would have answered that I’m neither victim nor innocent nor guilty and that I’m screwing him, but given the crazy stuff I found myself involved in, I nevertheless wanted to know)
– But you think I did what exactly?

The Attaque site mentions you.
One might ask what this has to do with sauerkraut. Nothing. I had just deduced that they put me in jail for something that never existed because I’m an anarchist. I did manage to contact a friend to warn him that the cops were talking to me in this way.

A cop also asked me what I was doing in Val de Susa, I’ve never actually been there, I just had the itinerary in my phone’s GPS. He told me that they know that sometimes I disappear to Italy and I told him to fuck off after pointing out to him that when I disappear my phone stays and it’s easier to cross the first border than be teleported to Japan so now take me back to the cell you’re pissing me off.

In May I meet a guy I know in jail, they came to pick him up a few days before me for some shit, something that goes back several years, nothing to justify picking up a guy at midnight with a roadblock. That night he had my old PC with him. The PC is GPG encrypted but someone else could have seen the key. In custody the cops asked him about me. One cop told him: “he is a terrorist, we are afraid for our families”. They were more interested in my PC than in his bogus case which he was not even questioned about.
All my old mailboxes have been compromised since August 2021. And since February 2022 I don’t even have access to them, although at least one of them has been active since then.

In mid-June, between the 12th and the 15th I don’t remember the exact date, I had a cell search. They took my phone. Without the chip, I swallowed it. Then they questioned me to find out who I was calling with it. I told them to fuck off of course. Right after that a guard told me not to call terrorists (sic) if I still had a phone.
I felt I was being interrogated all through the detention. Well, not declared interrogations, but this or that outside speaker who talks to me about actions that are several years old, reciting almost word for word the claims that I know of course, but who else, apart from a cop from the SAT or the DGSI, knows, for example, that the claimant from Meylan talks about individual attacks. Or the one who asked me what the FAI was. No kidding, nobody knows this stuff exists except the milieu and the cops. And then only a few cops from the anti-terrorist or intelligence services.

Finally, what I do understand is that I was in custody for 6 months.
Telling everything that was said during 6 months is complicated. A classic interrogation is fine, we’re used to it, it lasts 4 days and it’s clear. They ask you clear questions and you don’t answer them and they throw you in the cell and that’s it. It’s easier to understand what exactly they’re looking for. For me it’s very hard to see clearly. Especially as it was real psychological torture. I think this last year in prison was the hardest psychologically, by far! But even though I sometimes flipped out, I never gave them any information. It’s not always easy to understand that you’re being interrogated under these conditions, especially when you’re completely isolated from the outside world. I often wondered if I had completely lost it and ended up being paranoid. …..

So, since I had no doubt about the reason for the allusions made to me, I pushed the nail in, even if it meant putting myself in a bit of danger in order to understand where they were going. What is obvious is that they are trying to put people in touch with each other, especially in Paris and Grenoble. Well, maybe elsewhere too, it’s not impossible. I don’t think they wanted to charge me, if they had anything to charge me with they would have done it. I think they’re putting some crazy resources into their shitty investigation though.

At the end of the sentence I got confirmation from someone whose job I won’t mention so as not to compromise him, who told me that the cops had already been investigating me since February before I was released and that he knew I was coming back. He also told me clearly, referring to Ivan, “it’s the same case”.

That’s the minimum of information that should really be known, I think.

I’ll have to do an analysis of the mechanisms of repression that I frankly didn’t think possible in a liberal democracy, but that’s another subject and there’s no rush.

For Ivan, for all the compas incarcerated or on the run,
Solidarity is attack.

anarchistburecross Translated by Act for freedom now!