Germany: SPIE & MIELE Vans Set on Fire in Leipzig – Freedom for our Comrades!

SPIE & MIELE Vans Set on Fire in Leipzig

During the night from 31.10. to 01.11. we set fire to SPIE and MIELE vans in the south of Leipzig. SPIE has been known as a prison profiteer for years. The company is involved in both the construction and operation of prisons worldwide.

For us, MIELE is representative of German imperialism in Greece. The appliance manufacturer has previously been the target of attacks by the Revolutionary Organization November 17 there.

Our hearts burn for all the rebels in the dungeons of the state who continue their struggle. They burn for Alfredo and Juan who are on hunger strike in Italy. They burn for Giannis Michailidis, who was on hunger strike from May to July this year and unfortunately had to suspend it without “success”.

Freedom for Anna, Juan, Giannis and Alfredo!
For anarchy!


via: abolitionmedia