Anarchist Alfredo Cospito started a hunger strike (Italy, October 20, 2022) EN/IT/GR/ES/FR/DE

Occupied the crane of the construction site of La Scala Theatre in solidarity with anarchists Alfredo Cospito, Juan Sorroche and Ivan Alocco on hunger strike against 41 bis and life imprisonment without possibility of parole (Milan, Italy, November 6, 2022)

Since the early hours of this morning, two comrades have been occupying the crane at the construction site of La Scala Theatre in Milan in solidarity with the hunger strike by Alfredo, Juan and Ivan against 41 bis prison regime and life imprisonment without possibility of parole.

We will hold a gathering as of now in support of the action in Piazza della Scala until the comrades come down. We invite you to join us in large numbers! The day is still long!

[Taken from the facebook page Galipettes Occupato:

Freedom for Alfredo Cospito – Intervention at the FU (Berlin Germany)

Heute, am 31.10.2022, wurde in Solidarität mit Alfredo Cospito, der sich seit dem 20. Oktober im Hungerstreik befindet, eine Vorlesung der Fakultät Rechtswissenschaft der Freien Universität Berlin unterbrochen. Der Titel der Konferenz lautete: “Warum ist Italien so schwierig zu regieren? Auswirkungen des Wahlrechts auf die politische Stabilität in Italien”.

Nach der Vorstellung des Redners nahmen wir uns die Bühne, entrollten die Banner und verteilten Flyer im Saal. Auf der Bühne haben wir unsere Stimmen erhoben und erklärt, was 41bis ist, warum es eine Form der Folter ist, die der italienische Staat an  Gefangenen anwendet, und dass Alfredo im Hungerstreik gegen dieses Haftregime, dem er unterworfen ist, und gegen die lebenslange Inhaftierung ohne Bewährungsmöglichkeit ist.
Unerwarteterweise reagierte das Publikum mit Beifall.

Gegen alle Gefängnisse, gegen 41bis.
Solidarität und Kraft für Alfredo und für Juan und Ivan, die sich dem Hungerstreik angeschlossen haben.
Freiheit für alle!

Today 31.10.2022 in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike since 20 October, a lecture at the law department of the Freie Universität Berlin was interrupted. The title of the conference was: ‘Why is Italy so difficult to govern? Effects of electoral law on Italian political stability’.
After the speaker’s introduction, we took the stage, opened the banners and flyered in the auditorium. On stage, we took voice and told what 41 bis is, why it is a form of torture that the Italian state applies to certain prisoners, and that Alfredo is on hunger strike against this prison regime to which he is subjected and against life imprisonment.
Unexpectedly, the audience responded with applause.
Against all prisons, against 41bis.
Solidarity and strength to Alfredo, and to Juan and Ivan who joined in the hunger strike.
Free them all!!
Oggi 31.10.2022 in solidarietà ad Alfredo Cospito, in sciopero della fame dal 20 Ottobre è stato interrotta la conferenza presso il dipartimento di giurisprudenza del università Freie Universität di Berlino. Il titolo della conferenza era:” Perché l’Italia è cosi difficile da governare? Effetti della legge elettorale sulla stabilità politica italiana”.
Dopo l’introduzione del relatore, abbiamo preso il palco, aperto gli striscioni e volantinato nella sala. Sul palco, abbiamo preso la parola e raccontato che cos’è il 41 bis, perché è una forma di tortura che lo Stato Italiano applica ad alcuni detenuti, e che Alfredo è in sciopero della fame contro questo regime detentivo a cui è sottoposto e contro l’ergastolo ostativo.
Inaspettatamente il pubblico ha risposto con un applauso.
Contro tutte le galere, contro il 41bis.
Solidarietà e forza ad Alfredo, e a Juan e Ivan che si sono uniti nello sciopero della fame.
Liber* tutt*!!
Aujourd’hui 31.10.2022, nous avons interrompu une conférence à la faculté de droits de la Freie Universität Berlin, en solidarité avec Alfredo Cospito, qui est en grève de la faim depuis le 20 Octobre. Le titre de la conférence etait :”Pourquoi l’italie est elle si difficile á gouverner ? Les éffets du droit éléctoral sur la stabilité politique de l’italie.”
L’introduction faite, nous avons pris l’estrade, déroulé les banderolles et diffusé des pamphlets dans l’auditorium. Depuis l’estrade nous expliquerions ce qu’est le paragraph 41bis , pourquoi il s’agit d’une forme de torture que l’état italien applique à certains prisonniers et qu’Alfredo est en grève de la faim contre le régime de détention qui lui est infligé et contre une vie en emprisonnement.
Étonnament l’audience a repondu avec applaudissement.
Contre toutes les prisons, contre le 41bis.
Solidarité et force a Alfredo, tant qu’à Juan et Ivan qui l’ont rejoint dans la grève de la faim.
Liberté a!!!
Statement from Berlin Anarchists in Solidarity with Anarchist Hunger Striker Alfredo Cospito in Italy
Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike against 41 bis
Since May 5, the anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito has been suffering the legalized torture of the 41 bis, an Italian prison regime. Since October 20, Alfredo has been on hunger strike to protest against this infamous regime.

We strongly affirm our solidarity with Alfredo and all prisoners in 41bis who are forgotten, walled alive in a condition of total isolation, dehumanization and torture!

Since May 5, the anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito has been suffering the legalized torture of the 41 bis, an Italian prison regime. Since October 20, Alfredo has been on hunger strike to protest against this infamous regime.
He is isolated in the high-security prison of Bancali (Sardinia), without being able to have any kind of human contact or communication except with his own torturers; Alfredo has decided to use the only tool he has left to get his protest outside the walls of his cell: the hunger strike.
For many years it has been clear that he, and with him the entire radical movement, are the target of a repressive apparatus that is becoming increasingly insidious and heavy-handed in Italy. The multiple police operations, trials, arbitrary detentions and charges are aimed to criminalize all forms of dissent.
All those practices aim to label as terrorists those who, through the sharing of ideas and experiences, express a radical critique towards the current conditions and the increasing of racist and fascists politics.
To recall some of the measures provided by the 41bis regime: surveillance by camera h24, solitary isolation for 23 hours a day, censorship and restriction of mail, trial through videoconference, interviews possible only with a direct family member and only for one hour a month.
In addition, since October 25, the anarchist comrade Juan Sorroche, detained in Terni prison, started a hunger strike in solidarity with Alfredo.
From inside to outside prisons we fight together for the elimination of 41 bis. Against jails and the state that produces them. A hug and solidarity to Juan.
Break the silence destroy the prison walls!
Anarchists -Berlin-



The anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito has been on hunger strike since 20th October in the prison of Sassari against the regime of 41 bis that he has been subjected to since last May, after ten years in Maximum Security. The unprecedented decision to keep an anarchist in 41 bis is just the tip of the iceberg of the authoritarian backlash in act in Italy, a backlash inaugurated with the prison massacre in March 2020, followed by investigations against trade union struggles, with logistics workers accused of ‘extortion’ against the boss because they demanded wage increases, in a particularly fierce preventive counterrevolution against the anarchist movement as indicated by the seizures of books and newspapers, the endless special surveillance, the sentencing of Juan Sorroche to 28 years’ prison and the Court of Cassation of the scripta manent trial.
10am – Prison of Terni
2pm – Prison of Spoleto
• We will bring news of Alfredo’s struggle against the 41 bis sections!
• In solidarity with Juan, maximum-security prisoner in the prison of Terni!
• In solidarity with the medium-security prisoners in the prison of Terni protagonists in the revolt of last October 16!
• In solidarity with Roberto Morandi, revolutionary communist in 41 bis in the prison of Spoleto!

Θ.Χατζηαγγέλου|Ένα μήνυμα σαν βέλος για να τρυπήσει τα τείχη του 41bis-Thanos Chatziangelou,A message like an arrow tearing down the walls of 41bis. EN/EL

A message like an arrow tearing down the walls of 41bis

A solidarity message from captive member of the Organization Anarchist Action to anarchist guerilla Alfredo Cospito, who is on a hunger strike against isolation regime 41bis.

For some, the cohesion of comradeship is built on shared positions or philosophical opinions. In an empty dimension where common words are far from action. In the guerilla war what makes us comrades is the common enlistment in this war, the choices, the hostilities behind the mound of the anarchist struggle. And when we are wrapped in chains our common component is complicity, political responsibility, unrepentant stability in the same paths. It is the dedication to the pace of the path of fire.


Urban guerilla anarchist Alfredo Cospito has been held captive in the prisons of the Italian state since 2012. He has proudly claimed political responsibility for the shooting of Ansaldo Nucleare’s CEO, Roberto Adinolfi, an action carried out by the Olga Core of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI- IRF). Since then he has remained an unrepentant enemy of tyranny. The constant persecutions against him, the status of exception and the restrictions, although they constantly intensify his isolation, both from his social and from his political-social environment, they do not bend Alfredo’s rebellious will, his thirst for new moments of rebellion. Since 2016, under the cover of the anti-terrorist operation Scripta Manent, Alfredo has been accused of leading the FAI, a sentence that essentially aims at his life imprisonment. And yet he still defends the Anarchy of action. Anarchy that is hostile towards power and people of authority, Anarchy that arms itself and attacks.

Now Tyranny is sending Alfredo one step deeper into the concrete tombs of captivity, isolating him in the regime of 41bis, the cornerstone of sensory isolation in the Italian state’s maximum security prisons. Against the new exemption regime, the comrade has started a hunger strike since October 20, while the hunger striker Juan Sorroche now stands in solidarity with him. Because Anarchy does not beg, it fights to the end.

We enlisted behind the ramparts of the guerilla war because for us Anarchy is the conflict with the present itself, with the relations of power and exploitation. We are organizing direct action groups because we are looking for rupture and anti-authoritarian hostile actions, here and now. We are neither orators in auditoriums, nor philosophers in endless rounds of debates. We have the vision and the need for the total overthrow of statism and capitalist dictatorship, which constantly reproduces socio-economic crises. We have the will and determination to resist, to confront those of power, to attack in order to destabilize the regime and social peace.

Even through bars, with the same sagacity we have the courage and audacity to defend our choices. To serve the same values. Through a time of disarmament and resignation, we have a political responsibility to arm Anarchy through the propaganda of action. Comrade Alfredo is an integral part of this movement and we, serving the international community of anarchist prisoners, stand by his side because we thus defend the very necessity of anarchist guerrilla warfare. For now and forever, unrepentantly enlisted in the front line. Because Anarchy means to Attack.

Comrade Alfredo hold on tight – freedom is within us.

Power to the unrepentant prisoners of the Italian state.

We do not forget our comrade-in-arms Diana Melatsi, the first dead guerrilla in the 41bis isolation regime who was imprisoned for participating in the reconstruction of the Red Brigades.

Thanos Chatziangelou, captive member of the Organisation Anarchist Action

D wing, Korydallos’ prison



Θ.Χατζηαγγέλου|Ένα μήνυμα σαν βέλος για να τρυπήσει τα τείχη του 41bis

Μήνυμα αλληλεγγύης του αιχμάλωτου μέλους της Οργάνωσης Αναρχική Δράση στον αναρχικό αντάρτη Alfredo Cospito, που πραγματοποιεί απεργία πείνας ενάντια στο καθεστώς απομόνωσης 41bis. 

Για κάποιους η συνοχή της συντροφικότητας χτίζεται πάνω στις κοινές θέσεις ή στις φιλοσοφικές κορόνες. Σε μία κενή διάσταση όπου τα κοινά λόγια απέχουν από την πράξη. Στον ανταρτοπόλεμο συντρόφους μας κάνει η κοινή στράτευση, οι επιλογές, οι εχθροπραξίες πίσω από το ανάχωμα του αναρχικού αγώνα. και όταν μας τυλίγουν οι αλυσίδες, η κοινή μας συνιστώσα είναι η συνενοχή, η πολιτική ευθύνη, η αμετανόητη σταθερότητα στα ίδια μονοπάτια. Είναι η προσήλωση στο βάδισμα του δρόμου της φωτιάς.

Ο αναρχικός αντάρτης πόλεων Alfredo Cospito βρίσκεται αιχμάλωτος στα κάτεργα του ιταλικού κράτους από το 2012. Έχει αναλάβει με περηφάνεια την πολιτική ευθύνη για τον πυροβολισμό του CEO της Ansaldo Nucleare, Roberto Adinolfi, ενέργεια που πραγματοποιήθηκε από τον Πυρήνα Όλγα της Άτυπης Αναρχικής Ομοσπονδίας (FAI-IRF). Έκτοτε παραμένει αμετανόητος εχθρός της τυραννίας. Οι συνεχείς διώξεις προς το πρόσωπό του, το καθεστώς εξαίρεσης και οι περιορισμοί παρότι εντείνουν συνεχώς την απομόνωσή του, τόσο από το κοινωνικό όσο και από το πολιτικό-συντροφικό του περιβάλλον, δεν λυγίζουν την εξεγερτική θέληση του Alfredo, τη δίψα του συντρόφου για νέες στιγμές ανταρσίας. Από το 2016 κάτω από τη σκεπή της αντιτρομοκρατικής επιχείρησης Scripta Manent, o Alfredo κατηγορείται για τον ηγετικό ρόλο της FAI, ποινή που κατ’ ουσίαν στοχεύει στην ισόβια αιχμαλωσία του. Και όμως με το ίδιο πάθος υπερασπίζεται την Αναρχία της πράξης. Την Αναρχία που εχθρεύεται την εξουσία και τους ηγεμόνες, την Αναρχία που οπλίζεται και επιτίθεται.

Σήμερα η Τυραννία στέλνει ένα βήμα πιο βαθιά στους τσιμεντένιους τάφους της αιχμαλωσίας τον Alfredo, απομονώνοντάς τον στο καθεστώς 41bis, το θεμέλιο λίθο της αισθητηριακής απομόνωσης στις φυλακές υψίστης ασφαλείας του ιταλικού κράτους. Απέναντι στο νέο καθεστώς εξαίρεσης ο σύντροφος έχει ξεκινήσει απεργία πείνας από 20 Οκτώβρη, ενώ στο πλευρό του πλέον τάσσεται αλληλέγγυα και ο απεργός πείνας Juan Sorroche. Γιατί η Αναρχία δεν ζητιανεύει, μάχεται μέχρι τέλους.

Στρατευτήκαμε πίσω από τα αναχώματα του ανταρτοπόλεμου γιατί για εμάς η Αναρχία είναι η σύγκρουση με το υπάρχον, με τις σχέσεις εξουσίας και εκμετάλλευσης. Οργανώνουμε πυρήνες άμεσης δράσης γιατί αποζητούμε τη ρήξη και τις αντιεξουσιαστικές εχθροπραξίες, εδώ και τώρα. Δεν είμαστε ούτε ρήτορες σε αμφιθέατρα, ούτε φιλόσοφοι σε ατέρμονους κύκλους συζητήσεων. Έχουμε το όραμα και την ανάγκη για τη συνολική ανατροπή του κρατισμού και της καπιταλιστικής δικτατορίας, που ανα-παράγει συνεχώς κοινωνικοοικονομικές κρίσεις. Έχουμε τη θέληση και την αποφασιστικότητα να αντισταθούμε, να αντιπαρατεθούμε με την κυριαρχία, να επιτεθούμε για να αποσταθεροποιήσουμε την καθεστωτική και κοινωνική ειρήνη.

Ακόμα και μέσα από τα κάγκελα, με την ίδια οξυδέρκεια έχουμε το θάρρος και το θράσος να υπερασπιζόμαστε τις επιλογές μας. Να υπηρετούμε τις ίδιες αξίες. Σε μία εποχή αφοπλισμού και παραίτησης, έχουμε την πολιτική ευθύνη να οπλίσουμε την Αναρχία μέσα από την προπαγάνδα της πράξης. Ο σύντροφος Alfredo είναι αναπόσπαστο κομμάτι αυτού του ρεύματος και εμείς, υπηρετώντας τη διεθνή κοινότητα των αναρχικών αιχμαλώτων, στεκόμαστε στο πλευρό του συντρόφου γιατί έτσι υπερασπιζόμαστε την ίδια την αναγκαιότητα του αναρχικού ανταρτοπόλεμου. Για τώρα και για πάντα, αμετανόητα στρατευμένοι στην πρώτη γραμμή. Γιατί Αναρχία σημαίνει Επίθεση.

Σύντροφε Alfredo κράτα γερά – η ελευθερία είναι μέσα μας.

Δύναμη στους αμετανόητους αιχμαλώτους του ιταλικού κράτους.

Δεν ξεχνάμε την ένοπλη συντρόφισσα Ντιάνα Μελάτσι, την πρώτη νεκρή αντάρτισσα στο καθεστώς απομόνωσης 41bis που φυλακίστηκε για τη συμμετοχή στην ανασυγκρότηση των Ερυθρών Ταξιαρχιών.

Θάνος Χατζηαγγέλου, αιχμάλωτο μέλος της Οργάνωσης Αναρχική Δράση

Δ’ Πτέρυγα, Φυλακές Κορυδαλλού




We do not allow the murder of Alfredo Cospito, on hunger strike since October 20th. Call for international mobilization

On October 20th, anarchist Alfredo Cospito, during a trial at the Sassari surveillance court, made an attempt to read an articulate statement in which he was about to announce that he is starting a hunger strike against the 41 bis prison regime to which he is subjected and against life imprisonment without possibility of parole. A battle that Alfredo does not intend to stop, until his own death. The comrade, who has been in 41 bis since last May 5th, under a decree signed by then Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia, is now being detained in the Bancali prison in Sardinia.

Alfredo Cospito is an anarchist who has always been at the front line of struggles, never willing to compromise or give up. He is a comrade who has been fighting since the late 1980s, a period in which he was imprisoned as a total objector (for refusing to serve in the obligatory military service) and who, after his arrest in 2012, during the trial that followed, claimed the responsibility for the shooting of Ansaldo Nucleare executive Roberto Adinolfi, an act that was carried out by Nucleo Olga / Federazione Anarchica Informale – Fronte Rivoluzionario Internazionale, FAI-FRI (“Olga Nucleus” / Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front), and occurred on May 7th of the same year in Genoa.

Alfredo has been always active in the defense of comrades affected by repression, in every corner of the world. His struggle objectively concerns all detainees, among whom we particularly remember the three militants of Brigate Rosse per la costruzione del Partito Comunista Combattente (Red Brigades for the construction of the Combatant Communist Party) locked up for more than 17 years in 41 bis (Nadia Lioce, Roberto Morandi, Marco Mezzasalma). In 2009, comrade Diana Blefari, from the same organization, committed suicide after her living in this harsh prison regime.

Alfredo has been uninterruptedly in prison for 10 years, which he spent in High Security sections until his transfer to 41 bis. In 2016 he was involved in repressive operation “Scripta Manent”, accused of subversive association with the purpose of terrorism and multiple explosive attacks. Following a Supreme Court verdict in July this year, the sentence for Alfredo and Anna Beniamino was reformulated to “political massacre,” the only punishment which means prison for life. The Italian state that has always been protecting fascist mass murderers now wants to condemn two anarchists for massacre for an attack that caused neither victims nor injuries.

Alfredo has been for many years contributing articles, editorial projects and proposals to the international anarchist debate. For this reason, he has been censored several times and banned from communicating with the outside world, being condemned for the publication of the revolutionary anarchist paper “KNO3” and the latest edition of “Croce Nera Anarchica” (“Anarchist Black Cross”) and currently under investigation for the publication of the anarchist newspaper “Vetriolo”. After these measures, Alfredo was imposed to 41 bis in May and subsequently transferred from Terni prison to that of Bancali, in Sassari. This blocks him from any contact with the outside world.

The 41 bis serves to totally isolate the prisoner from the outside world. The measure is imposed for four years, but in fact the only way to get out is to repent and cooperate with the repressive forces. In other words, 41 bis is torture, as it is designed to induce suffering for the purpose of extorting confessions or statements.

This prison regime implies one hour of visitation per month with glass dividing, under electronic surveillance, and with audio and video recording. Only if family members do not have the opportunity to go to the interview, a monthly 10-minute phone call is allowed as an alternative to the prison visit, but in order to do so, the family member of the detainee must go to a Carabinieri station or inside a prison. In addition, there is only one hour of air time and social time inside the section, which take place in groups consisting of a minimum of two to a maximum of four prisoners: the division into groups is decided directly by the bureaucrats’ offices in Rome and it applies for several months.

The 41 bis is a prison regime of annihilation, it is designed to cause physical and mental damage through the technique of sensory deprivation; it is a political and social death sentence designed to break all forms of contact with the outside world. Alfredo’s treatment reminds us of the words attributed to Benito Mussolini about Gramsci: “This brain must be prevented from functioning for twenty years”.

An example of the black hole into which one ends up once enters 41 bis is precisely what happened on October 20th during the hearing at the Sassari surveillance court. In this hearing, the sympathizers were prevented from entering the courtroom, the comrade was connected via videoconference from prison as prescribed by 41 bis rules, and when he attempted to read his statement, his voice was taken away by pressing a button. The statement is secreted by the judges; if the lawyers released it, they would risk a heavy criminal sentence.

The story of the comrade Alfredo Cospito is entangled with an increasingly of dark repressive climate in the country. Outside the anarchist movement, we are also witnessing the increasingly oppressive repression against workers, students, and social movements. Let us cite the most striking case: this summer the prosecutor’s office in Piacenza opened an investigation against trade unionists accusing them of “extortion” because they were demanding, through a “radical” struggle (picketing and roadblocks), salary increases from the bosses.

We want to be understood even abroad that the repressive decline that the Italian state is adopting affects everyone personally, since a precedent of this magnitude in the heart of Europe could be a harbinger of further repressive rushes in other latitudes as well. All these are happening while the social crisis and the international military crisis are getting worse by the day. We know that these are the ideal contexts for governments to implement authoritarian turns. We have a few weeks to save Alfredo Cospito’s life, to prevent his assassination, but most importantly to give a signal of counterattack to what is happening. The state is responsible for the life and health of our comrade. Let’s mobilize around the world, let’s pressure the Italian state so that Alfredo can be released from 41 bis.

October 25th, 2022

Athens, Greece: Responsibility claim for the incendiary/explosive attack on the house of the child rapist-pimp Elias Michos – Direct Action Cells

As Direct Action Cells we take responsibility for the incendiary attack on the home owned by the child rapist, pimp and member of the New Democracy party Elias Michos, and his ex-wife Elizabeth Lekka. In the early morning of 23/10, we placed a low-powered incendiary/explosive device at the entrance of their apartment building in the Attica area.


An organised ring promoting and covering up pimps, rapists, child rapists, murderers and torturers – The cutting edge of the domestic capital mafia

“This is the practice and to whom it may please” – Demosthenes Pakos (police “unionist”)

For those who still insist on not understanding the systemic support and cover-up of police and fascist attacks, for those who still insist that the judiciary is neutral and independent of the domestic bourgeois elite and the whole mechanism of consolidating and monopolizing the violence it practices, for those who were not satisfied with the acquittal of the pimp and child rapist of the New Democracy, Nikos Georgiadis, the “special-friendly treatment” of the mafia boss Menios Fourthiotis, but also the full release on parole of the New Democracy’s Petros Lefkowitz for the serial rapes of his daughter since she was 11 years old, we would like to list only a few of the recent cases where the full complicity of the civil justice system with the scum who destroyed lives was proven. All this is already known, we are simply quoting it in a condensed form to make it absolutely visible that STATE AND CAPITAL VICTORY, VIOLATE AND KILL, that their very nature is exploitation, barbarism, devaluation of lives and the imposition of terror, and that every aspect of political and social life is class and value-determined. It is a SYSTEM FOR PRODUCING TERROR, VIOLENCE AND DEATH, with the corresponding mechanisms of communication management and laundering.

  • Two years ago, after a solidarity meeting for those arrested during a march against the burning of garbage by Lafarge / AGET in Volos, the comrade Vassilis Maggos was arrested. The cops of the Magnesia Police Directorate torture him and, after covering their voracious violent appetites, throw him into the street. The blows were fatal for the comrade, who breathes his last breath on 13/7/2020. This state murder is still being covered up today by the state-judicial apparatus, as only three cops were indicted for the simple misdemeanour of “dangerous bodily harm”, while no names have been released, and now that the case is being tried, the “law and order enforcers” are committing violence against the people in solidarity who had gathered at the Volos courts.
  • Last summer, the deafening case of the pimping and rape of a minor girl by her father and a cop at the Ilioupolis police station came to light, with the knowledge and the brutal cover-up of the other state agents of that department. The pimps, rapists and cover-ups are still circulating among us, the case was covered up and buried, until the next and the time after that when we will learn again about trafficking and (child) rape rings involving cops and “prominent” households.
  • One year ago, on 22/10/2021, cops execute Nikos Sampanis in Perama, gunning him down with 36 bullets after a chase due to racial profiling, and defying orders from the operations centre not to follow the stolen vehicle. The cops claimed they were on “defense,” which of course was debunked by video footage and eyewitnesses. The follow-up is predictable. Immediately all seven were acquitted, returned to work as normal and are walking among us.
  • This summer, on 28/6, Epaminondas Korkoneas, the cop who cold-bloodedly executed the anarchist student Alexandros Grigoropoulos on that bloody 6th of December ’08, is finally released from prison. Korkoneas received the extenuating circumstance of “prior lawful life”, and after serving his short term in Greek prisons, he is now walking among us. This follows the release of his accomplice, Vasilios Saraliotis, who was reinstated in the police force and even received compensation for his lost wages.
  • Then, on 1/7, the serial rapist and abuser, Petros Filippidis, was released from prison after being hospitalised for a “light ischemic episode” and after paying the sum of 20,000 euros as bail. He is now walking normally among us.
  • On 4/7, Athanasios Hortarias, the real estate agent who tortured and murdered Zack Kostopoulos / Zackie Oh! in the jewelry store in Gladstonos, on 21/9/2018, is released from prison. It seems he served his sentence for “grievous bodily harm”, so he is now walking among us as well. House arrest had also been imposed on the jeweller-killer, Spyridon Dimopoulos, while the latest development is the full acquittal by the Police Disciplinary Board for the four cops who handcuffed and abused Zack who was silenced.
  • On the same day, 4/7, the Leventis are acquitted for the gang rape of Georgia Bika in a hotel in Thessaloniki, following a proposal by prosecutor Kyriaki Kliabas, and despite all the evidence proving their guilt. One does not fall from the clouds, knowing that the Leventis are scions of the well-known family that owns most of the share capital for the multinational company Coca Cola 3E. And they are now moving among us.
  • This is followed on 13/7 by the acquittal of the humiliated ‘blue boy’, Dimitris Lignadis, for two of the rapes for which he was found guilty, while he was sentenced for two other rapes to 12 years’ suspended imprisonment. After paying a bail of 30000 euros, at noon on 14/7, Lignadis was finally released from prison and is now moving among us.
  • Also, on 14/7, Aristides Kokkinos and Nikolaos Soutoglou, the two cops convicted for the torture of Christos Chronopoulos at Kallithea police station in 2007, were released from prison. They beat him so badly that they caused him permanent total physical disability. Of course, they received the mitigating circumstances of ‘previous lawful life’ and ‘subsequent good behaviour’, so they are now moving normally among us.
  • On 29/7, Christos Sergiopoulos, the fascist who murdered in January 2013 the Pakistani worker Shahzat Loukman in Petralona, while he was going to work in the morning, is released from prison. After 6 years and 4 months in prison, he is now walking among us.
  • And today, we see the favorable treatment of the two subhumans of the DIAS who gang-raped the 19-year-old girl at the police station of Omonia, who will have support and cover-up even if they are convicted, since, as already said, “the workload at the police station of Omonia is heavy, and it is logical that there will be some distraction of the children”. The two scoundrels are free on parole, their names are withheld, and the whole media mob is out to wash them out and bury the case, just like with the Ilioupolis Police Station. We do not forget, just as we do not forget any of the horrible scenes of humiliation caused by the scum of the Omonia Police Station. History is being written, and sooner or later the bill will be paid.

Justice is neither impartial nor blind


The list goes on and on, the expressions of systemic violence as well as the incidents of cover-up are countless. Many of them may never come to light. But by quoting at least the above, we want to demonstrate that the state-capitalist system is absolutely intertwined and dependent on its legal and repressive mechanisms. It is a power complex that gives the feeling of impunity and absolute freedom to every cop, every fascist and every ’eminent, peaceful and decent citizen’ to carry out their outrages openly, and this is precisely what it wants to perpetuate. The sooner we understand that these scum are flesh and blood from the exploitative-class system which is robbing us of life and dignity, the sooner we will understand that only an organised revolutionary-radical movement can stand as a barrier to these outrages, only the resilience of the insurrectionary people can strike terror into the scum of the bourgeois-democratic regime and bring us closer to overcoming class society, patriarchy and omnipresent brutality.

Time for organisation and action

As we have said dozens of times in recent years, our enemies are not an abstract complex of relationships and meanings. They are real people, they move in the real world, they have real homes, vehicles and bodies. The only thing that separates us from a visit that will shatter their sense of omnipotence is whether we take a little time to research them, and a little determination and will to conquer the dignity and material power of a truly dangerous movement with real potential to overthrow the capitalist regime and its cultural superstructure.

Serial rape, prostitution, torture, economic exploitation of a 12 year old girl, targeting by the media mouthpieces that set up a stakeout outside the girl’s house, disorienting public opinion by trying to put the focus on the girl’s mother as the main culprit for the horrors the child was living: They demonstrate the thread of the tradition of the domestic bourgeoisie and its right-wing opportunists, from the times when the Khitans raped, tortured and executed the poor and resisters, and when the black marketeers speculated on the poverty and misery of war, with the arrogance and arrogance of a sense of eternal impunity and omnipotence. They demonstrate the values and the deeper essence of these anthropomorphic reptiles who, behind the facade of the doctrine of “Law and Order” and “Fatherland-Religion-Family”, hide their dark appetites and how they really see the world around them, namely as a field for brutal imposition, exploitation, bleeding and dissolution.

The “illustrious” Elias Michos, of Panagiotis, owner of the shop “OIKO-EPILOGES MICHOS” in Kolonos, is deep in the swamp of the domestic right, with hundreds of thousands of euros in direct contracts for supplies of products from his shop to various ministries under ND governments for decades. He was, moreover, until recently a leading member of the local organization of the ND in Kolonos. He organised election rallies at his home, while he regularly took photos with cops, priests and political figures of the right-wing scene, from Samaras to Plevris, and from Patoulis to Papanikos. Religious, nationalist, family man and boss, he covered up well the rottenness and disgrace that he hid inside himself, while he had set up the corresponding organized circuit with corresponding members of the “proud and illustrious” national body, thus ensuring their apparent immunity to lewdly and serially rape the body and soul of a 12-year-old child, and who knows how many others.

But his wife, Elizabeth Lekka, is also an “illustrious, very nice lady” (as the televangelist Balaskas described her), faithful to the values of ” Fatherland-Religion-Family”. She is a member of the municipal party ” Athina Psila” of the mayor Kostas Bakoyannis, appointed as a district councillor in the 4th municipal community of Athens, but also a member of the Board of Directors of the Municipal Infant School. She tried to bribe the mother of the 12-year-old girl so as not to publicly and irreparably expose her enviable family. While expediting the divorce proceedings with Michos (with whom, she claims, she had long been separated and merely cohabiting), just days before the scandal broke, and while she already knew what was going to happen.

Let’s put an end to victimisation

We expect no solution from the civil justice system, no name from the 213 on the list, no conviction of a cop, politician, rapist or judge. These are all their own children, they are an organized circle, a mafia clique that seeks our final crackdown, and that fully launders and supports the garbage they have on the loose. It’s time we put them in our crosshairs too, to answer their blows, to prove that they are vulnerable little men with only one purpose in life, to outdo their humiliation and their hammy personality by oppressing and destroying the lives of people who are objectively in a more vulnerable and weaker position than they are.

We have exhausted the examples of state arbitrariness. How much more do we need? Do we not understand that the scum who bloody marches and rallies, who humiliate and torture people in police stations, who hide behind fascist and church hate speech, have such a dark psyche that they are capable of anything? Don’t we understand that when a person founds his existence on the brute imposition and degradation of others, it is a natural consequence to practice all kinds and levels of violence, making it structural and systematic? The excuses have run dry. It is now obvious that we are ruled by a shameless mafia, which does not hesitate to trample on any “civic decency” in order to get oil for the scandals that break out repeatedly (wiretapping of political opponents, drug trafficking cartels, trafficking and child rape rings, direct assignments, criminal records and so much more). We have no choice but to stand on our feet and face this mafia head on, asserting that THIS IS NOT THE END OF HISTORY, WE ARE STILL HERE, not as victims, not as desperate cries and fireworks, not as defeated and with our backs against the wall, but as an active historical force fighting with all means to overthrow it.

Peripateticism, inarticulate cries and victimisation are the hallmark of the humiliated parrots of the state-suppressive apparatus. Worn-out tele-personas like Stavros Balaskas and Vassilis Doumas, under the wings of the stoned demagogues, show us every day, on every possible occasion, how a man who wants to live his life and his time with his head held high should avoid becoming one.

As far as the child rapists of the girl in Sepolia are concerned, but also all the would-be child rapists who of course “did not know the age”, who are “honest family men and respectable citizens”, “illustrious”, as Balaskas called the dregs of Michos: Sooner or later your names will be known one by one. Every Ioannis Sofianides, Anastasios Lazaridis, Nikolaos Kontaris and Efthimios Clothakis will lose sleep. Because there are people out here who have no hope and no expectations of the favours that bourgeois justice will bestow on them. Our only hope and only expectation is the militant and radical struggle that will bring terror into their homes, that will make fear change sides, so that revolutionary perspective and rebellious dignity can flourish.


The longer it takes us to take an active position, the longer this war will continue to be waged one-sidedly, without an opponent. The rape of children, the rape of women, torture, femicide, fascist and paramilitary murders, all these are products of a social system that alienates us, alienates us from solidarity and empathy for our fellow man, makes us faceless machines of production and consumption of products, insensitive and lifeless components of the capitalist mega-machine, who do not understand or care what happens to those around them, what cloud of misery and destruction shadows the world from end to end. By recovering our humanity and our tenderness, we will understand more deeply the mechanisms that systematize violence and make it the monopoly of the ruling class, but also the mechanisms that make us cannibals, that make us want to find the weakest and impose ourselves on them.

The social war is raging, and the contribution of a movement that wants to call itself subversive and revolutionary must be substantial and multilevel. It behooves us to build structures and human relations that present our value gap with the capitalist world. To demonstrate that it is possible not to relate to people on the basis of competition, suspicion, let alone imposition and oppression. Against the world of organised rot and horror, there is another world, of solidarity, empathy and mutual respect, which must guard its ideals, organise itself to bleed for them, and keep its eyes fixed on the sky of the definitive uprooting of capitalism and its social construction from history.

To strengthen the militant formations of today


Solidarity with the 11 Turkish communist militants who are imprisoned in the Greek hellholes and have been on hunger strike since 7/10, demanding a fair trial and an end to the regime of exception against them.

Solidarity with anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, who started a hunger strike on 20/10 in Italian prisons to end the 41 bis revenge regime imposed on him since 5/5/2022. Solidarity also to the anarchist comrade Juan Sorroche who also started a hunger strike on 25/10, standing actively by Alfredo Cospito’s side.

We send our wholehearted solidarity to the four comrades imprisoned for the case of the incendiary attack on the Piraeus Traffic Police on 14/11/2021.

Always at the side of our imprisoned comrades in every corner of the world – PRACTICAL INTERNATIONALIST SOLIDARITY

Direct Action Cells

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Italian Amnesty International headquarters occupied in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike against 41 bis (Italy, Rome, october 25, 2022)
Italian Amnesty International headquarters occupied in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike against 41 bis (Italy, Rome, october 25, 2022)


Today 25/10/2022 we occupied the Italian headquarters of Amnesty International in Rome, in solidarity with the anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito, who is on hunger strike since six days in the Sassari prison against the 41 bis and the life imprisonment without possibility of parole. The 41 bis is a form of prisoner annihilation, for the first time used against the anarchist movement. Alfredo was transferred to 41 bis, after more than ten years of imprisonment in high security sections, with the declared aim of shutting his mouth and silencing his contribution to the revolutionary debate.

We denounce what happened during the 20 October hearing at the Sassari surveillance court, as an exemplification of the brutality of the 41 bis Cayenne: during the hearing, which the judge imposed behind closed doors and with the comrade connected by videoconference, Alfredo attempted to read an articulate defence brief through which he expounded the reasons for the beginning of his struggle. The judge interrupted the comrade, preventing him from concluding his speech in the only – and perhaps last – opportunity to communicate with the rest of the world since he was transferred to 41 bis, by simply cutting off the audio. His contribution has been sealed like everything else from the black hole of 41 bis. If the lawyers decided to disclose it, they could face penal consequences.

An unprecedented decision that clearly shows how the state is afraid of anarchist ideas and the practices that these ideas inspire. This is unacceptable. We want to read our comrade’s words immediately!

We have nothing to ask of humanitarian associations such as the one against which this morning’s initiative is directed: we know that their alternating current grievances only denounce the misdeeds of some exotic regime, preferably an opponent of western imperialism. We are not asking you to say anything about it… we just wanted to spit in your face your false conscience!

Close the 41 bis! Break the silence!
In solidarity with Alfredo on hunger strike!

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Spontaneous demonstration in the Centocelle district in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike (Rome, October 23, 2022)
Spontaneous demonstration in the Centocelle district in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike (Rome, October 23, 2022)

On Sunday, October 23, on the margin of the planned reading against 41 bis in Piazza delle Gardenie, some of the people who attended decided to take part in a small demonstration in the Centocelle district of Rome. Blocking traffic and trams, slogans, sticking posters and writing on walls to shout that Alfredo’s fight is ours too. Strength comrade!

The mobilisation is only just beginning.

Close 41 bis!

In solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike.

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Demonstration in solidarity with anarchist Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike since October 20 against the 41 bis prison regime (Trento, Italy, October 20, 2022)

Thursday, October 20 – Trento

After learning of the start of Alfredo’s hunger strike, about thirty comrades gathered in the centre of Trento and held a small demonstration around the city. Lots of speeches and slogans and some wall writings, to remind us that the 41 bis detention regime and – more generally – repression affects everyone. All the more so at a time like this, when between high cost of living and war, someone else might think of raising their head and stop suffering.

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Anarchist Alfredo Cospito started a hunger strike

Today, October 20, 2022, at the Sassari surveillance court, during a hearing concerning the seizure of correspondence, anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito declared the start of a hunger strike against the 41 bis prison regime to which he was transferred on May 5. The comrade, who made a statement, was not present in the courtroom but connected by video conference from Bancali prison.
Updates will follow.

Death to the State, long live anarchy.

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L’anarchico Alfredo Cospito ha iniziato uno sciopero della fame (Italia, 20 ottobre 2022)

Oggi, 20 ottobre 2022, presso il tribunale di sorveglianza di Sassari, nel corso di una udienza riguardante il sequestro della corrispondenza, il compagno anarchico Alfredo Cospito ha dichiarato l’inizio di uno sciopero della fame contro il regime detentivo di 41 bis in cui è stato trasferito il 5 maggio. Il compagno, che ha fatto una dichiarazione, non era presente in aula ma collegato in videoconferenza dal carcere di Bancali.
Seguiranno aggiornamenti.

Morte allo Stato, viva l’anarchia.

Ο αναρχικός Alfredo Cospito ξεκίνησε απεργία πείνας (20 Οκτωβρίου 2022)

Σήμερα, 20 Οκτωβρίου 2022, στο Εποπτικό Δικαστήριο Sassari (Ιταλία), κατά τη διάρκεια ακρόασης σχετικά με την κατάσχεση αλληλογραφίας, ο αναρχικός σύντροφος Alfredo Cospito κήρυξε την έναρξη απεργίας πείνας κατά του καθεστώτος των φυλακών 41 bis, στο οποίο μεταφέρθηκε στις 5 Μαΐου. Ο σύντροφος, ο οποίος έκανε δήλωση, δεν ήταν παρών στην αίθουσα του δικαστηρίου αλλά συνδέθηκε με τηλεδιάσκεψη από τη φυλακή Μπανκάλι, Σαρδηνία/Ιταλία. Θα ακολουθήσουν ενημερώσεις.

Θάνατος στο κράτος,
Ζήτω η αναρχία!


El anarquista Alfredo Cospito ha empezado una huelga de hambre (Italia, 20 octubre 2022)

Hoy, 20 de octubre 2022, delante del Tribunal de Vigilancia de Sassari, a lo largo de una audiencia en relación a la retención de correo, el compañero anarquista Alfredo Cospito ha declarado el comienzo de una huelga de hambre en contra del régimen penitenciario 41 bis en el que ha sido transferido el día 5 de mayo. El compañero, que ha formulado una declaración, no era presente en el aula sino que estaba conectado en videoconferencia desde la cárcel de Bancali. Seguirán actualizaciones.

Muerte al Estado, que viva la anarquía.


L’anarchiste Alfredo Cospito a entrepris une grève de la faim (Italie, 20 octobre 2022)

Aujourd’hui, 20 octobre 2022, au tribunal de surveillance de Sassari, lors d’une audience concernant la confiscation de la correspondance, le camarade anarchiste Alfredo Cospito a déclaré le début d’une grève de la faim contre le régime carcéral 41 bis auquel il a été transféré le 5 mai. Le camarade, qui a fait une déclaration, n’était pas présent dans la salle d’audience mais connecté par vidéoconférence depuis la prison de Bancali. Des mises à jour suivront.

Mort à l’État, vive l’anarchie


Der Anarchist Alfredo Cospito beginnt einen Hungerstreik (Italien, 20. Oktober 2022)

Heute, am 20. Oktober 2022, erklärte der Anarchist Alfredo Cospito vor dem Überwachungsgericht von Sassari, während der Anhörung wegen der Beschlagnahmung seiner Briefkorrespondenz, den Beginn eines Hungerstreiks gegen das 41-Bis-Gefängnisregime. Am 5. Mai 2022 wurde er dorthin verlegt. Der Gefährte, der eine Gerichtserklärung verlas, durfte nicht im Gerichtssaal anwesend sein, sondern wurde per Videokonferenz aus dem Gefängnis Bancali zugeschaltet. Weitere Updates folgen.

Tod dem Staat, lang lebe die Anarchie.