Carcere La Gonzalina – Rancagua, Chile: Francisco Solar: a complicit greeting

Carcere La Gonzalina – Rancagua,Francisco Solar: a complicit greeting

A complicit greeting

Revolutionary anarchist solidarity is a mutual relationship that indispensably requires a clear and decisive war positioning of the prisoners and milieus in affinity outside. Starting from this basis, this week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners goes to fortify such a relationship upheld in the clash, which is nothing other than the existing complicity that attacks any expression of authority.

Ending assistentialism and victimism means ceasing to see prisoners as a subject who is unaccountable during their temporary condition of confinement. Therefore, it also means breaking with practices that tend towards hierarchization that evolve into authoritarianism. It is imperative to always bear this in mind in order to fortify the anarchist anti-prison struggle.

A complicit greeting to all the groups and individuals who make their own the war against authority, which is inseparable from the anarchist struggle against prison. Their actions and attacks are an important breath of fresh air in the oppressive life of prison.

A complicit greeting also to all the anarchist prisoners locked up throughout the world. A special embrace for the comrade Alfredo Cospito who finds himself in an unusual situation of imprisonment that Power would like to make permanent.

An end to the military junta’s convictions for Marcelo Villarroel!
May the prisons explode!

Francisco Solar
Carcere La Gonzalina – Rancagua
End of August 2022

Note: This writing by the anarchist Francisco Solar Domínguez, imprisoned since July 2020 in the prisons of Chile, was circulated as part of the ‘International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners’. (International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, 23-30 August 2022).

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