Rome,Italy: COMMUNIQUE CLAIMING THE PARCEL BOMB AGAINST ALESSANDRO PROFUMO by Augusto Masetti Informal Anarchist Brigade – International Revolutionary Front

Translated by Act for freedom now! via: fuoridallariserva


The horrors of war move sensitie souls. Instead, we are reminded that it is injustice that dominates this world. The mangled bodies are always those of the poor people, it’s never a rich man to die, to lose a hand.

We don’t think we can compete with the violence of the State, your capacity for destruction and death is unparalleled. In recent years you have shown that in Syria, in Iraq, today in Ukraine and we saw it with the torture and massacre in the Italian prisons in March 2020. We have not forgotten nor forgiven.

We cannot compete with your violence and we probably don’t even have the guts. Instead we believe in the need for revolutionary violence, in action that opens glimpses of freedom. We believe in the contagion of ideas that pass through actions.

Once again the Informal Anarchist Federation is becoming an instrument for revolutionary communication and the propagation of anarchist action. An instrument that all the comrades can adhere to, putting their own signature to FAI-FRI acronym, putting ourselves in communication without the dangers that come from direct knowledge. An instrument with which we can express ourselves, also dialgue and confront each other, in the knowledge that one is talking with comrades who have put their lives and therefore their freedom at risk. When the words are too many and the deeds that follow are few, it is up to us to invert this tendency.

We have carried a small reminder of violence to the house of one who does his business with the violence of the State.
We sent the parcel bomb that arrived on June 27 in Rome to Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo S.p.A, the State company that produces weapons and state of the art technological devices. Collectionist and boardroom climber, great pimp of the universities, Profumo is one of those we are not likely to see bleeding from the wars he enriches himself with. Leonardo has done business with both Russia and Ukraine, his shares are soaring on the stock exchange and the Italian government is promising a shower of billions thanks to the rearmament race imposed by NATO. To their capital corresponds always and only our suffering and sacrifices.
Do you smell the perfume of rage? We are coming to return a little of your terror to you, bastard! Leonardo is at the forefront of technological research and development in Europe, praised on various occasions for results obtained in the field of aerospace engineering for example. The coincidence does not surprise us, war and technical innovation having always been interconnected.
It is with technology that they are ruining our life, that they are spying on us, driving us into misery. It is with developments in techno-science that they are aiming to redesign the social fabric, making war possible. Let’s strike those responsible.

Let’s call for an international campaign of action against the oligarchs who are enriching themselves with war, the energy and techno-scientific sector and the industrial bosses. Each with the means they prefer, exposing their reasons or letting the deeds speak for themselves.

We dedicate this action to Alfredo Cospito: take our comrade out of 41 bis or you will have to start cleaning up the jailers’ blood.
No resignation, no truce, no peace. For international fraternity and revolutionary action.

Brigata Augusto Masetti Federazione Anarchica Informale – Fronte Rivoluzionario Internazionale (Augusto Masetti Informal Anarchist Brigade – International Revolutionary Front)