Belgorod/Perm (Russia): the military recruitment offices heat up again

During the shortest night of the year, two military recruitment offices were burned at the same time

In Belgorod and Perm, on the night of June 24, 2022, military registration offices were attacked.

In Belgorod the fire started on the first floor. An unknown person broke a window on the first floor of the building and threw two molotovs inside. According to the press, an office went up in smoke.

In Perm (Urals), unknown persons tried to set fire to the military registration office. Several molotovs were thrown around 4 am in the military registration office in the district of Kirovsky, Zakamskaya Street. Four bottles were found on the spot – two broke, two remained intact, no fire broke out.

The good news is that in both cases the arsonists managed to escape. So far, the damage caused by arson attacks on Russian military recruitment and enlistment offices has not been very great, but despite the crackdown, they continue unabated and are spreading across the country.

[Translated from Russian by the anarchist website a2day, June 25, 2022]