Exarcheia, Athens, Greece: 25 June – Day of national and international support for the Exarcheia – Demonstration in Exarcheia Square videos:

Exarchia, Saturday night, around 20:30, 25 June 2022. People are starting to gather in Exarchia Square for the march against gentrification, evictions, political denaturalization and state repression in Exarchia. In front of the astonished eyes of the assembled people 5-6 motorbikes of the police group DRASI are defiantly passing by Exarchia Square. Apart from voices denouncing this provocative move by the police and warning of the response they will get the next time they provoke, there is no aggressive move against the police.

What are the police officers going and doing on their part? They leave and come back with more reinforcements to provoke incidents, about 15-20 motorcycles. The result of this is what is recorded in the video.

During their panicked retreat and after once again suffocating the area with asphyxiating gas, they even left behind radios, according to witnesses.

The march through Exarchia moved dynamically with the participation of hundreds.

Below is the text calling for the march:


To defend the neighbourhood of the world that holds many worlds.

A neighbourhood where people of all genders, ages and backgrounds can co-exist with respect. Where the militant history of yesterday meets the struggles and resistances of today.

Against gentrification, evictions, political denationalization, state repression. To fight for the Exarchia of social self-organization, class solidarity, revolt

– NO Metro in Exarchia Square
– No surrender of the Strefi Hill to private interests
– Let the Polytechnic remain a place of meeting and struggle
– Reduction in rent prices / No eviction

source : https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1619546/