Italy – Updates on the trial for operation ”Bialystok”

The first-instance trial begun following the repressive operation dubbed “Bialystok”, which kicked off on 12th June 2020 at the hands of the Carabinieri ROS, is finally coming to an end. On 5th May the prosecution indictment took place in the courtrooms of the judicial city of Rome, where the public prosecutor and civil parties clarified their conclusions on what had emerged during the preliminary phase and submitted their requests for sentencing. As evidence of the scant solidity of the whole accusatory framework, prosecutor Francesco Dall’Olio distinguished himself with a not in any way aggressive summing-up, with jocular and even condescending tones concerning all parties involved, as though he wanted to ingratiate himself with the public, shirking his responsibilities in this repressive story as a puppet on the payroll of the ROS, deferring himself to the ultimate judgment of the court.

In the requests for sentencing the prosecution took into account considerations expressed by the two Cassations requested by some of those on trial during the remand phase, which had declared the inconsistency of the charges of subversive association for the purposes of terrorism and/or subversion of the democratic order (art. 270 bis of the penal code). The public prosecutor therefore opted for a reduction to article 270 (subversive association), abandoning the hypothesis of purposes of terrorism. Consequently, for the charge of incitement to commit acts against the State and institutions (Art. 302) it was also requested that it be reduced to incitement to commit crimes (Art. 414).

At his own request an acquittal was also sought for those accused of aggravated resistance following a picket outside a squatted house that was being evicted.

On the contrary, the aggravating circumstance of terrorism was confirmed for the person accused of burning some cars belonging to the ENI (Italian oil and energy giant) car sharing. In fact, according to the prosecution the same person allegedly acted in full awareness of an intimidatory campaign against the company that has been carried out by anarchists for years. Moreover it was suggested that the cars set on fire in the streets could have harmed an unspecified number of people, in spite of the fact there is no news of any such event occurring as a result of the burning of the cars.

The same line of reasoning was adopted for the person accused of an explosive attack on the Carabinieri barracks of San Giovanni in Rome, for whom the charge of attack with purposes of terrorism and/or subversion (article 280) was confirmed.

Requests for sentencing were: 7 years for 3 of those accused of promoting a subversive association, 5 years for an [alleged] member of the association, 8 years and 8 months for a person accused of participating in the association and of attack, 7 years and 4 months for a person accused of setting fire to cars with purposes of terrorism, but who was considered non participant in the association.

After the prosecutor’s demands for sentencing the civil parties declared themselves in favour, specifically ENI and Automotive spa (a company that ran the car sharing service at the time), the Presidency of the Council, the Ministries of the Interior and Defence, represented by their respective lawyers. As they were in the role of injured parties in this judicial theatre, they submitted their demands for compensation: 250,000 euros is the amount proposed by the State attorney, whereas ENI and Automotive demanded 100,000 euros each for economic and image damage. Particularly solicitous in the demands for sentencing was the latter’s lawyer, Scilla Malagodi, who engaged in a more detailed and fervent reconstruction than that of the prosecutor, as to why the person accused of the burning of the cars should be sentenced.

The final hearings will be held on 12th, 15th, 20th and 29th September, when the defence summing up will be heard, any replies, and the sentencing.

We take this opportunity to make it known that, given the heavy legal costs, the fund for legal expenses is in great difficulty, so we suggest renewing efforts for the economic support of those on trial.

The bank details for contributions are:

IBAN: IT40B3608105138206892206896
Account name: Pietro Rosetti

We also want to send warm greetings in solidarity to those who are locked up or are persecuted because of acts and words inherent in the common struggle for total freedom, especially the anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito, recently put under the 41 bis regime as further revenge of the State following his courageous attitude and constant contributions to the anarchist debate.



via: ilrovescio.infoTranslated by act for freedom now!