Frankfurt am Main, Germany: The excavator goes boom!
Friday, April 22, 2022

The excavator goes boom! Fire and flames for the project to link the A66 and A661 freeways

On the night of April 21-22, 2022, in solidarity with the occupation of Fecher Woods, we set fire to an excavator and a drill of the company Geomer-Kampfmittelbergung and destroyed other means of devastation.

Until recently, the place where this company works was still occupied by a Wagenplatz, which had to give way to the extension of the A66/1.
In addition, this almost completely destroyed site is located right next to the occupied Fecher woods.

People who are resolutely opposed to capital and the destruction of our livelihoods,
who are looking for a way to something else, to “a better life”.
People who, in their self-organized communal life, try together, step by step, to overcome their own socialization, the chains that this sick system imposed on them at birth.
We see a great potential in this place.

That is why our action is a sign of our attachment to this place and of our solidarity with those who make it live.
Our action is also a sign of our own anger. A sign of our powerlessness. How often do we feel incredibly powerless and paralyzed?
But in that moment, when the excavator goes up in flames, when the flames of my heart are unleashed, I know I am right.
Enough is enough.

NO to more highways.
NO to more ecological devastation.

Don’t be passive. Be loud, diverse and creative. Don’t be held back by systematic individualization, isolation and feelings of powerlessness.

Arbitrariness can be fought with arbitrariness!
The excavator goes boom!

SARL “a little autonomous group”

* Note from Attaque: In the east of the city of Frankfurt, work is underway to build the extension of the A66 freeway, up to its junction with the A661. This new route should pass over woods, including the Fechenheim wood, which has been occupied to defend it from clearing.

Via:attaque translated by Act for freedom now!