Statement from Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone 10th May 2022 (UK)

Statement from Toby Shone
10th May 2022
Thanks to all those who came to express their solidarity and rage at Bristol Crown Court on Friday. After 15 months of solitary
confinement, it was the most amount of comrades I had seen in a long time. Your strength and warmth stays in my heart.
This was a major defeat and humiliation for the anti-terrorist
prosecutors and police, but we should not rest easy. A state methodology has been put together which they will use to attack others in the anarchist space when they can.
Operation Adream is also still not closed and so we should remain ready. There are many lessons to be learnt here and a more complete analysis will come out in time.
I am due for release in late December and will be on license until
November 2024. The prison Offender Management Unit (OMU) confirmed to me that the anti-terrorist units still intend to keep me under surveillance after my release. I am sure they will try to take revenge, but with the love and complicity of all the comrades, we’ll turn up the heat. Liberty and discord are one and the same. Always unrepentant, always anarchist.
Nothing is over, everything continues.
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