Flyer: Caen, The battle is played out in the streets ! (France)

The battle is in the streets!

“There are no supreme saviours.
Neither god, nor Caesar, nor tribune”,
An old song

The results of the first round of the presidential elections, which in any case had nothing cheerful to offer except the funeral oration of the old parties of the PS and the Republicans, have arrived. In a pale replay of 2017, we should delegate our power and march in step behind the ideal gendarme and, above all, the State and Capital, or abandon ourselves to the throes of racism and an ”anti-system” complicit in the reign of hierarchy and money. Another possibility is to express our revolt without waiting.

The electoral system and their democracy are illusions, where we are urged to identify with the concerns of the power, to accept the language and the agenda. All this reveals what elections have never ceased to be: a moment synonymous with passivity where the appetite for delegation and resignation is stimulated. We should, with sorrow or enthusiasm, confuse our interests with those of the established order and empathize with representatives vying for an extra share of wealth and power.

With the retention of the Rassemblement National in the second round, all the plebiscites, sociologists, experts are already selling us with great publicity and communication, the sacred union against the “fascist” abjection, and this to reach a wide range of people from the right to the left through the center, the extreme left and why not the libertarians. To accept the terms and the electoral stakes means to submit to the State and the current march of this world of domination and exploitation. It is to consider the partners who have been managing the system for ages as credible. It is indeed becoming more and more obvious that in this game of fools, the RN, as detestable as it may be, serves as a political adjustment variable, including as a repellent, and all the powers that be play along. For our part, we do not lose sight of the fact that fighting the extreme right can only be done simultaneously with the struggle against the state, capitalist exploitation, patriarchy, racism and all their nuisances.

We already know, whatever happens in the elections, what awaits us: the reinforcement of the precariousness of our conditions of survival on all fronts, an increased hunt for scapegoats, for undocumented migrants, for the unemployed, an increase in the arsenal of repression and an unceasing accumulation of announced industrial devastation, in the forefront of which are the brand new ticking time bombs that are nuclear power plants.

Rather than chasing the lesser evil, we might as well remember that powers can be defeated in struggle. There are spontaneous demonstrations which, when they are not running after any power, seem to us to be much more emancipating. All the more so when without mediation these dynamics manage to go on the offensive. Thus, in Caen, in 2007, a spontaneous demonstration had welcomed in its own way the Sarkozyist power, by turning into a riot. The next day, the office of his party, the UMP, was burned. We could very well imagine that this kind of welcome is the prelude to another way of considering the answer to our problems, without relying on a leader: insurrection.

No plague, no cholera, no one!


Gathering on Sunday, April 24 at 9pm at the Place du Theatre (Caen)

via: sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!