In der Tat – English Version – Issue 01

In der Tat is an anarchist journal that is spread quarterly, and mostly in German-speaking territories. An English version was already published in autumn 2020, featuring translations from issue 1 to 8. Now the interested reader can also order copies in so-called Canada and the US.
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Editorial of the 1st issue:
To question all authority, to reject all kinds of power and to enter into conflict with them is a continuous fight. A fight in which we‘re trying to develop free relationships, beyond the existing order. But to create something new also always means to be drawn into the unknown and to dare new relationships, new projects, new steps, and experiments.

With this, a new step has been taken: to express our thoughts, to reflect upon our ideas and deepen them. Hereby we‘re creating a new means to extend our practice and horizons – across regions and beyond the borders of cities and countries. Not least to start a correspondence with you, with the anarchists and the enemies of power out there, with those who are considered strange, dangerous, and deranged in this world. This journal is spread on paper because this is a step towards you, from individual to individual, beyond the digital delirium and the pre-chewed opinions.
This journal is addressed to those who want to break with the world of authority here and now and who want to express their love for freedom.
We experience freedom through the destruction of authority, through paralyzing the veins that are keeping power alive, through the overcoming of the routine. For us, anarchy is not an abstract philosophy but an actual tension against authority, a real change in our relationships, which we can only experience in the destruction of authority. A stance that becomes a confrontation with power, not merely in words but also in acts.
Table of Contents:
P. 2 Anarchism!
P. 6 Where to?
P. 7 Living Solidarity
P. 10 Counter-power or Chaotic Struggle?
P. 14 Inside the Open Air Prison
P. 16 The Planetary Open Air Prison
P. 19 The Revolt in Chile
P. 28 The Last Humans?
P. 30 When the Heads of States Meet
P. 31 The 5G Net: A Key Technology of Power
Reviews & Commentaries
P. 35 Specialists in Anarchism?
P. 37 Be it old, be it new… Against All Authority!
P. 42 About Anarchist Street Newspapers
P. 43 Against Discipline!
P. 45 Beyond the Ghettos: On the Spreading of Attack
P. 46 Commentary on Inside the Open Air Prison