Madrid (Spain): End of the Bankia affair

On October 29, 2018, we, two anarchists comrades from Madrid, were arrested, accused of the incendiary sabotage of a Bankia ATM, which had taken place on April 13 of the same year. The action was in solidarity with Lisa, who had been sentenced to 7 years for a bank robbery in Aachen (Germany) – at present she is on parole.
There was an agreement between the parties: 1 year suspended prison sentence for each comrade and 7000 euros civil liability, paid before the trial.

We were facing 3 years in prison and 17,000 euros in civil liability. After weighing all the options, we made this decision taking into account all the factors of the context. The agreement is to admit guilt.
Thank you very much to all the compas around the world for their solidarity, expressed in a thousand and one ways.
Fight against all authority, now and always!
via: attaque Translated by Act for freedom now!