Berlin, Germany : Arson attack on car of prison profiteer SPIE in solidarity with prisoners

Arson attack on car of prison profiteer SPIE in solidarity with prisoners
Wednesday night, March 23, we set fire to a car of the company SPIE in Prenzlauer Berg. SPIE participates internationally in the construction and operation of prisons and other facilities for the purpose of total surveillance and control. Educational institutions, parks, transportation infrastructure, and consumer strips become places of discipline under the electronic eyes and sensors of a mix of private and state security systems. Where people could organize and shape their own lives, where they could resist and simply take what they are not granted under capitalism, companies like SPIE are contributing to the technological assault. Too little is opposed when it comes to the enemies of freedom. Let’s burn down their cars, let’s paralyze their infrastructure!

With this action we declare our solidarity with the persecuted defenders of Biologico and the ungovernability of the University of Thessaloniki, with the imprisoned Thanos Chatziaggelou, Georgia Voulgari, Panos Kalaitzis and Dimitris Chatzivasiliadis.
With Ella and Lina in the focus of German repression and Claudio Lavazza under the control of the French prison system. With all persecuted fighters around the globe.
Translated by Act for freedom now!