Responsibility claim for arson & incendiary attacks by Cells of Anti-Militarist Action – Another war is possible (Athens,Greece)

We take responsibility for the arson attacks that took place from March 2 to 14 in areas of Athens. Specifically
At dawn on Wednesday 2/3 we set fire to and destroyed a company van of AKTORA in Chrysostomou Smyrnis Street in Vyronas. On 1/4/2021 in Evia, the bodies of 3 dead workers were found hanging on the DEI poles and thrown lifeless on the ground at an AKTORA construction site. The murdered workers of the class war are not included in any official statistics, many times they do not even have a name, nationality, age. They are mere fuel and legalized collateral damage. Only proletarian organization and revenge can keep alive the memory of the murdered workers and our class hatred against their murdering bosses. Giannis Carlatiras, 43 years old, George Toskas, 55 years old, and Alex Brouka, 45 years old. stand next to the names of Antonis Dellios, Stamatis Diplaris, Giritlis Tzihat and many other local and migrant workers, all of them murdered on AKTORA construction sites, in our own accounts, in our own memory.
Let us realize that the organization of class revolutionary anti-violence was not, nor is it, a secondary dimension of workers’ action. It is on organised proletarian counter-violence, on the destruction of capital’s proletarian elements and the targeting of its cadres, on the wildcat strikes, that not only any “bargaining power” of the exploited masses is based, but also their very unity in the fields of class warfare. It is the resistance and attack of the workers against the bosses that unites the Class, not the bargaining for the material conditions of its simple survival.

In the midst of declared war and class lockdowns, trade union slogans have been reduced to “health protection measures, masks, tests and vaccinations”, legitimising automatic conscription and therefore universal devaluation of labour power in the name of public health. War, every form of war organised by states, is an automatic devaluation of the class not only in terms of wages and rights but also in simple material and biological dimensions. War means extermination, destruction, death, and when it is officially declared, the generalized appeal to peace simply digs our hole. It can only seem dystopian to claim individual military helmets and safe passage routes to work in the event of an actual military conflict. A working class disciplined to the dictates of the state and capital is a working class vulnerable, easy prey to their warlike designs.
On the contrary, the recent examples of E-Food and Cosco show that workers only gain power when they take control of the situation into their own hands in time in belligerent and confrontational terms. When their collective revaluation is based on their collective organisation, their disobedience to the bosses’ dictates and their choice of conflict. When they march along the marked paths of the strike, its protection or even the threat of sabotage, as in the case of the Cosco workers. Remembering that the history of proletarian struggles is intertwined with strike, collective conflict, sabotage. Both in times of “peace” and in times of war. Work is war and we must come out of it alive to conquer the totality of our lives.
In the early morning of Wednesday 9/3 we attacked the branch of the DEDDIE (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator) Pankratio, 9 Amaseia Street, with an incendiary device, causing damage to the main entrance of the building. The action took place just a few meters from the Pangrati Police Station proving that the bunch of cops based there are incapable of protecting even their own skins. Energy means war and war means energy. Despite the incessant propaganda about green capitalism and green energy, even the unsuspecting now know full well that the global war industry (and the actual waging of wars as a sub-episode of it) is the most energy-intensive and wasteful industry on the planet in modern history. At the same time, transnational rivalries over the control and exploitation of energy resources are taking on a clear war dimension with entire states, multinational energy giants and transnational mechanisms of military, economic and political power involved. In the most cynical way, it can be said that meeting the increased global energy needs is largely reduced to operations of destruction and annihilation of man and nature itself.
In our part of the world, the Greek state, which is presented as a pillar of stability in the South-Eastern Mediterranean, is involved with a leading role in generating political and military tension against the background of the exploitation of marine land in the Mediterranean as Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). The promotion of Greek interests through the transnational alliance of Greece-Cyprus-Israel-Egypt for the exploitation of energy deposits in the SE Mediterranean goes hand in hand with joint military exercises and the exchange of military know-how between the armies of the countries involved. Despite the state propaganda, the Aegean and the Mediterranean in general in the hands of the rulers cannot become a sea of peace but only plots of land, deposits, fields of military exercises and warfare. In the hands of the warlords, the Mediterranean will remain a vast graveyard of souls who either drown on their way out of a war or are exterminated as meat in their cannons.
More broadly, just last December the European Commission adopted a proposal for a resolution by 10 countries (led by France, where EDF, the national electricity company, has the most nuclear power plants in Europe) to make nuclear electricity generation green and absorb billions of euros of funding from European funds. At the same time, in the midst of the Russo-Ukrainian military conflict, the control and security of existing nuclear facilities, or even the possible use of nuclear weapons, is becoming the new Cold War scare at the global level, making global inter-sovereign conflicts the number one enemy for the security and life of the world’s population. The chain crises of capitalism, either against the background of managing a pandemic or against the background of a military conflict, are highlighting a new globalism where the population of the whole earth is united in the bonds of death. The stakes remain open and simple: will the oppressed become the gravediggers of capitalism or vice versa?
The foretold energy war is being waged by states and business giants. But energy poverty is indiscriminately hitting ‘civilian’ populations, depriving them of income, access to electricity, heating, etc. In Greece, the methodical privatisation of the DEI (Public Power Corporation) is now reaching its final stages. After being broken up and sold piece by piece to foreign funds (DEDDIE to Mcquire Asset Management and DEI to CVC Capital Partners), today it is orchestrating an unprecedented attack on the people of this country. On the one hand, the Energy Stock Exchange is subsidising organised speculation on the energy commodity, and on the other hand, the government, with its famous bill subsidies, is advancing and reinforcing the merry-go-round of increases by regulating not the market, as it allegedly claims, but directly the excess profits of the private providers that have sprung up on the decomposing corpse of the DEI. Private providers who have been the perennial contractors and defaulters of the DEI for decades, e.g. Kopelouzos, Mytilineos, Latsis, etc.
It is time to turn off their plans. In the midst of an expansionist war and inter-state conflicts in Ukraine, and while prices of all essentials are rising in all regional countries (and not only), the mass refusal of payments and the socialization-expropriation of every commodity useful for the subsistence of the populations can acquire the character of anti-war sabotage of social peace by abolishing borders and national divisions. Only the sharpening of social indiscipline and the immediate recovery of the militant self-confidence of the struggling people can arm the hands and minds of societies against the war machine. By refusing the methodical scarcity organized by the states at all levels (in health, energy, life itself…), only the producers of social wealth can be its owners.
Let our attack on the branch of DEDDIE Pangrati be our minimal contribution to the accumulated rage of those who wish to blow up the coffers of the DEI, to attack the crews of DEDDIE and its contractors who cut electricity to houses, to destroy the construction sites of the DEI (wind farms, hydroelectric dams, etc. a) that plunder nature in the name of green energy, to avenge the dead workers at DEI construction sites and the thousands of people who have blackened their lungs by living next to lignite mines.
At dawn on Friday 4/3 we attacked with an incendiary device at the entrance of the company Kampakas GMC ABEE at 2 Iroon Skopitiriou Street in Kaesariani, completely destroying the entrance and part of the ground floor of the building. We are not surprised by the complete concealment of this action which took place about 150 meters from the Kaisariani police station. The company Kampakas GMC SA has factories in Xanthi and Volos and its headquarters are located in Kaisariani. It is a company designing and producing spare parts and components for industrial and military use such as crawlers for armoured vehicles, bomb shells, warship parts and anti-ballistic armouring steels. Advertising its cooperation directly with NATO and being a major supplier of metal parts to the Ministry of National Defence, it is one of the dozens of Greek companies involved in the war industry, making profits from the war itself.
At dawn on Tuesday 14/3 we attacked with an incendiary device at the entrance of the offices of the company ATESE S.A. in Aristonikos Street in Mets, destroying the entrance of the building. ATESE S.A. specialises in the field of electronic communication and in the production of operational control, security, interconnection and management systems for ‘crisis and high-risk situations’. ATESE is owned by the entrepreneur Christos Houbavilis and together with the company Miltech ( which produces products for many armies worldwide such as thermal sights, air defence systems etc. ) they maintain a stable cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Defence and the Air Force, with French war industries (Safran Group, Dassault Aviation), with the American Raytheon and MBDA, a European missile design and production company.
The enemy is here! We have chosen to attack 2 companies actively involved in the production and supply of military equipment and know-how to the Greek army and other national armies-members of NATO.
Every state bases its sovereignty on its killing power against its subordinate populations. On the monopoly of violence, the terrorist institutions of class domination can be established. The state war machine fundamentally guarantees the applied violence of productive relations and the economy as a whole. National territories are camps of exploitation and fear, they are walled slaughterhouses. Every inter-state alliance in the name of peace or humanitarianism aims to prolong this war within and beyond the formed borderlines of the new war territory. The other name for war is counterinsurgency, which is differentiated only in name. The police-military doctrines over the decades have been communicating vessels for pumping resources, know-how, ideologies and methods applied on the bodies of resisting people, insurgent populations of “marginal groups”. The economy of war is the military management of social life and resources, the methodical destruction, the scientific management of death. The political consequence of the above reasoning is inexorable. Every state, in every historical moment and form, is the supremely terrorist and murderous institution of humanity. Resistance to the state slaughterhouse can only be social, organized, violent.
That is why the state war machine, both globally and in Greece, is multifaceted and perpetual. Production and export of weapons systems, development of research and technology in cooperation with universities and multinational groups, exchange of know-how between state institutions and business groups involved in war fields, maintenance of military bases for launching war operations, deployment of troops and military exercises. The economy represented by the military complex is fundamental to the existence of states and their supranational mechanisms of sovereignty. The constant and intensifying development, innovation and training of the war machine, especially in times of “peace” make the very concept of peace a huge mask of state terrorism. Reality itself does not allow us to treat war and peace as 2 distinct moments. The peace of the rulers has become a bloody field, a constant preparation for war; every raw material and resource, every know-how and weapon, every company and person, every structure and capital, must have its own separate destiny in our liberatory warfare. Expropriation and socialization. Sabotage and targeting. Attack and destruction. And, indeed, we need 10-100-1000 Direct Action Cells to intervene dynamically, consistently and with commitment, in all fields of the social front.
Our life is a field of prolonged war. Capitalism in perpetual crisis, the state of emergency permanent, societies at war, our everyday life militarized. The calls for national unity, discipline and individual responsibility seem like conscription. Police checks and curfews embody aspects of the declaration of martial law. Financial fines become punitive instruments of social humiliation and the imposition of medical procedures becomes a scientific method of social fragmentation and fragmentation. Tracing a virus and locating diseased bodies resembles a search for enemies and saboteurs. The dead are recruited by the military staffs to extort silence and submission in order to execute the truth in cold blood. Who still dares to speak of public health; who still dares to speak of social peace? Two years ago, rulers around the world unanimously declared war against the invisible enemy. 2 years later, their recall or readjustment of individual biopolitical practices reinforces their orchestrated operation of forgetting and normalizing war. Whatever the scientific conclusion on the course of the pandemic, let us not expect any official political announcement of an armistice or end of the war. The legacy of this battle is already weighing on the continuation of the war on the side of the oppressed. For alongside the sharp depreciation of every aspect of life, there stands the inexorable retreat or even political disarmament of social and political movements throughout the world. The refusal of war, militarism, counterinsurgency cannot find us uninvolved, unarmed, disarmed in many ways. Every political action and initiative, every campaign and strategy must also contribute to the multifaceted enlightenment of who the real enemy of the oppressed is. Only the comprehensive profiling and knowledge of the enemy can provide common goals for the revolutionary struggle of the peoples.
There is no peaceful way out of war, nor do the new balances of terror guarantee the security of the peoples. The cessation of a military conflict means a military reorganization on the part of the strong. Exit from war means the destruction of the war machines and their economy. It means broad social insubordination to the dictates of militarism, class rebellion from every state imperative. It means fighting communities of struggle, revolutionary institutions of social self-management and self-defence, it means a strategy of permanent insurrection. Here and now, to build the revolutionary projections of the world we envision by assuming the multifaceted responsibilities of such a project here and now. To offer soul and body to the vision and attempt of social revolution. There is nothing more important and beautiful that this world holds than the prospect of its revolutionary transformation.
Almost a century after the beginning of the First World War, instead of making internationalist solidarity a flag of convenience, let us remember the basics. Sabotage-Solidarity-Revolution. Sabotage in war means rendering my country’s army (and not only), any form of enemy army, incapable of fighting inside and outside its borders. Interfering subversively and destructively with its manpower, resources and raw materials, forming a hostile environment around it through the reinforcement of revolutionary, anti-state, class warfare. This is our supreme class internationalist task, the supreme gesture of love, solidarity and fraternity with all the peoples of this world. And on these gestures can be built the world fighting community that tears down borders and nationalisms, states and armies. The only community, the only war that can stop all wars.
PS. Our actions are dedicated to the imprisoned anarchist D. Hatzivassiliadis who from 11 to 18/3 conducted a hunger strike, sending an internationalist and anti-war signal of solidarity inside and outside the borders, and to the imprisoned anarchist Xatziagkelou who took responsibility for his participation in the organization “Anarchist Action” as well as the 2 people in custody for the same case. Freedom to all anarchist prisoners of war!
We will be back.
Source: athens.indymedia