Patra city,Greece: Expropriation in a supermarket and distribution at a street farmer’s market

Patra Now – Expropriation in a supermarket and distribution at a farmer’s market.
Today 3/3 in the morning, an expropriation of essential goods from the supermarket AB Vassilopoulos in the area of Ag. Sofias and their distribution in the adjacent market took place. Texts were handed out and fliers were thrown. The following is the announcement:
Everything belongs to us because everything is stolen
Block / self-reduce the increased cost of living that is the result of the bosses’ crisis being passed on to our backs
At the present juncture all of us at the bottom of society are experiencing an unprecedented attack by the economic and political elite. State and capital are seeking in every way to pass on the cost of the deep ongoing capitalist crisis to the poor, the unemployed, the precariously employed, the low-paid, pensioners and immigrants. An attack that has been going on for years with the slashing of wages, pensions and welfare structures, with the dismissals and squeezing of workers, the dismantling of public health, education, transport, the plundering of nature for their “development” and profits. The health crisis of covid-19 magnified this attack and it is now understood that the pandemic is primarily hitting the people of our class. The rich are getting richer, the poor and the dispossessed are groaning under the burden of unemployment, precarious work, boss terror in the workplace and the frightening rise in the cost of living.

We have no illusions. The increase in the prices of basic consumer goods is not the result of an abstract unexplainable price increase that has come from nowhere. On the contrary, it is clearly the choice of the capitalist system to continue to impose and secure its profits by shifting the burden of the crisis and its losses onto us. The present situation is linked to the memoranda and the implementing laws of the past decade, it is a partial piece in the wider puzzle of the capitalist restructuring we are experiencing, with privatisations and rising costs of public goods, education, primary care, housing, transport, the selling-off and destruction of nature.
To this let us add that the only way for the above to be implemented without resistance and for capitalism to continue to exist uninterrupted as an economic-social-political system is by trying to form a society without cohesive bonds. A society of cannibalism and social automatism, without class consciousness, solidarity, mutual aid and self-organisation. They want us scared and frightened, with our heads bowed, resigned against any claim, any collective action against Power, whether economic or political. They want a society docile and submissive to their dictates, a society in which one poor man turns against his neighbour, holding him responsible for his misery. They want us with our palms open waiting for any form of charity, rather than with clenched fists fighting against State and power.
Coming to today’s action, we must emphasize and add that especially in the present situation, the cartels of supermarket owners and big producers have made huge profits with the constant increases in the prices of consumer goods. The pandemic has really been an opportunity for them to increase their profits on the backs of their workers, making them work without health protection measures, with overtime ‘paid’ with days off (see the anti-worker Hatzidakis bill), even on Sundays. Capitalism is not becoming humane, the only thing the existing system guarantees us is poverty, grimness, misery, wars, exploitation and death.
In the face of all this, in the face of the plundering of our lives and nature, we have only each other. Solidarity and mutual aid among those at the bottom of society is a one-way street if we want to stand up to our masters and fight with dignity against our common oppressors and exploiters. Militant self-organization in the spaces of slavery, class and social solidarity, collective resistance in every field of exploitation and oppression of our lives by the State and capital.
Let’s take our lives and all the wealth we produce into our own hands
Our needs above their profits!
Class, social, anti-state and anti-capitalist struggle, with mass expropriations of goods, strikes, mutual aid structures, conflicts, occupations
Resistance – Self-organization – Solidarity – Mutual aid
For a world of equality, solidarity, freedom
Translated by Act for freedom now!