Greece: Political position of the anarchist prisoner Thanos Hatziangelou on the attack on the IETF (“Foundation for National and Religious Reflection” )

Political position of the anarchist prisoner Thanos Hatziangelou on the attack on the IETF (“Foundation for National and Religious Reflection” )
Gender violence is not just a fact. It is the constantly imposed normality of patriarchal suffocation. Daily femicides, countless rapes and abuses, insulting and ironic comments, questioning and bullying. And when these things receive the divine blessing of the civilized obscurantism that the church is reaping, uncompromising rage takes shape, takes to the streets and seeks a voice. Revolutionary violence is taking responsibility.
On 21/01, yet another piece is added to the puzzle of the cultural rot that dominates social and political life. A 37-year-old priest child rapist is accused of systematic indecency against an 11-year-old girl who attended the catechism of the religious pack of pimps in Patisia(Area of Athens). Sadness, disgust, anger but above all responsibility. Responsibility not to bury yet another incident of so many repulsive events that make up the stench of the sacred mafia. Responsibility to leave nothing unanswered. And responsibility, if not translated into action, is lost in the maelstrom between acceptance and resignation.

I carried out the incendiary attack on the Foundation for National and Religious Reflection because the refusal of acceptance arms the affirmation of justification. Because I don’t expect justice for those who systematically sanction the normalization of gender violence and death by demanding explanations and apologies. I made a highly symbolic political intervention with an agent of the sacred mafia in sending a single clear message: In the laws of subjugation, revolutionary justice is the only way forward.
Our ordered captivity shows nothing more than the polarization that fuels two worlds in constant throwing and conflict. I proudly accept my responsibility, with my head held high and a smile on my face, even if it costs the loss of my individual freedom, even if it means starting a new witch hunt, and that is because my own responsibilities weigh as heavy as mountains.
With our bodies imprisoned within walls, bars and chains, but our hearts forever free, we continue our struggle for equality, justice and self-determination.
My absolute support, love and solidarity to the two persecuted Georgia Voulgari and Panagiotis Kalaitzis. My unreserved appreciation to the hundreds of hearts beating on our side and a promise that we will not falter for a moment . ‘ We are at war.
Thanos Hatziangelou
Anarchist captive, ΓΑΔΘ (Thessaloniki Police HQ cells)
via: athens.indymedia
Translated by Act for freedom now!