Greece: Letter of Panos Kalaitzis from Korydallos Prison

Letter of Panos Kalaitzis
On Tuesday 08/02 at 19.00 I was arrested by the anti-terrorist squad outside my comrade’s house in Ano Polis. The reason for my indictment was the arrest that same morning of Thanos Xatziagkelou and Georgia Voulgari accused of placing an incendiary device in the Foundation for National and Religious Reflection. I was taken to the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki, where hours later I was informed of my arrest on felony charges and membership of the Anarchist Action organization. I remained in custody for two days in the basements of the GADTH, on Friday 11/02 I passed through the interrogator and the prosecutor where I was notified of my pre-trial detention.
Being now in the throes of a comic process that is taking place against me, I declare myself unequivocally and categorically innocent of all the charges against me. I am currently in custody without a shred of evidence linking me to any participation in the charges against me, without a single mention of my name in the statements of the anti-terrorist police in connection with the activities of the organisation. The only attempted connection is through the house I rented next to the shop I ran with my associates as well as next to my comrade’s house (where I actually lived), which I reserved as a quarantine and recovery space from covid-19.

I am making an effort to stand up to this conspiracy that has been set up to deprive me of my freedom. I am trying to keep my mind alert and clear so that I can resist this injustice that wants to strangle me. I am trying to stand up to this arbitrariness that sees my life as a pawn on an invisible chessboard.

Against those who take human relationships and use them as they want and as it suits them to compose whatever puzzle they design.
I’m going to make it.
Solidarity to my friend, colleague and comrade Thanos Hatziangelou and to comrade Georgia whom I met a few days ago in the basements of the ΓΑΔΘ (Thessaloniki Police HQ cells)
Panos Kalaitzis
Korydallos Prison
via athens.indymedia.Translated by Act for freedom now!