Île-de-France: New Year’s fireworks for prisoners are not cancelled!

Saturday 1 January 2022
While the cops were busy spoiling the party of those disappointed by the cancelled fireworks in the fields, we went and set some off in front of several places of incarceration in the Ile de France.
In front of the Mesnil-Amelot detention centre, we set off fireworks and shouted some messages of solidarity with those imprisoned; for freedom, against confinement. In recent months many revolts and escapes have taken place there, and we wanted to show our solidarity. We arrived a bit late, those detained there were no longer in the yard, so unfortunately we didn’t hear them, their voices going in another direction. But other comrades in the area heard them.

At the Vincennes CRA, it’s becoming a habit, several of us went behind the CRA to set off fireworks. We left quite quickly, we couldn’t hear if the people inside had shouted back. We will keep coming as long as your places of confinement exist!
At the Santé prison we would have liked to stay longer but preferred not to wait for the cops patrolling the area. It’s not so bad because thanks to the proximity between the cells and the street we were able to talk to the people inside. We also took the opportunity to immortalize all this with a little video.
At the Bois d’Arcy prison, we were able to get close to the gates and hear the prisoners respond to our slogans and firecrackers. We had a special thought for Flo, who has been in solitary confinement for more than a year as part of an anti-terrorist investigation.
May this year be rich in revolts and escapes, destroy jail!
NOTE: There is a video file at the indymedia lille link
via: attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!