Actforfree received by email and distribute :
From January 7, 2022, a period of solidarity with anarchist comrade Claudio Lavazza will begin. Claudio was first imprisoned by the Spanish then by the French State, and has already served over 25 years in detention. Although the doors of prison should have already opened last December 11, the prosecutor of Mont de Marsan – the emissary of State vengeance that is following his case – continues to keep him behind bars.
To raise awareness about the solidarity needed for our comrade, a poster with an international scope has been printed (at the moment in Italian, Spanish, English and French). Those who share it and wish to spread it, can request copies and more information at this email address:
inattuali (at) riseup (dot) net
It is very important to not leave Claudio alone in this moment and to not make him look isolated to his captors. We here publish his new address, as we think it is essential that he receives letters:
Claudio Lavazza
n. ecrou 11818, CD 1 cellule 5, 1D
CP de Mont-de-Marsan
Chemin de Pémégnan
BP 90629
40000 Mont de Marsan (FRANCE)
Solidarity and freedom for Claudio Lavazza!
Freedom for all!
Some anarchists in solidarity.