A communication text by Alfredo Cospito about Operation Sibilla (Italy)

November 28, 2021
In the hope that they can pass censorship, I throw on paper these few lines. First of all affection and solidarity to the comrades who have been involved in this umpteenth clownish repression. Especially to Michael who is under house arrest and all-the other comrades and comrades of “Vetriolo”, and anarchist sites “Round Robin” and “Malacoda” that have been obscured.
I then send back to the sender the furry “solidarity” that democratic and reformist formations such as “Potere al Popolo”, “Rifondazione Comunista” and “Italian Communist Party” have indirectly given me by solidarizing with the defendants of the operation “Sibilla”. I don’t need your “solidarity” because I spit on your democracy as I spit on your constitution. I have never liked whining about freedom of opinion, so I will not dwell on the lack of respect for freedom of thought. That said, I want to reiterate that I am and we have been investigated not for words in freedom, or some writing on the wall, but for what we are: anarchists and anarchists consistent.

This umpteenth repressive operation goes to hit among other things an anarchist and revolutionary newspaper like “Vetriolo” that in a period full of revolts (and therefore opportunities not to be missed) and ideological confusion has continued undaunted to foment class struggle in an anarchist and insurrectional perspective. Finally, I want to be very clear on one point: the theory if it is not accompanied by practice is shit or little more. Allow me to say, with a minimum of pride, that my life (like the life of every anarchist and anarchist worthy of the name) is characterized by the attempt to collimate theory and action.
To the servants of Power I say only one thing: you can keep me in jail for the rest of my life but resign yourself, you will not be able to take away my coherence and self-respect, let alone the pleasure and desire to fight you.
Always for Anarchy
Alfredo Cospito
anarchist prisoner
Source: Il Rovescio
via: darknights