Greece: The trial of the social fighter Polycarpos Georgiadis, accused of “aggravated possession of weapons”, has been set for December 6/ 2021

This trial, as well as the repressive operation that preceded it, the subsequent management by the anti-terrorist police, the massive dissemination of false news and the creation of a climate of terrorism by the well-known media centres, is a standard methodology followed by the State and is part of the strategies of pre-emptive counter-insurgency that have been applied fiercely against the movement for more than a 10 years..
The solidarity movement stands by the comrade because it knows well that whoever forgets the prisoners of the social – class war will eventually forget the war itself. Because the consistent presence of the comrade and his multifaceted contribution to the movement opens up paths, proving that struggle means political commitment and loyalty to the cause.

Freedom to the fighter Polykarpos Georgiadis
Solidarity to the persecuted compañera and comrade
Act for freedom now!


Polikarpos (Pollis ) Gewrgiadis ((Πολύκαρπος Γεωργιάδης)
Dikastiki filaki Larissas
TK 4111O
Notes: 23 September 2020  late afternoon. Two comrades are stopped by the cops of the anti-terrorism.
Policarpos (pollis)  Georgiadis, is cornered while entering a small warehouse in the Athens neighbourhood of Koukaki.  The other, M.T., was stopped in the street and taken to GADA (Athens central police station).  After the arrests, the searches. The police find two handguns in M.T.’s house, leading to his arrest and that of the comrade E.M., with whom he shares the house. Some Ak47 ammunition and explosive material is found in the building that Policarpos was about to enter. Anything in the computer or on printed paper regarding the revolutionary movement was seized from his home.  A few days later hearings for the validation of the arrests took place: ballistics for the guns found at M.T. and E.M.’s home resulted in neither having been used in any specific action and the two comrades were released to await trial, M.T. with heavy bail conditions, as for E.T., she was released without conditions. A different story for Policarpos Georgiadis . on the other hand, whose arrest is confirmed and Cops proceed to transfer him to the prison of Larissa.
The searches were not carried out by chance but are the result of investigations that have been going on for months in which the anti-terrorism police have been scrutinising these two comrades. The police hypothesis is that there are precise suspects behind the O.L.A. (Popular Fighters Groups), acronym that has claimed nine actions from 2013 to today.
According to the infamous double-level theory, newspaper articles (on indications from the police) maintain that Taksiki Antepithesi group (which the two comrades are part of) functions as a “terroristic” recruiting pool for O.L.A., but that’s not all. Among the many actions that the investigators want to attribute to the group of comrades are some incendiary attacks against Golden Dawn premises, for which arrests were already carried out in December 2020.
A PDF file of an OLA claim found in Polycarpos’s computer is a key element of this hypothesis: anti-terrorism agents want to pass the file off as the original claim, although it is no more than a file downloaded from some movement site after the claim was published.
Once again, the evidence is pure hot air, but with clear political intent. Polycarpos will surely be in jail for a long time. Another thing that we are sure of is that things won’t stop there: through newspapers the police are saying that investigations are ongoing and there could be more arrests in the near future. So it is, a few days after September 23 police raided the home of a comrade working in the same bar as Polycarpos, and there again seized computer and printed material.