Three people from the Revolutionary Anarchist Federation (DAF) who wrote about the October 10 massacre in Ankara Yenimahalle were detained. The detained DAF members were taken to the courthouse after being transferred to the Yenimahalle District Police Department.
The accusation made by the prosecutor against the revolutionaries who wrote “October 10 will be held to account” was “inciting the people to hatred and enmity”.

The names of the detainees are as follows:
Guney Akgun
Ismail Arikan
Zeynep Ulger
New accusation: “Creating fear and panic among the public!”
The Prosecution changed the charge to “Generating fear and panic among the people” and referred it to the Prosecution Office on Terrorism. However, it was learned that the Prosecution Office on Terrorism also rejected the file and said they would not investigate it.
The DAF members were referred to the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Investigations after the Prosecutor on Terrorism said he would not investigate it. However, the Special Investigation Prosecutor’s Office acted in the same manner, stating that they could not attend to them and released them all.
via: anarquia.info
translated by Act for freedom now!