Italy – The truth can be upsetting but it is still the truth

via:terreinmoto.Translated by act for freedom now!
In the night between 1st and 2nd September we were stopped in Via Cavour and accused of having put up posters without permission. A simple administrative sanction was not enough for the police, they wanted to pile it on by charging us with “publication or spreading of fake, exaggerated or tendentious news aimed at upsetting public order” (Art. 656 of the penal code). To be accused of spreading fake news precisely by those who defend a system which always lies, manipulating and terrorizing the population with the aim of legitimatizing the most abject political and repressive practices is paradoxical to say the least.
But what did those posters say that was fake?
Is it not true perhaps that society is aiming for the complete digitalization of every aspect of our lives, even the most intimate?

That it discriminates anyone who refuses constant tracking (for now through the green pass but in the future through devices communicating in smart cities with the 5G network) and anyone who refuses to become a subject for experiments?
After almost two years of news and information that managed to circulate in spite of strong censorship, how can you call what is being passed as vaccines if not experimental genetic therapies? Can you still deny that so-called humanitarian vaccination campaigns in the South of the world are in fact experiments on a large scale, bearers of devastating and irreversible consequences on the health of entire populations?
This umpteenth act of intimidation is yet another example of how frightening the spreading of critical thought is opposed to the one-way narrative of those in power; in fact they wanted to condemn the contents rather than make a mere gesture. We are witnessing the instoration of a regime that recalls those of the twentieth century in more and more aspects: it punishes political dissidents and never misses a chance to show what consequences are to be faced if you demonstrate your dissent publicly. They fear one might start to go out of piazza Cermenati and spread ideas and practices beyond their control. They only tolerate protests if they comply with the limits imposed from above, and the role of the police is clear: to defend and execute the orders of the regime, as we saw at the G8 in Genoa and more recently in Berlin, where a demonstrator was killed, even if the media naturally talked about a sudden illness.
To this intimidation we respond with the spirit of struggle, with the will to oppose this vision of the world, carrying in our hearts the spirit of those who also struggled against the laws of various regimes, democratic and totalitarian, and paid with jail or their life for their desire for freedom. The road is being paved for the social acceptance of violent repression against anyone who won’t submit to their impositions. Today more than ever it is necessary to meet up and build paths of struggle capable of stopping the advancing techno-totalitarian regime, with passion and courage, convinced that a life without freedom is a life not worth living!