Italy – Nothing will be the same as before, for you,  Translated by act for freedom now!



«I’d like to point out that in all the most serious cases the institutions have proved to be compact: magistrates, prefects, police and all the other forces intervened without hesitation making the face of the State even more determined before the delinquent acts that were being carried out». The words which former Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede used in parliament to claim the March 2020 massacre in Italian jails can be actually applied to everything that has happened over the past two years.
Millions of people were finally able to observe the true face of the State. First they locked us in our homes for three months, then it was the turn of night curfew, of regional closures, of so-called semi-lockdown (when we could go out of our homes, yes, but only to go to work). Finally we arrived at the so much awaited «restart».
Economic recovery at all costs is certainly not a «return» to freedom and happiness for individuals but a demand for total self-abnegation towards the needs of the market. There is a red thread linking dramatic episodes such as the Mottarone massacre [on 23rd March 2021 a cable car crashed to the ground from the summit of Mottarone, a mountain near Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, killing fourteen passengers], six deaths a day at work, attacks on porters on strike and imposing the green pass on all workers: this red thread is called the restart of the capitalist economy. The only thing they are interested in is that the economy doesn’t stop again, that there are no outbreaks at workplaces. Never must the car stop again, they’d rather cut the brakes. The car must not slow down, it will run over us rather.

It is the very gentlemen of Confindustria who in February 2020 lobbied to keep the factories open, who diminished the severity of the virus, who along with the democratic mayors of Milan and Bergamo were saying that we couldn’t stop. The very same ones who want to impose the green pass on us today. What sort of dignity do these gentlemen have to call us irresponsible, to tell us that we are the «deniers»?
The green pass has nothing to do with the health crisis. In fact it has nothing to do with vaccines either (regardless of what we think about them). It is not true that the green pass serves to push the population towards the vaccination campaign. It is the exact opposite: the vaccination campaign is a precise pretext to force us to download the green pass. The ill-concealed goal of the government is to exploit the pandemic in favour of an unprecedented form of authoritarian turn.
In these years the bosses have achieved everything: they have continued to produce, demanding we stay at home when they didn’t need us to go to work for them; they obtained the unblocking of dismissals, imposing Marco Draghi, former grim bureaucrat at the European Central Bank and slaughterer of Greece, at the head of the government; they are starving us through increases in bills and fuel prices, an indirect way of cutting our wages. In the face of this structural crisis the only response that the State can give is the tightening of repression, the strengthening of social control.

That’s what the green pass is for!

The green pass is not a temporary measure: in their plans it is an instrument of control destined to remain in place. In the face of this odious expedient we cannot allow compromises or middle ground (such as free swabs). The point is not that of getting the green pass while preserving our imaginary «freedom of choice». This infamous instrument of control must be sabotaged with all means.
To the escalation of repression we respond by exacerbating the conflict. Many have understood this, taking to the streets without leaders or bureaucrat collaborators of the regime. We don’t know how this struggle will end, but we do know that for millions of exploited what has been happening for two years now has represented a sort of loss of innocence. Many have seen the true face of the State. The very analysts of the regime are showing they are worried about the loss of trust in the institutions, politics, police, unions. May this gap become unbridgeable, may they start feeling besieged from now on. Let mistrust become conflict.
At the beginning of the emergency they told us «nothing will ever be the same as before». It is the only thing they haven’t lied about: for you bosses and rulers nothing will ever be as before. We are not claiming rights, we are burning with anarchy.


PDF: Niente sarà più come prima, per voi.