Chile: Text of Mónica, Marcelo, Juan, Joaquin, Francisco and Juan before the trial against comrade Pablo Bahamondes: Let’s multiply the gestures of solidarity and insurrectionary complicity

Our comrade Pablo Bahamones Ortiz was arrested along with Herny Mendez (today imprisoned in the former penitentiary of stgo) and Hugo Moraga (in the street after an abbreviated trial that sentenced him to 3 years) while they were being transported in a vehicle on September 8, 2018 under an investigation regarding an explosive attack occurred in April 2017 in the Corporation of Judicial Assistance of Melipilla for which the prosecution asks him 13 years in prison. In addition in said vehicle are found various handmade weapons for which Pablo is accused of manufacturing, transporting and carrying weapons and ammunition, specifically 6 shotguns, 1 box of cartridges, 1 revolver and 12 shots, asking the prosecution 23 years, totaling a total of 36 years of prosecutorial request.
His option and positioning for the permanent confrontation that led him to prison has been maintained and deepened inside the prison being an undeniable contribution both in the intra-prison struggles and in those that take place outside these walls uninterruptedly and without pause. This way of understanding and carrying out life in prison breaks with the passive figure of the victim prisoner that places him as a mere recipient of solidarity aid, positioning the comrade as an active subject in the uprising of varied and confrontational initiatives such as the hunger strike that we carried out together for 50 days demanding the repeal of the amendment to Law 321 and for the release of our comrade Marcelo Villarroel.

It is from this combative stance that as anarchist and subversive prisoners we call for solidarity with Pablo during the trial that will begin on September 27th using all the means at our disposal and all our imagination that allows us to generate constant complicit initiatives as well as to strike hard blows to power.
“…why are we required to be peaceful to the death? Why can’t we use violence against them? Why can’t we do it? If we have the Mapuche people as our ancestors, they drove back the cowardly Spaniards at spear point.”
– Luisa Toledo
Each solidarity action, along with being a support to the comrade in “the dock” of the democratic inquisition of capital, is also one more step in strengthening the antagonistic positions to any expression of power. It is the materialization of ideas and approaches that point out that a comrade in prison is never alone. It is a direct attack on judges and prosecutors to the extent that the practice of solidarity speaks another language that destroys their sentences and accusations, putting the center away from their inquisitorial rooms and investigative folders.
Therefore, each gesture of solidarity represents a gesture of war that lets the powerful know that if they try to bury our comrade for years we will react by hitting them where it hurts the most and that we will respond harshly to any aggression that is made against us over time, without forgetting or temporary amnesia, because as we have said with heart and with clarity: The impunity of those who govern is not eternal!
Pablo Bahamondes and all the prisoners of the social war to the streets!
Until the last bastion of prison society is destroyed!!!
Let the prisons burst!
As long as misery exists there will be rebellion!

Monica Caballero
-CDP San Miguel, Santiago.
Juan Aliste
Juan Flores
Marcelo Villarroel
Joaquin Garcia
Francisco Solar
-CP La Gonzalina-Rancagua.
End of September, 2021.
Territory dominated by the Chilean state.
Source: Publicacion Refractario
via: darknights