Bremen, Germany: Once again a vehicle of prison profiteers torched

“It is companies like Spie, WISAG, Massak, Sodexo […] that keep state rule alive through their pandering.”
Inspired by the compas who already relieved Dussmann Service GmbH of three vehicles at the beginning of the year, we attacked SPIE in the night from Monday to Tuesday and burned out a van in front of their branch at Sielhof.
Both as part of the French nuclear industry and through its cooperation with RWE in the lignite mining in the Hambach Forest, SPIE has already made itself a legitimate target.
But for us, SPIE is one thing above all: a prison profiteer.

Locking systems, video surveillance, alarm systems, emergency and cell call systems and many other products from the repertoire of companies like SPIE form the technological basis that makes prison and the surveillance state possible in the first place. They are not only accomplices, profiteers who decide to accept the suffering and dehumanization of prisoners for a little profit. They are themselves part of the order that prison and other organs need to discipline in order to secure its existence.
The difference between state authorities and private companies is primarily one of civil law.
We shit on that right and attack them.
We call them what they are: Pigs.
Source: de.indymedia
via: darknights