[Chile] With anarchy, beyond limits!     

via: contramadrizTranslated by Act for freedom now!
June 23, 2021
“In seeking the impossible, man has always realized and recognized the possible. And those who have wisely limited themselves to what they thought possible have never taken a single step forward.” Mikhail Bakunin
Intervention in the prelude to this June 11 in international solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners.
As of this day, more than 50 anarchists are being held in prisons around the world. An intimate embrace of the wind to those who in their anarchic path have not been satisfied with democratic passivity and have broken with the tranquility of those who hold power. To those who for different circumstances have had to navigate their confinement with cunning many times, but always with their heads held high, because becoming one more inhabitant of these prisons is such a possibility for us – the anarchic subjects – even when taking precautions in combat, and that must be taken into account. In the same way, just as imprisonment can strike us, there are also a thousand and one reasons to directly strike the structures of Capital. And why not strike the very promoters of the established order, generating the worst of winter storms, because in the practice of combat there are no limits, and the use of violence is always possible as long as it is dignified. Perhaps the names on the path of anarchy are repeating themselves: Severino Di Giovanni; Simon Radowitsky; The Bonnot Gang; The Russian Nihilists; Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito; Pola Roupa; Nikos Maziotis and how many more comrades that we have not named to our own detriment. Those who with successes and errors knew how to reconfigure and elevate anarchist action, in their own times and contexts, attacking the enemy where it hurts the most – submerging their souls in fear in their privileged domains, in those places where they never in their despicable lives thought they might feel threatened.

Mobilizing anarchist praxis has always been the object of judgment – “it’s not the way”, “it’s not the moment or the context” and so many more good-natured bullshit justifications that have been causing harmful damage. Developing our lives beyond any margin imposed by society has not been conceived of by those who promote the “established order”, and by means of trials and punishments they will seat us in the electric chair, the defendent’s bench or perhaps in front of the firing squad of the era a thousand times. The ruling right wing has done it and also, why not say it, the left and its promoters. (Because we are not the supposed anarchists who wink at the left, complascently guarding our silence, NOT this, which would be to deceive ourselves and our comrades.) Those individuals, in order to break the spirit of the warriors and their convictions, will seek by way of example to frighten, punish and/or imprison those who resist any dictatorship, of whatever tendency, be it right or left. Hence the importance of our anarchist memory, which, with its seditious trajectory, calls us to put it to use and NOT to place our trust in those who have betrayed valued comrades.
“Marxism, together with a political and social proposal, is also a way of life, which rests, in its Leninist and Soviet version, on an idea of the State as the infallible instrument to build the happiness of men and women, in a society where the class struggle has disappeared.”  Rodrigo Quesada Monge
    The panorama is as follows. For some time now, outside hands have, without holding back, turned the subversive trajectory into an opportunity to manipulate the different communiqués sent by anarchist comrades from other latitudes in solidarity with the anarchist prisoners locked up in the Chilean prisons. Misusing counter-information, taking it out of context for their own benefits and generating a climate of unconditional support for the subversive prisoners in Chile, their political positions, which are contrary and dangerous to our values, become clear.
For the time being, we who carry anarchy in our blood, do not hold back on sharpening the critique that ruptures with the left and its theoretical-practical elements of that alley that leads nowhere called Marxism-Leninism in the here and now before the damage is completely irreversible. Through the lessons that history itself has put before us and also from our own sense of urgency, we instigate to be careful and not to indulge those who do NOT see anarchy as a means of developing life. Many unanswered questions come to our minds. Doesn’t it seem dangerous to you that those who call themselves autonomous or libertarians, go around without clarifying their positions? To date, as we mentioned, there are many anarchists imprisoned in different latitudes of the world bearing long sentences, comrades who have been positioning themselves as simply anarchists through word and action and who deserve our solidarity and support.
“Let us begin a terrifying and amazing journey into the unknown, which is Freedom.”
Wolfi Landstreicher
We greatly value the exchange of words with our comrades, because infalible comrades, with anarchy until death and without adjectives, are few. We also value the commitment of those who have not looked away and have contributed with feedback to our thoughts, while knowing that this anarchic path generates friction and has planted black seeds. We encourage continuing to further the tension, to continue intensifying the complicity with our comrades and finally, to continue proudly remaking the Informal Anarchist Tendency, with our means and tools, without Commanders or representatives, hand in hand with our offensive and negating response, walking in unexpected directions, crossing any crossroads and overcoming the most unknown limits, no longer as a fantasy but with the certainty that it is achievable.
PS: We send our strength to the anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis who is locked up in the prison of Domokos (Greece), a comrade who, while we were writing this contribution, was attacked by a group of prisoners for refusing to accept the harmful authoritarian attitudes that occur inside the prison. The consequences of his refusal put him in a very delicate state of health and although he is no longer in grave danger from the beating he received, his health remains serious. For him, our warm wishes of recovery and freedom.
For the Anarchist black international
End Class Society Cell
Santiago (Chile), June 2021.