5 years of traveling with you – hugging words from nowhere

My dearest,
Consider yourselves embraced with each written word! It has been some time since I whispered something to you from a secret path from nowhere. But as they say: good things need time.
In my thoughts I cheerfully fire volleys of questions at you – how are you, what are you busy with, what’s happening at home, and and and… I would question you relentlessly to the wall and for every answer, ten new questions would arise from my side in the naive belief that in this way we will at some point reach the ground. And every time again this delusion would be replaced by the most beautiful of all realizations; there is no ground that limits our relations and connections. There exists only infinite depth.
Everyday life with its challenges, as mundane or complex as they might be, does what it can to make us forget this endlessness. It brings it in front of our eyes that I am away. Each time, again and again. And we have all had to learn to give this circumstance a name: clandestinity, going underground, being on the run… It is good and important to understand these terms, our physical separation caused by repression, because only that way can you make for yourself an image of it in your own imagination. But to name it, to put a label on it, regardless in what realm of life, also holds dangers. It limits the possibilities and the potential of all that surrounds us. The anarchist Luigi Lucheni recognized this in his time – a file is nothing more than an object that is labeled by social norms. When we liberate ourselves from the socially conditioned associations, suddenly countless possibilities arise.
So for a moment let us put the labels and their associations aside and listen to ourselves. We are no longer physically together, and nevertheless it is still there: our infinite bond based on friendship, on complicity, on affinity and the liberating urge towards subversion – no matter how many time zones separate us, no matter how different our life circumstances might be. As long as we carry this feeling within us, we have lost nothing.
Let us look towards the sky and remind ourselves that we are admiring the same moon; that we are on the same planet fighting for the freedom of all. With everything that happens to fall into our hands…
It feels good to know that since the beginning of my journey, already 5 years long, you have been by my side. Thank you for being there. So am I.
In love and see you again
Your friend and comrade from nowhere
July 10th, 2021
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