Italy : Update on anarchist Alfredo’s Cospito , situation in Terni prison and Anarchist Anna Beniamino transferred from the prison of Messina to that of Rebibbia in Rome

Anarchist Anna Beniamino transferred from the prison of Messina to that of Rebibbia in Rome (Italy, July 17, 2021)
Anna has been transferred to the Rebibbia prison in Rome [the comrade was sentenced to 16 years and 6 months of imprisonment in the trial Scripta Manent].
Her new address is:
Anna Beniamino
C. C. di Roma Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Roma
Italia – Italy
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At the end of June we heard the news that Alfredo had been transferred to Terni prison, where there is a section for imprisoned revolutionaries. To date, however, Alfredo is still being held in the “transit” section, despite the fact that the period of isolation imposed by the Coronavirus emergency regulations has been over for several days.

We do not know why Alfredo is still in isolation, we do not know and are not interested in the plans of the DAP (Department of Penitentiary Administration). What we do know is that the provocations and pretexts of the guards can not erase a historical fact: the existence over the years of an anarchism of action can not be erased by convictions in court or by the pretexts of the jailers.
The history of Alfredo, the practices of which he is accused, this is the contagion they fear. But that history, those practices, cannot be isolated, no bubble of isolation can hold; they are a heritage of the revolutionary movement.
In the coming days, if the situation continues, we will consider what forms of public solidarity to undertake.
We remind the address of the comrade:
Alfredo Cospito
C. C. di Terni
strada delle Campore 32
05100 Terni
Italia – Italy
Some comrades of Alfredo
Update: Sunday, July 18, at 10:00 am, a solidarity gathering with Alfredo will be held under the prison of Terni.
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